Top 20 Best Romance Anime Shows of All Time

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 13, 2023 (Last updated: last month)

Top 20 Best Romance Anime Shows of All Time. Keep this list handy for the most romantic anime you can watch. 

It’s true that you might not instantly associate anime with romance, but you just would not believe the library that exists for this genre. There are tales of heartbreak, forbidden love, and just straightforward get-together stories, so with that in mind, we have put together our list of the Top 20 Best Romance Anime Shows of All Time.

Top 20 Best Romance Anime Shows of All Time

20. Amagani SS (2010)

Junichi Tachibana had a date on Christmas Eve, but they never showed up, leaving Junichi heartbroken and alone. However, he is determined to find love and this series follows his attempts to try and mend his heartache through six different romantic encounters. With four episodes per relationship, this is a unique format that is funny, cute, and touching and the format means that the story is ultimately satisfying to the viewer.

IMDB Rating 6.8/10

19. Kokoro Connect (2012)

A romantic body switch story is at the center of this anime, with supernatural elements that affect the lives of five students that are all members of the Student Cultural Research Club. Secrets are revealed, and relationships are tested to the max in this intriguing and well-loved series.

IMDB Rating 7.4/10

18. Ao Haru Ride (2014)

Futaba Yoshioka has a plan. She is desperate to find her lost love from three years back. Despite being the object of affection from many other boys, she does her best to put them off. When her lost love Kou suddenly left school, she was heartbroken, however, the word is out that Kou is back in town and Futaba cannot wait to see him, however, three years is a long time. This is a well-worn path story-wise, and some were disappointed with the conclusion, but who can resist a tale of young love revisited?

IMDB Rating 7.5/10

17. Orange (2016)

This is another romantic anime with a more fantasy-based premise, as we follow the story of high school student Naho, who finds a letter that has been sent to her by her future self ten years in the future. The letter is designed to help her navigate her way through her life, but there is a warning, she has to look out for Kakeru Naruse. Heartfelt and emotional, this should stir up some emotions even for the sternest viewer.

IMDB Rating 7.6/10

16. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku (2018)

Narumi works in the office and struggles juggling it with her personal life. She has otaku tendencies that she also hides from everyone around her. However work colleague Hirotaka has no problem with Narumi’s hobbies, and soon the two develop a romantic relationship in this frothy relatable rom-com. The more mature approach to this show makes it an unusual entry on our list,

IMDB Rating 7.7

15. Sasaki and Miyano (2022)

Miyano is a BL Manga fan who tries to keep his hobby a secret from everyone else until he meets Sasaki, who convinces him to lend him a copy to read. Their relationship turns from friends into something more in this amusing, entertaining, and playful Anime.

IMDB Rating 7.7/10

14 . Snow White With The Red Hair (2015)

This is a classic fairy tale romance that doesn’t try to differentiate from the shojo mold. The story of Shirayuki an apothecary who finds her life in turmoil after she is noticed by Prince Raji. However, when his advances become too much for her, she flees and cuts her hair off in an attempt to hide. Unmissable classic fantasy romance puts this on our list.

IMDB Rating 7.7/10

13. My Love Story!! (2015)

Takeo Goda is a high school student that unfortunately looks a lot older than he is. Other classmates are a little intimidated by him, but Takeo is really soft at heart and is a great baker too. However, he has no luck finding a girlfriend, and he has a best friend that has managed to unintentionally make all his crushes fall for him, so the stage is set for a romantic comedy-drama to unfold that is funny and touching.

IMDB Rating 7.8/10

12. Maid-Sama! (2010)

Regarded as a modern classic, this is a hit show that follows the trials and tribulations of Misaki, who works secretly at a Maid Cafe when not at school. She is a no-nonsense type of person, that is strong-willed and sometimes aggressive, however, when a boy from school discovers her role at the Cafe, things start to get complicated. Light-hearted, cheery, and cute, this shoju anime may be slightly cheesy, but it certainly has a huge fan base.

IMDB Rating 7.9/10

11. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013)

Hatchiman Hikigaya is a bit of a narcissist and thinks little of everyone else around him at school. He has a bleak outlook on life and is eventually forced to join the Volunteer Social Club to help curb his bad behavior. As things turn out, there is only one other member of the club, Yukino, another loner, and the two form a bond and start to help other people’s problems. Unusual and unique, perhaps not for everyone, but worthy of our list.

