Hunters Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – who is Chava Apfelbaum?

January 13, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Solid action sequences and complex spy-thriller storytelling combine in this delightful offering. The series keeps going from strength to strength, as the pressure continually mounts. As always, it is a joy to watch Al Pacino at work, here he gets some meatier scenes to lose himself in.

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Solid action sequences and complex spy-thriller storytelling combine in this delightful offering. The series keeps going from strength to strength, as the pressure continually mounts. As always, it is a joy to watch Al Pacino at work, here he gets some meatier scenes to lose himself in.

We recap the Prime Video series Hunters Season 2 Episode 3, “Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.,” which contains spoilers.

The previous episode ended with our gang of hunters being captured themselves. In “Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.” the audience find out exactly who Sister Harriet (Kate Mulvany) is working for as the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler intensifies. Hollywood director Sam Taylor-Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) takes over the reins, replacing TV veteran Phil Abraham (Ozark, Mad Men, The Sopranos), who directed the first two installments. The pressure mounts as the second season continues to go from strength to strength.

Hunters Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Part three opens with an unveiling, as our unlucky heroes are found tied and gagged. Their captors are Chava Apfelbaum (the lady from the season’s opening scene), her assistant Georges, and of course the double-crossing Sister Harriet. Chava explains how they couldn’t allow the Hunters to mess up their operation and so they had to interfere. The Hunters were actually just bait, a distraction so that they could catch Klaus Rhinehart for themselves.

Rhinehart is hung from the rafters in a medieval torture device. Chava asks him for Hitler’s location and Rhinehart pleads that he does not know. The Nazi is brutally crippled for his lies, but manages to reveal a person who may know Hitler’s whereabouts, an individual referred to simply as the Crow. The Crow’s courier was to take Adolf a briefcase. Jonah has the courier’s key, which acts as another clue in the puzzle. Jonah hands over the hotel key and proposes that they all work together on tracking down Hitler.

Chava accepts these terms and begins to free the hostages, although this is all just a ruse. Jonah takes Georges’ gun and the others spring into action. Jonah informs Chava that they will not be joining forces after all. Chava starts to talk about Meyer and mentions Ruth’s name. Jonah asks how she knows Ruth, his grandmother. Chava confesses that Ruth is her older sister. She shows Jonah a photograph of the two sisters and then goes on to prove that she is telling the truth with detailed facts. Chava clearly loved Ruth dearly. Millie breaks up this lovely moment to ask why they need to team up. Chava admits that their numbers are dwindling, their team of twenty soldiers has been reduced to just three.

The combined teams formulate a plot. Chava suggests heading to the hotel, planting the briefcase, and luring the Crow out into the open. They will then catch the Crow and torture them for information, hopefully leading the gang straight to Hitler. At the hotel, Mindy sweeps the courier’s bedroom and figures out the rendezvous point. Jonah and Chava wait for the Crow to reveal themselves at the restaurant that evening. Lonny and Georges watch the briefcase from the bar, and the girls dress in disguises to infiltrate the hotel unnoticed, searching for the Crow’s goons.

Whilst waiting for their prize, Jonah and Chava chat about family and their ranks. Jonah won’t take orders from his great aunt, stating that he’s earned his leadership role. He killed the Wolf and he stopped the Fourth Reich. Chava brings up his mistakes in Spain, when the gang deserted him last, but he refuses to say what actually happened. Chava decides to initiate a wager to see who deserves to be the group’s leader. Whoever figures out the Crow’s identity wins, and the loser buys dinner.

Lonny and Georges watch the unattended briefcase, waiting for an accomplice to make themselves known. The duo talk about Lonny’s films and Roxy, whom Lonny is still in love with. Lonny starts to drink and snort drugs in the toilets, possibly due to the mounting pressure. Georges is critical of Lonny’s lack of professionalism. Lonny asks what he does for fun, Georges apparently loves magic. We have an alcoholic and a magician on the job, what could possibly go wrong?

The ladies walk the hotel corridors, having pinpointed the Crow’s thugs’ hotel room. On route, Roxy is angered by Sister Harriet’s treacherous ways and asks why she never told Ruth the truth. Jonah asks Chava the same question as they analyse each and every guest, one by one. Chava explains how she escaped the concentration camps, but assumed that Ruth was dead. She was unaware that her sister was still alive. Meanwhile, the ladies infiltrate the goons’ room and a gory battle commences. This is solid action, with brutal violence and some exciting choreography.

Lonny and Georges watch as a stranger takes the briefcase and then the duo give chase. Jonah and Chava are handed a note that signifies that the goons have been taken care of. The plan is working thus far, but Jonah is itching to get involved. He heads to the women’s toilets where he corners an old lady, this is the Crow. She refuses to give up Hitler’s location and Jonah stabs her to death in response. On returning to the table, it is clear that Chava already knew who the Crow was. They were both playing mind games with one another. Anyway, Jonah now has the Crow’s handbag and her train ticket, another clue.

Ending Explained

While the Hunters play their spy games, an interwoven flashback follows Meyer’s own sleuthing. In 1975, he hunts down Viktor Frondheim. He tells the fellow Nazi that he has killed Fritz and will now be silencing Viktor too. The Nazi shows him a wardrobe containing hundreds of files he has kept hidden away over the years. He hands Meyer his file on Wilhelm. Viktor offers to burn the file, to be done with it. But Meyer just wants him dead. Viktor pleads for his life, begging on his knees, yet Meyer doesn’t hesitate in shooting him.

Returning from this crime scene, Meyer drives in a daze with blood still fresh on his face. He’s pulled over for speeding and manages to just escape without revealing his murderous secret. Back at the office, Simon Wiesenthal confronts Meyer, confident that it was his friend who killed Viktor. Meyer denies any involvement and Simon tells him not to sink down to the Nazi’s level. He has been warned. It’s a great exchange, with stunning acting from Al Pacino. In a symbolic finale to this story arc, Meyer burns his files, killing off Wilhelm for good.

Back in 1979, the gang hastily run away from the action. Millie realizes that her bracelet is missing and is horrified to conclude that it must’ve fallen off during the killing of the Bishop. She is now caught up in a murder trial. Will she accept her responsibilities or run away from her problems, moving forwards? Jonah has issues of his own. He is photographed re-entering the hotel and then bumps into his fiancee Clara, who believes he’s having an affair. She’s traveled all this way to confront him.

The final scene of the episode focuses on Adolf Hitler. He is told that the Crow has been killed by the Hunters. Adolf goes to inform Joe of this news, stating that they have prepared for this eventuality. Adolf orders Joe to find the Hunters and to return with their scalps. An old ally is now out to kill our dysfunctional heroes.

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