The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – why does Jong-hyeon break up with Su-yeong?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 5, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Too many filler scenes, and not much going on until the final moments, Season 1 Episode 6 is proving that this series may be a dud.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 6, which contains spoilers.

Something I was thinking while watching this Korean Drama. It seems to me like the writers love filling the time when it comes to some romantic K-Dramas. And this is one of those shows. The Interest of Love spends more time treading over the same plot points rather than moving things forward. So far, I’m not impressed. This complicated love story between Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young) and Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seokis not hitting right.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 6 recap

Season 1 Episode 6 opens with Ahn Su-yeong feeling like an outsider. She only cared about work performance. Flashbacks show Su-yeong asking to switch jobs — the chances of getting a different role at the bank was low, but she tenaciously went for it anyway. In the present day, it’s revealed that Su-yeong reported Mr. Yuk for coercive behavior. A few of her colleagues in the interviews with the audit team do not defend her as much as they should because of their dislike for her.

All this leads to the moment where Mr. Yuk angrily confronts Su-yeong, but Sang-su gets in the way and tells him to lower his voice. Mr. Yuk asks Su-yeong to go into his office. In his office, Su-yeong wants a formal apology from him, but Mr. Yuk does not believe it is owed. Su-yeong is dismayed by the way she has been treated, with unfair low-performance reports. She demands an apology once more. Afterward, Su-yeong tells Sang-su that she can take care of herself.

Su-yeong and Sang-su end up in the filing room together, and as they both reach for something, the lights go off, bringing sexual tension that they did not expect. They are locked in the filing room, and they will have to wait for security to come to get them. The tension between them increases as they are struggling in tight spaces.

They have an open conversation, and Sang-su is regretful for not keeping to their promise. Su-yeong tells Sang-su it would not have worked out for them if he had kept to his promise because they are different, which confuses Sang-su. She tells him to meet a woman that fulfills his desires. After this revealing conversation, the lights turn back on, and they can finally leave. It feels like there’s closure between them, but Sang-su looks like a defeated man.

And then, Su-yeong goes on a date with Jong-hyeon. She seems happy. On a date later on in the episode, Su-yeong and Jong-hyeon show amazing chemistry between them. Su-yeong is smitten by him.

The next day, one of the bank colleagues finds out that it was Su-yeong that reported Mr. Yuk for coercive behavior. He looked into Mr. Yuk’s expenditure and saw he was using the money for personal use. He took a massive risk of going to HQ.

Su-yeong and Mi-gyeong spend more time together and end up in a tow truck because Mi-gyeong’s car has broken down. Mi-gyeong tells Su-yeong that she’ll always think of her when he sees a tow truck. The series is forming two couples. Meanwhile, Jong-hyeon and Su-yeong continue to solidifying their relationship. Su-yeong asks Jong-hyeon asks if he can come over for breakfast on the morning of his exam.

And so Jong-hyeon visits her house in the morning with flowers. Su-yeong has made breakfast for him. The next day, Jong-hyeon does not turn up at work, and Su-yeong is worried. She tries calling him, but it goes to voicemail.

Back in the office, Mr. Yuk’s separated partner comes in, wondering why he’s getting married again before getting a divorce. And then, the woman he is going to marry walks in, making it extremely awkward for Mr. Yuk. The women do not know each other, but when it drops that Mr. Yuk has a lawful wife, it becomes extremely awkward for Mr. Yuk to sit between two women — his wife and mistress.

Ending Explained

Eventually, Jong-hyeon calls Su-yeong. Meanwhile, Mi-gyeong and Sang-su go for a run together. Su-yeong meets Jong-hyeon by the river. He doesn’t feel good now that his exams are over, and he apologizes for making her worried.

While on the run, Mi-gyeong falls over and finds a 500-won coin from 1998 — it’s rare. Sang-su asks her for the 500-won coin — she tells him she cannot give it to him for free unless they start dating. Sang-su asks her for the coin again and explains that he is not ready to date her yet. He asks if she’s okay with that. Mi-gyeong tells him she only wants “1%” from him, and she can fill the “99%” as she’s so confident they can work. Sang-su puts his hand out, and she gives him the coin. They confirm they are in a relationship.

And then, Jong-hyeon breaks up with Su-yeong. Well, this certainly has gotten complicated.

Too many filler scenes, and not much going on until the final moments, Season 1 Episode 6 is proving that this series may be a dud.

Additional plot points

  • At the mall, Su-yeong’s and Mi-gyeong’s become unlikely friends after an argument with another woman.
  • Su-yeong decides to quit cigarettes.

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