IMDB Rating 8.0/10

10. Toradora! (2008)

As we reach the halfway stage we head back into the 200os for the Top Best Romance Anime Shows. Ryuji Takasu is a high school student living in a run-down house with his mother, who looks a lot meaner than he is. He meets Taiga Aisaka a girl with a fiery temper and lots of inner anger. They slowly discover that they have something in common, they are both romantically interested in a close friend of the other’s and so reluctantly agree to help one another. This coming-of-age story succeeds with careful character development and a will they won’t they premise.

IMDB 8.0/10

9. Horimiya (2021)

Another school, another pair of opposites that attract. There is no will they won’t they here, as this show gets straight to the point. Kyoko is the popular girl at school, but deep down she is much deeper than her classmates think. Meanwhile Miyamura is at first glance a below-average student overlooked by his peers, however underneath he has a darker side and is much more of a rebel than you might think. When the two characters meet randomly, it starts their quirky romance.

IMDB Rating 8.1/10

8. Kamisama Kiss (2012)

Even though romance between yokai and humans is taboo, this story finds that very scenario playing out. This fantasy follows Nanami, who finds herself on the streets after her father’s gambling debts become too much. However, a chance meeting with a stranger leads her to stay at his home, where she encounters fox yokai Tomoe. The home is actually a shrine of Mikage and Nanami finds herself a land god. The interplay between the characters make this a sweet and involving story, with plenty of comedy too.

IMDB Rating 8.1/10

7. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Sempai (2018)

With another supernatural premise, this strange tale has echoes of Donnie Darko, with Sakuta Azusagawa, just an average Joe that happens one day to meet a bunny girl called Mai. Funny thing is, Sakuta is the only person that can see her, and he needs to find out why. With themes of herd mentality and bullying, this is a complex tale that subverts the expectations of the viewer who may have tuned in expecting something more familiar.

IMDB Rating 8.1/10

6. My Dress Up Darling (2022)

True love finds a way in this romance that is set against the backdrop of Cosplay. Wakana Gojo makes Hina dolls, but not everyone gets it, so he ends up as a bit of an outsider. However, when the most popular girl in school takes an interest in him, he agrees to help with her cosplay, and the two start to bond.

IMDB Rating 8.1/10

5. Ouran High School Host Club (2006)

Here is a real blast from the past and there will be a whole generation of Anime fans that remember this fondly. Ouran High School Host Club is about Haruhi Fujioka, a middle-class student who attends the elite Ouran Academy on a scholarship, Clever writing, great animation, and lots of comedy makes this engaging and entertaining, there is of course plenty of romance too, but the comedy might just edge it in this classic series.

IMDB Rating 8.2/10

4. Yona of the Dawn (2014)

Although this Anime is more traditional, with plenty of adventure and excitement, there is a romance that is always in the background of the characters and their relationships. When Yona loses her kingdom. she has only her loyal bodyguard Hak to rely on. However Hak has always secretly loved Yona, and as they are thrown together in adversity, their true feelings are slowly revealed.

IMDB Rating 8.2/10

3. Your Name (2016)

This entry became the highest-grossing Anime film after its 2016 release so even though it’s not a show, it’s made this list. It also involves another body swap story, this time between two people from totally different walks of life.  Mitsuha is a girl from the countryside, while Taki is a city boy living in Tokyo. Essentially a story of two people in love, and the affairs that conspire against them, this is a very highly regarded Anime that is also visually beautiful,

IMDB Rating 8.4

2. Nana (2006)

Two women that live together Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki are at opposite ends of each other, but after becoming roommates they find they have a friendship stronger than stone. With themes of loyalty and ambition, this series is a mature and confident anime that is about as realistic as the genre can get. Top it off with a rocking soundtrack and you have a high entry on our list.

IMDB 8.5/10

1. Your Lie in April (2014)

Kosei, a talented pianist, refuses to ever play again after the death of his mother. When he meets Kaori, a violinist who has terrible health issues, but a love for life, the two start to find feelings for each other but Kaori has a secret in her past in this tender and heartbreaking story.

IMDB Rating 8.6/10

So here is the Top 20 Best Romance Anime Shows of All Time. What do you think should be added to the list? Comment below.

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