The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

January 5, 2023
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Season 1 Episode 5 has a dramatic ending, bringing hope that this story may finally have some spark!

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 5, which contains spoilers.

The love story between Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young) and Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seok) is deliberately confusing. Maybe they represent modern-day courting, where there are too many situations, so neither one knows how to play it. Regardless, there needs to be an up in pace in the story because the chemistry is not good enough for it to be consistently entertaining.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 5 recap

Season 1 Episode 5  opens with a flashback of when Jong-hyun moved into the city and joined as security at the bank. He calls his father, feeling proud. He quickly becomes interested in Ahn Su-yeong. In the present day, we return to Ha Sang-su, hugging Su-yeong. Sang-su asks her if she would have dated him if he had kept his promise. Before she can answer, Sang-su is asked by other colleagues if he would like a smoke, so Su-yeong walks away. As Sang-su tries to catch up to Su-yeong, he can hear her on the phone with Jong-hyun. He’s lovesick again — he cannot get her out of his head.

The next day, Su-yeong tells Sang-su that she did not feel uncomfortable the night before and asks if they can meet up later that day to talk. At work, Mi-gyeong tells Su-yeong that she admitted to Sang-su that she liked him and thinks there is a chance that they might date. Later on in the day, due to some work commitments (a client dinner with Mr. Yuk), Su-yeong tells Sang-su that they need to rearrange. In the office, the male colleagues continue to be inappropriate when talking about Su-yeong, claiming that Mr. Yuk takes her with him for a reason.

At the client dinner, Su-yeong tries to present products to the client immediately, making the experience awkward. The client tells her that business relationships should be personal first. The next day, rumors continue to circulate regarding Su-yeong and Mr. Yuk.

Mr. Yuk tries to send Su-yeong to another client meeting. Su-yeong tells him she will only go during business hours and not entertain them. Mr. Yuk concedes but punishes Su-yeong by giving her mundane admin tasks. While Su-yeong cleans out the filing room, Jong-hyun offers to help her, but she tells him to study. Sang-su stays behind to help her too, buts she reminds him that Mr. Yuk told her to do it on her own. She tells him to leave rather than wait around.

Sang-s does the sweet thing and gets Su-yeong food delivered while she works.

Unknowingly, Sang-su meets a client that is Mi-gyeong’s father. After the meeting, Mi-gyeong picks him up to join her for lunch. At lunch, a friend of Mi-gyeong accuses her of getting a scholarship because of her rich parents. She is told she didn’t have to work hard due to her family. This clearly hurts Mi-gyeong. Sang-su says nothing at first, but when Mi-gyeong goes to the bathroom, he tells the friend that she works hard, and she hopes she apologizes.

A downbeat and drunk Mi-gyeong tells Sang-su that all she wants is acknowledgment that she works hard without help from her parents. Sang-su tells her he does not share the view that she’s a spoilt rich kid, which makes her cry.

Su-yeong receives a message from her parents apologizing, stating they will close down the restaurant and leave. She looks into it and learns her parents are willing to pay an early termination fee.

After work, Sang-su checks up on Su-yeong in the filing room, and he gets frustrated; he doesn’t like how she’s acting like she’s okay and wonders why she didn’t find a different way to deal with Mr. Yuk. Su-yeong defends herself and explains how every day has been a struggle for her at this bank. Afterward, Mr. Yuk tells the team not to help out Su-yeong. It’s intense workplace bullying.

Afterward, the team talks about the treatment of Su-yeong. Sang-su tells the team that Su-yeong made a decision. This feels like a weak moment for Sang-su.

Ending Explained

As we reach the end of Season 1 Episode 5, we are treated to a flashback. A younger Su-yeong sees her father meeting another woman, and she’s distraught. She then receives the devastating news that her brother has died. In the present day, Su-yeong asks her mother how she can forgive her father. Her mother tells her not to hate her father and that the pain of losing a child has an impact. Su-yeong tells her mother to keep the restaurant open and walks off upset; she expresses that she cannot believe that they live like this.

While Sang-su mopes about Su-yeong, Jong-hyun finds Su-yeong in the rain, and they playfully run together in it. They find a shop, and Jong-hyun buys her plasters from her paper-cut wounds inflicted by the filing tasks. Su-yeong is overwhelmed by his acts of kindness and asks Jong-hyun to be her boyfriend.

The next day at the bank, an audit team walks in. They interview employees one at a time.  As the episode ends, Mr. Yuk enters the office and shouts, “Ahn Su-yeong!” and walks towards her angrily. Surprisingly, Ha Sang-su walks in Mr. Yuk’s way to protect her. How awkward, especially after Su-yeong has made things official with Jong-hyun.

Season 1 Episode 5 has a dramatic ending, bringing hope that this story may finally have some spark!

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