Mayfair Witches Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

January 8, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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This article is a preview for Mayfair Witches Season 1 Episode 2 and contains details of the release date, time, and where to watch online. It may also contain spoilers for previous episodes.

Adapted from the Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogyMayfair Witches is the latest Anne Rice AMC adaptation following the success of Interview with the Vampire. It’s an eight-episode supernatural fantasy horror series is created by Esta Spalding and Michelle Ashford and starring Alexandra Daddario, Erica Gimpel, Annabeth Gish, Jack Huston, Harry Hamlin, and Tongayi Chirisa.

Here’s what happened in the Mayfair Witches Premiere:

  • We met Rowan Fielding, a young woman who lives on a boat, works in a hospital, and has a lot of casual sex. She discovers quite by accident that she’s capable of bursting the blood vessels of people who annoy her using only her mind.
  • Rowan is the adopted daughter of Ellie, who is dying of cancer, and she confides in her mother about her newfound talent. Ellie has kept Rowan’s background a secret, but she contacts a firm in New Orleans that dispatches an agent named Ciprien Grieve to look into what might be happening.
  • Through flashbacks, we meet Rowan’s biological mother, Deirdre, and presumably the villain of the series, Lasher.
  • In the present day, an adult Rowan gets a mysterious glimpse of Lasher on her boat. Something’s afoot!

Mayfair Witches Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date/Time

The second episode, “The Dark Place”, is slated to air on January 15, 2023, at 9:00 pm ET/PT on AMC.

Where to watch Mayfair Witches online

Mayfair Witches is an AMC exclusive and will be available to stream on both AMC and AMC+.

Is there a trailer?

There is! You can watch it here:

How many episodes will Mayfair Witches have?

Mayfair Witches is slated to have eight episodes airing between January 8, 2023, and February 26, 2023. Here’s the full schedule:

Episode 1: “The Witching Hour”, January 8, 2023.

Episode 2: “The Dark Place”, January 15, 2023

Episode 3: “Second Line”, January 22, 2023

Episode 4: “Curiouser and Curiouser”, January 29, 2023

Episode 5: “The Thrall”, February 5, 2023

Episode 6: “TBD”, February 12, 2023

Episode 7: “TBD”, February 19, 2023

Episode 8: “TBD”, February 26, 2023

Who is in the cast?

Alexandra Daddario as Rowan Fielding.

Erica Gimpel as Ellie

Annabeth Gish as Deirdre

Jack Huston as Lasher

Harry Hamlin as Cortland

Tongayi Chirisa as Ciprien Grieve.


We don’t have an official synopsis for the next episode but we can make some logical assumptions:

  • Since Rowan caught a glimpse of Lasher in the present day, I imagine we’ll see a lot more of that happening, especially as she continues to learn about her heritage. Perhaps they’ll even converse?
  • I don’t see the flashbacks going away, since they add important context and there’s no easy way to deliver that necessary information without them. So, expect more.
  • Ellie will die or get very close to it.
  • Ciprien will make his presence felt more obviously, and discover something worrying afoot.\

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