The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

January 11, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Episode 7 is very much a drag. More chemistry is needed in this slow-moving K-Drama.

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Episode 7 is very much a drag. More chemistry is needed in this slow-moving K-Drama.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 7, which contains spoilers.

After the shockers we experienced in Episode 6, Episode 7 slows the story down with Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young) and Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seok) navigating their relationships. One of them is going through a breakup, while the other has to embrace the newness of a relationship.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 7 recap

Episode 7 of Season 1 picks up where we left, with Sang-su on a date with Mi-gyeong; they are now in a relationship. It has that new relationship feel. Meanwhile, Jong-hyeon breaks up with Su-yeong. She’s in shock and wants to understand the reasons for their split. It’s revealed that Jong-hyeon failed his recent exam. He gets up and says goodbye.

At work the next day, Su-yeong and Sang-su have to go to a work event together. They meet various clients and discuss their banking. It’s a little uncomfortable between them. On the way home from the event, Mi-gyeong calls Sang-su. She wants to lunch with him and invites Su-yeong too, plus another colleague. And so, they have lunch. Mi-gyeong makes it abundantly apparent that she’s in a relationship with Sang-su. Later on, it’s evident that Sang-su and Su-yeong have strong feelings for each other. It’s a sad state of affairs.

As we reach the halfway point of Episode 7, Mi-gyeong and Sang-su enjoy camping together. Mi-gyeong is completely smitten with Sang-su as she enjoys his company. Meanwhile, Su-yeong visits Jong-hyeon, who is barely speaking. He reveals he is moving. Su-yeong feels betrayed. Jong-hyeon tells her that his father has collapsed. Scenes show Jong-hyeon visiting his fallen father in the hospital; it’s an emotional time for his family, but what comes is costly hospital bills. He’s under an intense financial strain, and he can’t bare tell Su-yeong. Su-yeong tells him to think about his decision before he leaves.

The next day, Jong-hyeon insists that they cannot be together and that when he’s around her, he forgets about a lot of things. Su-yeong gets emotional and wonders why they cannot wait for each other until everything is resolved. However, emotions are too high for rationality, and they raise their voices to each other. Sang-su sees this argument unfold from around the corner.

After work, Mi-gyeong and Sang-su pick up Su-yeong after work so they can go to a work social event. Mi-gyeong feeds Sang-su as he drives, making it awkward. It looks like they are showing off their relationship in front of her, but it is not intentional. Su-yeong misses Jong-hyeon, and cannot stop thinking about him. She decides to get out of the car.

She travels far on the bus to meet Jong-hyeon, who is washing cars to make extra money. Jong-hyeon sees her across the street, and their eyes meet. She tells Jong-hyeon that she’s hungry. Meanwhile, while out in the woods on a walk, Mi-gyeong shoots her shot and kisses Su-Yeong, revealing to their acquaintances that they are in a relationship. Their colleagues congratulate them.

Jong-hyeon asks Su-yeong why she came so far to see him. She’s unsure. Jong-hyeon confirms his family is doing well, and he used his security deposit to pay off the hospital bills. His mother thinks he still works at the bank. Su-yeong asks about his dream of being a police officer, but Jong-hyeon tells her that dreaming is a luxury that they cannot afford.

Ending Explained

Su-yeong offers Jong-hyeon reassurance and gives him a bus ticket; she tells him to live with him and start from zero. She tells him if he doesn’t meet her at the bus station, then they will be broken up. Jong-hyeon cannot accept her offer, so Su-yeong walks away gracefully. Su-yeong gets on the bus, and as it drives off, Jong-hyeon runs towards it, but it’s already gone. However, luckily for Jong-hyeon, she gets off the bus; Jong-hyeon runs towards her and gives her a hug.

Meanwhile, Mi-gyeong invites Sang-su inside her apartment. We’ll have to wait for Episode 8 to see if he accepts her offer.

Episode 7 is very much a drag. More chemistry is needed in this slow-moving K-Drama.

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