The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 17, 2023 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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Episode 8 is the best chapter so far, as the story starts to gain pace.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 8, which contains spoilers.

It really felt that this was going to be a dull K-Drama, but slowly and surely, it’s becoming an interesting and fractured love story. Two people who want to be each other’s person, broken apart due to lack of courage and communication, consoling themselves to date other people. Surely it’s all going to go wrong for Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young) and Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seok). 

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 8 recap

To open Season 1 Episode 8, Mi-gyeong expresses her happiness at Sang-su. She loves being with him; she wants to know everything about him, including his childhood. Sang-su describes how his mother was a strong person. Mi-gyeong tells Sang-su that she feels like her mother has gotten younger as she’s gotten older. Later on in the evening, Mi-gyeong goes to his house and tells him that she’ll be staying over.

Jong-hyeon is unsure of whether he wants to move in with Su-yeongdespite making the journey to her apartment. He’s hesitant, but Su-yeong insists that their plan goes ahead. She tries to be as accommodating as possible, which is sweet.

At work the next day, colleagues applaud Sang-su and Mi-gyeong for getting into an official relationship. Privately, Su-yeong congratulates Sang-su on his relationship with Mi-gyeong; there’s an air of sadness between them. Later on, colleagues learn that Mr. Yuk is getting disciplined for his misconduct at work that was aimed at Su-yeong. Su-yeong appreciates Sang-su for reporting him and calls him a good man. Is it the case that Su-yeong wants something she cannot have?

During dinner with the family, Mi-gyeong tells her parents that she’s dating someone. They immediately want to know if this man she is dating is good enough, which irks her. She detests that she is never trusted by them. Her father asks her mother to investigate who she is dating.

At a work social event, Mi-gyeong turns up and tells Sang-su that her father wants her to find a prospective partner. She teases him, making out like they should move their relationship to something more committal, but then invites him to play virtual golf.

The next day, it’s revealed that it’s Su-yeong’s birthday. She heads to her parent’s restaurant, and they make her food. She clearly likes to keep her birthday low profile. However, she soon walks into a surprise birthday dinner party planned by Mi-gyeong, Jong-hyeon, and Sang-su — it’s a couple’s event. Sang-su planned all the food — he still cares about her deeply. While in the bathroom, Su-yeong notices a piece of art that she liked that was expensive; Mi-gyeong has bought it, signifying her status further.

It’s a super awkward birthday dinner — Su-yeong and Sang-su are struggling to keep their feelings at bay. Mi-gyeong directs the conversation, seemingly unaware of the awkwardness. Jong-hyeon has to reveal to the table that he failed his exam; Su-yeong has his back and tells the table that he will pass it next time.

The next day, Su-yeong asks Jong-hyeon if they should reveal to colleagues that they are in a relationship, but he tells her that they are not like Mi-gyeong and Sang-su as he doesn’t want people talking about them behind their back. Su-yeong looks disappointed.

Mi-gyeong’s mother ends up tailing her daughter in Sang-su’s car, looking for who her boyfriend is. An ironic scene, where she doesn’t know she’s sat exactly next to her daughter’s boyfriend. But then, Mi-gyeong calls him, and the mother puts her on speaker phone and she learns the truth — that Sang-su is the boyfriend.

And so, Sang-su has an impromptu dinner with the mother and Mi-gyeong. It’s basically an interview for Sang-su as he’s asked about his career, family, hobbies and academia. Then the question is raised about marriage, placing an awkwardness on the table. Sang-su reminds the mother that they’ve only just started dating, but he is not taking the relationship lightly.

Ending Explained

As we reach near the end we are at a work event (again!), Su-yeong and Sang-su continue to pine for each other. So many unspoken words as they both pursue with their current partners. They both narrate deciding to honour the choice they made. But there’s still a fear that the desire for each other will remain.

As the episode ends, Su-yeong gets to her hotel room, and Jong-hyeon calls her. She tells him that she’s sleeping at her friend’s house, but she’s really in a hotel room. Episode 8 then shows Sang-su walking to a hotel room door. Su-yeong opens her hotel room door, but is it clear that it is Sang-su? No. But how outrageous would it be if these two were striking up an affair. That changes the story entirely.

Episode 8 is the best chapter so far, as the story starts to gain pace.

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