Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Yellow” Recap

January 1, 2023
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“Yellow” is fast-paced, funny, and engaging, bringing plenty of juice to this jigsaw puzzle.

We recap the Netflix series Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Yellow,” which contains significant spoilers.

Please note that episodes are in random order for each viewer for this series. Check out our Correct Order of Episodes for Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

“Yellow” is an action-packed episode for Kaleidoscope, giving a taste of what’s to come. It’s still wild that while watching this series, I know others will have a different experience and order. This concept could really work for Netflix if viewers embrace the process.

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Yellow” Recap

It’s six weeks before the heist, according to the title screen. Leo narrates that lone wolves do not get far, and you need a crew that you can trust. Scenes show Kate and Laura, strangers seemingly bumping into each other. They quickly become romantic. 

It turns out Kate has been bugged by Laura (real name Hannah), who has given her a bug with a hidden camera so she can be spied on.  Kate works for a bank in New York. The next scene shows Laura walking into a vault and then walking out with two briefcases. 

Hannah presents the briefcases to the bank CEO, Stefan; Roger tells the chairman that it was easy to bring down his security. They upsell the bank a new vault. 

Leo meets Stan at the store he works at. They banter and hug each other. Stan tells Leo that “he’s retired” due to caring for his loved ones. Leo tells him the next plan is “seven billion dollars,” and Stan’s eyes light up. They need to perform a heist on a deep vault underground. 

Leo explains that their target is Roger Salas, who provided assurances to the bank and their three main shareholders that their new vault will be “vault-proof.” Stan believes it’s impossible unless they have someone from the inside, which encourages Leo to smile; he has it handled. 

Meanwhile, Judy is at the police station doing a witness exam to help find the criminal. She gets the suspects to say, “I’m a f*****g moron.” It turns out Judy is helping release her partner Bob. She’s fooled by the police, and Bob is let off Scot-free. 

And then, Judy sees Stan in the pub. Stan tells her she looks amazing. It looks like they have a history now, and there’s a sense of regret between them. Bob comes over and gloats and tells Stan that he should have stayed in New York. Stan changes the conversation and tells Judy that he has a man that wants to see him – Leo. 

Leo talks about the heist and orders everyone a burger. He seems to have Judy on his side. Leo then meets Ava, who offers to help him out. Leo wonders if she’s up to the pace, but she tells him it’s a bucket list, will involve a billion dollars, and she owes him. Leo and Ava meet a man named RJ; for the heist, they need a good driver. 

The heist team needs to raise 350k to pay for everything they need to do the heist. Bob recommends Diamond Way. This retail street makes billions a year, but it’s full of security. The heist team gets to work and disperse gas on Diamond Way.  They put on their gas masks, take out undercover security people, and steal jewelry and other expensive items. 

Bob gets interested in a specific piece of jewelry and stays around too long. He ends up being shot, so his team has to shoot back. The heist team pulls it off despite the setback. Bob is seriously injured, and the heist team gets to work to fix him up as he’ll be cracking the vault. 

Meanwhile, Roger is attempting to find the mole in his organization after one of their vault systems was compromised. Roger fires one of his employees that he believes infiltrated their system. 

Ending Explained

Roger speaks to Hannah afterward. He gives her the role of Senior Vice President, despite her being pregnant. He tells her not to allow her family to affect her judgment. 

It turns out Hannah is the mole. She meets up with Leo and warns him that there are many associated risks with the heist, including the downfall of her career. Leo assures her that the heist is going ahead before giving her a reassuring hug. 

“Yellow” is fast-paced, funny, and engaging, bringing plenty of juice to this jigsaw puzzle.

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