Your Honor Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

January 16, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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We discuss predictions for Your Honor Season 2 Episode 2 and include the Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch online. 

The crime television series Your Honor returns to Showtime for a second season, with Bryan Cranston reprising his role as judge turned criminal Michael Desiato. In the harrowing first season, Adam, Michael’s son, is involved in an accidental hit-and-run that leaves a boy dead. When it’s revealed that the victim of the crime, Rocco, is the son of Jimmy and Gina Baxter, an organized crime family, Michael prevents Adam from confessing due to the dangerous repercussions he could face.

In the shocking season one finale, Adam is killed when Eugene attempts to take revenge on Carlo to avenge the murder of his brother, Kofi and accidentally shoots Adam instead. Season 2 picks up in the aftermath of Adam’s passing, with a grief-stricken Michael, who is, once again, the pawn in a dangerous game. Let’s look at what happened in the first episode of Your Honor, Season 2, named “Part Eleven.”

  • Michael is sent to prison after he confesses to covering up Adam’s hit-and-run. He also reveals that he intentionally assigned himself as a judge on Carlo’s trial for the murder of Kofi to rig the case in Carlo’s favor. He did so to appease the Baxters and protect Adam. While in prison, Michael fails to eat in hopes of starving himself to death, as he doesn’t think there’s anything to live for.
  • During a flashback after Adam’s death, Eugene flees the scene, and Carlo chases him as he knows he is the intended target. However, he loses sight of Eugene after he is distracted by cop cars passing him on the way to Adam’s crime scene.
  • Big Mo contacts Jimmy to inform him that Eugene’s attempted murder of Carlo was a solo act of revenge and not ordered by her. Big Mo gets her guys to find Eugene and bring him to her, and once they capture him, she voices the trouble he has caused with the Baxters. When Little Mo asks Big Mo how she will punish Eugene for what he’s done, she claims there’s only one option.
  • Later in the episode, Carlo attempts to find Eugene, which results in his kidnapping by the Desire gang. He is returned unharmed to his home, but Big Mo wants to show the Baxters that she is a threat if pushed, and they should back down and keep the peace.
  • Olivia, a federal prosecutor, shows up at the prison and tries to convince Michael to work for her as she attempts to bring down the Baxter family. She offers to have him acquitted, should he agree. Michael refuses her offer, but she later threatens to expose part of his confession that could put Charlie behind bars for unknowingly aiding Michael in the hit-and-run when he disposed of the car.
  • Fia now has a child, and Adam is the father. She writes Michael various letters while he’s in prison as she wishes to connect with him, but he fails to reply. She later visits the prison to learn more about Adam and to tell Michael that he has a grandchild. He tells her to leave him alone so she doesn’t get to tell him that he is now a grandparent.
  • Little Mo helps Eugene skip town, giving him money and an address to go to, and instructs him to never to return to New Orleans. However, when Little Mo speaks to Big Mo, he informs her that Eugene accidentally got away.
  • Charlie meets up with Big Mo, hoping she’ll hand over Eugene so he can be seen as a hero for removing a killer from the streets. This will, in turn, help him with votes and increase his chances of getting elected as the new mayor. Although Big Mo doesn’t hand Eugene over, she ensures he will never be seen again. She then suggests to Charlie that he and the police pretend Eugene has been captured/murdered and use a different body as his in the coverup. Rudy, a police officer who works with Charlie, goes to the morgue to find a body that can pass as Eugene’s and pays off the morgue technician for the body they will use in the coverup.
  • At the end of the episode, Michael is seen leaving the prison, and Olivia calls to tell him that he did the right thing.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Episode 2 is scheduled to release on Showtime on Sunday, January 22, 2023. The release time is 9 pm ET/PT. Episode 2, titled “Part Twelve,” will have a run time of 60 minutes, including commercials.

Where to watch online

Viewers can catch Your Honor Season 2, Episode 2, on Showtime on the date mentioned above.


  • Now that Michael is a free man, we are likely to see Olivia instructing Michael on what is needed moving forward as she attempts to take the Baxters down.
  • Regardless of Big Mo contacting Jimmy to try and keep the peace after Eugene’s attempted murder of Carlo, the feud between the Desire gang and the Baxters seems far from over. I’d imagine their conflict will continue in the next episode, especially after Big Mo’s gang members kidnapped Carlo.
  • When Fia learns of Michael’s release, she may contact him again to tell him that he has a grandchild, as she failed to during her previous attempts. 

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