Hunters Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – what happened in Zev’s childhood?

January 13, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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“The Home” is an odd detour that will no doubt be lauded by critics. It is highly inventive and impressively formed, but it ruins the momentum built up over the previous installments and feels like an unnecessary indulgence overall.

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“The Home” is an odd detour that will no doubt be lauded by critics. It is highly inventive and impressively formed, but it ruins the momentum built up over the previous installments and feels like an unnecessary indulgence overall.

We recap the Prime Video series Hunters season 2, episode 7, “The Home,” which contains spoilers.

In the previous episode, Chava Apfelbaum (Jennifer Jason Leigh) revealed that she was madly in love with a man called Zev (Peter Dach), who was known as The Plague by the Nazis. The Plague became a superhero among the Jewish people and a villain in the Nazi’s eyes. He was a myth, a fairy-tale character, who killed the bad guys. And in “The Home” we are treated to one of his tall tales, a fairy tale of our own. The penultimate episode very nearly disregards the entire Hunters narrative and focuses squarely on a single house, in 1942 Germany.

Hunters Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The latest installment opens with Jonah dragging Adolf Hitler through the desert. Adolf threatens Jonah, stating that his men will find him and then kill him, leaving Jonah for all intents and purposes a ghost. Jonah narrates over this scene, saying how he didn’t believe in ghosts until he heard this one particular story. This little sound bite works as a segue into an odd detour for the series, as the entire episode is dedicated to a fable, but did any of this actually happen?

The story is set within a large, idyllic home. Flowers surround the building and a lawn adorns the roof. A sweet, elderly couple live inside the house, the famous architect Heinrich Hansom and his wife Helga Hansom. This adorable couple are rather odd though, talking to themselves in the house and seemingly breaking the fourth wall on occasion. They are soon visited by three SS guards, who accuse them of harboring Jewish refugees.

Heinrich and Helga talk about ghosts living within the walls, in the attic, and under the floorboards, but no hidden Jews. Rumors have spread around the local community and Helga was even spotted buying three ducks. Helga defends herself, saying she likes to stock up and freeze the ducks she doesn’t use. They appear innocent enough, but the guards search the house anyway.

While two guards check the house, a third called Hugo sits with the elderly couple. The conversation turns to family and they talk about how their own son, who was also called Hugo, died long ago. They believe his ghost still haunts this place. Meanwhile, an SS guard finds a secret door in the bathroom and another finds a secret loft hatch in the ceiling. Both guards spot the hidden Jewish fugitives and give chase. The first is squished by a trap and the second is hung and then disemboweled in a gory fashion.

Hugo is unaware his fellow comrades have been brutally murdered and continues to investigate the house. He believes the house feels smaller on the inside, that it just doesn’t make sense. Hugo asks what is behind the wall. The audience is then shown what is lying behind the wall of clocks, a child holding a baby. The baby starts to coo, but this noise is masked by the ticking of the clocks. More Jewish refugees are seen hiding under the floorboards and in the attic.

Tensions rise and Hugo draws his gun, pointing it at Heinrich. He’s highly suspicious of the man now and asks outright why his hero would betray the Nazis. Heinrich is defensive, asking the question: why would an old man change his opinions and beliefs so late in life? Hugo can’t bring himself to shoot Heinrich and points the gun at the wall instead. He calls for his fellow SS guards to come to his aid, but there is no response. Heinrich and Helga plead with the soldier, stating that there are only ghosts in those walls. As the suspense intensifies, Hugo relents and lowers the weapon, but then the baby cries. Hugo shoots at the walls as the refugees start to escape. Helga attacks Hugo with a meat cleaver, chopping off his ear and then ending his life with a final, sorry blow to the head.

The elderly couple disposes of the bodies and clean up the house. It isn’t long before more SS guards are sent. Heinrich and Helga repeat their act, dancing and joking with the guards. The guards ask to inspect the home and again, one of the guards remains behind, just like before. This bald guard is called Tomas, and he falls in love with the place. The guards return having found nothing untoward, yet Tomas shoots the elderly couple anyway. He explains his reasons for this unprovoked killing spree. If they returned with no information, then they could lose their jobs, and anyway, Tomas wants the house for himself. They concoct a plan and Tomas moves into the beautiful home.

Ending Explained

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough time for the Jewish people to escape and they must now survive with a Nazi family living above and below them. The child, Zev, is sent out at night to collect food for the refugees, but the Nazi child spots him. They take the boy hostage and formulate a plan so that they don’t have to kill the child. Using the boy as bait, they lure the parents into the woods and kill them instead. A Jewish mother pretends to be the Nazi mother and they prepare for another inspection. This time they lay traps and the mother dresses like their Nazi counterpart.

Three cars of SS soldiers arrive this time around, but only one guard enters the home. The Jewish mother tells an elaborate story about her husband having an affair and leaving them all alone. This, they hope will allow them to stay in the house without further questioning. However, the Nazi boy escapes from the attic and attacks the Jewish mother with a knife. Ironically, the knife is a fake and the SS guard mistakes him for a Jew. He shoots at the child but hits the Jewish mother instead.

Hearing gunshots, the whole cavalry descend upon the house. The first SS guard is decapitated and the other soldiers are killed in other, horrifying ways. Zev has booby-trapped the entire house and the Nazis are quickly murdered. Zev is told to flee with the other children and a baby, to start a new life elsewhere. Zev looks back at the house from afar, seeing that it is now on fire. He calls himself and the others ghosts.

We then return to the Hunters own narrative, and Jonah drags Adolf to a lake, framed by moonlight. A boat arrives to take them away. On this boat is the adult version of Zev. He manhandles Adolf, dragging him onto the boat. Zev says that Hitler made them into ghosts and because of this, they learnt how to become invisible. Adolf is then thrown into a compartment and locked away. Jonah thanks Zev for his service. He states that they couldn’t have caught Adolf Hitler without Chava’s help.

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