Slow Horses season 2, episode 2 recap – who killed Richard ‘Dickie’ Bough?

By Adam Lock
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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A slower instalment, the many pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place as River and Lamb investigate Richard’s killer. The humor is still on top form and the script is as sharp as ever, but there’s just something lacking from episode two. Possibly too much exposition and not enough action.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Slow Horses season 2, episode 2, “From Upshott With Love,” which contains spoilers. Who killed Richard ‘Dickie’ Bough? Let’s dive in!

A retired secret agent was killed in mysterious circumstances and the Slow Horses of Slough House have taken it upon themselves to solve the murder. In “From Upshott With Love” the plot thickens, with the case involving Russian sleeper agents and an unusual cover-up story. River (Jack Lowden) and Lamb (Gary Oldman) are on the prowl for answers, while Min (Dustin Demri-Burns) and Louisa (Rosalind Eleazar) investigate their own suspicions in an adjacent Russian storyline. These two stories will surely merge into one main plot as the series plays out.

Slow Horses season 2, episode 2 recap – who killed Richard ‘Dickie’ Bough?

Lamb meets with ex-KGB member Nikolai Katinsky. The Russian defector mentioned the term cicadas in his British debrief and Lamb wants to investigate further. So of course they head to the pub for a private chat. Nikolai explains how the Brits weren’t interested in his information, but Lamb wants to know everything. It’s a little bit of an anti-climax, Nikolai overheard two people talking in the toilets about cicadas, one of the men referred to themselves as Popov. He reckons the other voice sounded familiar, that of one Andre Chernitsky. This bald man is more than likely Richard’s killer.

In the Cotswolds, River tracks down the taxi driver who last saw the bald gent they’re after. This driver is no fool and he swiftly asks for payment for any information. The driver recounts the night in question, the bald man ordered a trip back to Oxford Parkway, but then set a new destination as soon as he stepped foot inside the taxi – Upshott. River pays the man for this info, but he isn’t finished yet. The agent follows the driver back to his car, where he phones up the killer almost instantaneously.

On being discovered, the driver attempts to swallow the note in his hand, but River chokes him until he regurgitates the paper. River takes this note, containing the elusive phone number, and demands the driver takes him to the proper destination. The driver took the bald man to an airfield, Upshott’s Flying Club and he takes the same journey again with River.

Min and Louisa continue to prepare for their latest assignment. They meet with Pashkin’s security personnel – Piotr and Kyril. These dodgy characters want to be present for the Slough House agents’ bug sweep and appear to be carrying weapons as well. They tell the agents that Pashkin is staying at the Ambassador Hotel, but forget the name of their own hotel. Min decides to follow them via his trusty bicycle and speeds through a busy London after the Russians. They stop off at a shady business and leave with a package, although Min soon loses them afterward.

Lamb and Diana (Kristin Scott Thomas) have another one of their casual canal meet-ups. Diana is curious to hear what Slough House wants with Nikolai. Lamb explains the debriefing from twenty years ago. They then chat about Richard Bough and his note about cicadas. Diana calls it all nonsense, yet Lamb thinks they have a match on Popov’s goon and Richard’s killer. He asks for approval on a silent operation, to dig deeper into the Russian conspiracy, demanding funds in return for Webb poaching two of his team members. Diana begrudgingly agrees.

Webb elaborates on his plans to Diana. He wants to use the Slow Horses to help eventually set up a meeting with oligarch Ilya Nevsky, who could be Russia’s future President. Webb is meeting with Pashkin first to make things official. Diana threatens to send Webb to Slough House if he screws this up, but she wants updates in the meantime.

Min and Louisa are still highly suspicious of the Russians and walk by Nevsky’s mansion to test the waters further. Their security are extremely paranoid and follows the agents’ every move. The couple sleeps together later that day but end up arguing in the bedroom afterward. Min wants to meet with his son for a meal the night before their bug sweep and Louisa is anxious, they need to prepare some more before tomorrow. Min goes for the meal anyway but is stood up. Leaving the restaurant, he decides to follow the security goons instead.

Slow Horses season 2, episode 2 ending

The driver drops River off at the Flying Club, which is locked up and abandoned. Roddy traces the phone number and discovers that our bald-headed assassin is now in Estonia. He probably caught a flight that very night. The driver ditches River in the middle of nowhere and Lamb has to come and pick him up. River updates his boss on the day’s events. Lamb thinks the whole cover up has been handled clumsily, as if on purpose. Proposing the notion that he is trying to get Lamb’s attention for some reason. Lamb states that they may need to walk into the trap to see why it was set in the first place. He orders River to head to Upshott and see who the bald man spoke with. River is given a new identity, a cover story, funds, and a dossier on the killer. They are looking for Andre Chernitsky, who may have an association with Alexander Popov. River is excited by the prospects of an undercover mission and can’t hide the grin on his face.

In the final moments of episode 2, Min follows Piotr through London’s back streets. Suddenly, Min is pinned against the wall with a gun shoved against him. Piotr is concerned to see Min stalking him and c***s the weapon, ready to take out the agent. How’s Min going to get himself out of this tricky situation?

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