Kaleidoscope Timeline – what is the correct order of the episodes?

By Ricky Valero
Published: January 1, 2023 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)
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Kaleidoscope Timeline – what is the correct order of the episodes? Here is a quick, handy guide on episode order, jigsawing the Netflix series together.

Netflix’s Kaleidoscope has a new twist. It’s a non-linear show that audiences can watch in any order and still follow the story perfectly fine. However, I truly believe that the series has to be watched in the correct order to fully capture the story and the feelings of it all.

Kaleidoscope is a story centered around a group of people attempting to pull off the biggest heist ever. With that comes love, relationships, betrayal, and so many layers that when you peel them back, you find out the real reasons behind the entire plan. The series stars Giancarlo Esposito as Leo, Rufus Sewell as Roger, Jai Courtney as Bob, and Tati Gabrielle as Hannah Kim. Please note that this timeline does not contain any major spoilers, but there will be plot references as we describe the plot summaries.

Kaleidoscope Timeline – what is the correct order of the episodes?

Episode 1 – “Violet” – 25 years before the Heist

The first episode sets the tone of the entire series. You find out the why of it all. You know there is a massive heist, but we find out that there is a more significant reason behind it. The relationship between Leo and Roger is vital to understand from the moment you start the show to get an idea of what is ahead.

Episode 2 – “Green” – 7 years before the Heist

The foundation of Leo’s relationship with Stan, his diagnosis, and the opening of the door of the plot to start the heist can be found in this episode. Another vital episode to understand so many things, but most importantly, the relationship between Leo and Stan.

Episode 3 – “Yellow” – 6 weeks before the Heist

Avengers Assemble! Maybe not the Avengers, but the gathering of the crew. We meet all the crew, get a back story on them and see them all come together. I would probably say this is the third most important episode of the entire season.

Episode 4 – “Orange” – 3 weeks before the Heist

Episode “Orange” gives us an introduction to Nazan. She is an FBI agent who has almost lost everything due to an addiction. That said, we learn about her finding her mojo and finding out about the heist, and attaining a massive piece in order to get on the inside.

Episode 5 – “Blue” – 5 days before the Heist

Episode “Blue” serves the massive purpose of being the setup before the big day. You really get an inside look at each obstacle that the team will have to face and understand that if ONE thing goes wrong, the job is off.

Episode 6 – “White “- The Heist

Quite simply, the day of the heist in all its glory!

Episode 7 –  “Red” – the morning of the Heist

The only time I didn’t get upset about the non-linear thing was watching episode “Red”, “the morning after the heist,” before episode “White”, “the heist.” For some reason, I liked watching it that way instead of the other way around because it didn’t reveal a whole lot but revealed enough. I think you could go either way with these two episodes.

Episode 8 – “Pink” – 6 months after the Heist

After watching the series in the order I found on Netflix, I was pretty upset that I watched episode “Pink” before episode “White”. The entire episode six months after the heist is vital to many things and how they play out. I can’t even imagine watching this episode as maybe the first or even in the middle somewhere.

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