Where was Jack Ryan season 3 filmed? Filming Locations Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: December 20, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Where was Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3 filmed? We discuss the third season of the popular Tom Clancy series and its filming locations.

Fans of Jack Ryan have had a bit of a wait for the third season of the show to drop. Season 2 aired in 2019, and there was always a bit of speculation about whether or not there would be a third, but you can breathe out now, as some of the dangling plot threads from the thrilling second season can now be addressed.

John Krasinski is set to return as Jack, the analyst for the CIA turned spy, based on the novels by Tom Clancy, and Krasinski is also an executive producer on the show. In season 2, we spent a lot of time with Jack in Venezuela, so we are wondering if we can dig up some details, including the filming locations, for season 3.

What will Jack Ryan season 3 be about?

There seems to be a global conspiracy working behind the scenes in season three. Jack looks set to be on the run, and from what we can gather, he seems to be targeted by the very people that he works for. Hunted and desperate to avert a global disaster, Jack has to enlist whoever he can in his dangerous quest and fight for his own survival. This season looks like it will have more global settings, as Jack is forced underground, and with secret Russian loyalists trying to resurrect the Soviet Union, this season looks set to be the most topical and exciting yet.

Where was Jack Ryan season 3 filmed?

The pandemic put the brakes on season three of Jack Ryan. Principal photography started in October 2020 but was halted until May 2021, when things started to open up again.

As Jack Ryan is a bit of a globetrotter, it was challenging to get everything in place for season three to start filming.

Multiple locations are used in the show, but the production team eventually managed to get things back on track. Various tweets from the crew helped spot a lot of the settings, and we noticed a lot of footage was taken in Prague in The Czech Republic, particularly a restaurant located in the heart of the city that was used in many scenes.

The capital city of Hungary, Budapest, was another ideal location for the team, with some action taking place on Margaret Island, a tiny land mass in the center of The Danube.

Pest County in Budapest was also utilized as this is home to Astra Studios and was perfect for Jack Ryan’s production team.

Vienna, Austria, was also home to the crew for a short while, and the iconic Stephansplatz square was used as a stunning backdrop for some scenes.

As if that weren’t enough locations, Rome in Italy saw the Jack Ryan cameras fired up, as did Athens in Greece. Some quiet Greek towns were utilized, including Laurium, and more action took place in the suburb of Drapetsona.

Of course, there were also scenes filmed in New York, but you probably knew that already.

Where does Jack Ryan season 3 take place?

Jack is certainly out and about in this season, and with a plot that involves global destruction and the rise of the Soviet Union, you will see Jack all across Europe in a race against time. He starts in Rome, where he gets the news about the new threat from an old Soviet faction, but he is double-crossed and becomes hunted by his own employers. This is a race against time, but with some lovely European locations, if you have the time to stop and have a look.

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