Hunters Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – what did Jonah do in Spain?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 13, 2023 (Last updated: February 4, 2024)
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The emotional ploys are hit and miss in “Only the Dead”. However, the final moments are action-packed as always, with a surprisingly touching and unexpected ending.

We recap the Prime Video series Hunters Season 2 Episode 6, “Only the Dead,” which contains spoilers.

Season two of Hunters has predominantly focused on the hunt for Adolf Hitler (Udo Kier). That journey comes to an end in “Only the Dead”, as Joe (Louis Ozawa) leads the gang to Hitler’s stronghold. As always, the episode inter-cuts this traumatic adventure with informative flashback sequences. These address how Meyer (Al Pacino) and Sister Harriet (Kate Mulvany) first met Chava (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in Argentina back in 1977.

Hunters Season 2 Episode 6 recap

Jonah tries to make amends with Clara, but she is frightened by the harsh reality of this situation, mainly the fact that her fiance is a cold-blooded killer. Jonah tries to reassure her and explains the purpose of all this bloodshed. They are hunting Nazis because the government will not. This injustice needs righting and Jonah has one more mission to fulfill, before this is all over. Clara doesn’t believe him. She escaped her captors by appealing to their humanity, not by violence. They see things in totally opposing ways. Then Jonah admits that he killed a child in Spain, by accident, which explains the disbanding of the Hunters in the first place. Clara ends the conversation poetically, stating that she cannot marry a murderer or love a monster.

These words hit hard and Jonah asks Chava if they are monsters after all. Roxy returns before they can have a real heart-to-heart though. She is badly injured but will survive. Roxy faces up to her attacker and surprisingly frees Joe from his restraints. She doesn’t think that Joe would harm her, that it wasn’t really Joe who tried to kill her. Lonny doesn’t see things the same way, he passionately wants to kill Joe in that very moment but is talked out of it. Joe is the only person who can lead them to Hitler, they need him alive and must begrudgingly trust him.

Meanwhile, Adolf and the Colonel are waiting for Joe and Travis to return. They bicker as usual, discussing their torrid past. The Colonel is frank with Adolf, he lost the war, he’s now obsolete. She wants to lead a new movement, to carry the Hitler name forwards. Adolf fights back, stating that he is the one in all of the history books, not her. She doesn’t deserve anything more. Later they play a memory game and Adolf guesses every card wrong. The Colonel reminds Adolf that he begged for the cyanide pill, but she saved them both, she promised that he would win the war one day. The Colonel urges Adolf to let her take over, to let her lead a new army. Hitler just laughs at her suggestions.

Flashbacks reveal how Sister Harriet came to be an ally of Chava’s. She discovers that an assassin is killing Nazis in Argentina on their own. Meyer agrees to travel to Buenos Aires with Sister Harriet to meet with this killer, in the hopes of forming a new alliance. They track the killer down to a cabin in the woods and Chava ambushes Sister Harriet, with a knife to her throat. Meyer explains the Hunters’ plans and announces his name. Chava replies, stating that her sister was in love with Meyer. It’s an odd family reunion of sorts.

Chava admits that she knew about Ruth’s location and life in general, even being aware of Jonah, but she chose to stay quiet for twenty years. She didn’t want to give up this job that she loves so much, and she knew Ruth would have talked her out of it if they had met again. Meyer and Sister Harriet are forced to keep Chava’s whereabouts a secret as they head back to the States with this emotive knowledge weighing on their conscience.

Back in the present, the gang walks through a woodland in the dark, heading towards Hitler’s abode. Chava stops the party for a well-deserved break. She talks about a Nazi killer, who was referred to as The Plague. Chava met and fell in love with The Plague (real name: Zev), and they fought Nazis together for twenty years. He was a myth in these parts, she promises that they will soon become the thing of legends themselves if they succeed in killing Hitler.

Joe leads the gang to an escape hatch outside the grounds. He explains that this will take them to a system of tunnels, it is the safest way into Hitler’s compound. The traitor doesn’t know if there will be armed guards on their route into the compound, but it is their only option. Mindy blows the hatch doors off with explosives and the Hunters make their way into the enemy’s lair. We’re still unsure whether we can trust Joe or not at this point, yet he proposes going in alone at first before the Hunters follow him in afterward. He predicts that there will be a shootout and Hitler will be taken to a bunker. They must beat Hitler to the bunker, else he’ll be impossible to reach.

Ending Explained

As Joe enters the compound, it looks like the Hunters made a mistake. Joe warns the guards of an imminent attack and they sound the alarm. The gang enter the compound, watching as the community is thrown into disarray and villagers run around in a blind panic. Joe double-crosses (or is it triple-crosses?) the guards and kills the Germans. A shootout ensues.

The guards usher Adolf and Eva Hitler towards the bunker. Jonah and Chava manage to infiltrate Hitler’s mansion and have him in sight. Chava can’t quite make a clean shot though and they are forced to follow their enemy once more. He’s just about to get into the bunker, when Jonah and Chava start firing once again. Chava distracts the shooters, whilst Jonah slips into the bunker just in time to chase after Adolf. Unfortunately, Chava is shot and killed for her heroic actions.

Jonah shuts the bunker doors and pursues Adolf deeper into the labyrinth of rooms. The Fuhrer is waiting for him with a gun raised, but not at Jonah, he tries to shoot himself instead. Jonah stops Adolf from committing suicide and holds a gun towards his head, contemplating murder. Jonah chooses not to kill Adolf, remarking that he must be held accountable for his crimes. Jonah ties him up and walks Adolf down a tunnel. In a symbolic ending, many of Adolf’s victims watch in silence as the Fuhrer is carted away. They nod in silent appreciation for what Jonah has achieved.

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