Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending Explained — why does Derek make the ultimate sacrifice?

January 26, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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We discuss the ending of the Paramount+ film Teen Wolf: The Movie review, which will contain spoilers.

Creator Jeff Davis reportedly said that Teen Wolf: The Movie will be a season seven on his how. It starts with the return of Scott McFall to Beacon Hills as Dr. Deaton needs his help saving an angry dog who has a little girl trapped underground after an earthquake. Scott holds the girl, but not before being told there is a strange force back in town.

What is it? The Nogitsune is back and trying to locate some werewolves and other strange creatures. It turns out those deceitful lightning bug critters were inside Chris Argent as he went around town attacking werewolves like Liam and Hikari. Deaton helps release him, but he thinks Allison is alive and is actively looking for her.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending Explained

Allison Returns, as does the Oni.

The Banshee, Lydia, is manipulated into drawing a strange wooden stump with the word “Bardo, ” a magical tree stump called the Nemeton. They go searching. Scott joins her, along with Malia and Eli, who just fought with his father, Derek. Lydia does her thing; the wind picks up, the stump swallows up some dust, and a sword, a gateway, is swallowed whole by the stump. As they turn to leave, a naked Allison appears, passed out on top of the wood. The group takes her to the hospital. A few moments later, those nasty fireflies appear at the stump, and the Oni are released into the world. The Oni are demon ghost-like ninjas hellbent on punishing whoever controls them. In this case, it would be the Big Bad.

Allison escapes the hospital and appears to be in full werewolf-hunting mode. She doesn’t remember anything about her life before her death. Not that Scott loved her and taught her that there are things worth saving and not killing. She escapes, and the Nogitsune manipulates her by appearing as her mother. Why? To order her on a werewolf killing spree. She first attacks by shooting an arrow coated in wolfsbane. Allison shoots Derek in the neck and tries to attack Eli and even her ex-boyfriend Scott.

Eli gets away and returns home, where Derek has healed himself and is there along with Deater, Sheriff Stilinski, and Malia. However, that’s when the Oni show up and stab Liam and Hikari outside, turning into black smoke that disappears. The same goes for everyone inside except Malia. She survives by pulling down the curtain that has the Oni go running and turn into smoke because of the sunlight.

Malia, Lydia, Jackson, RJ, and Melisssa show up at the police station, and now everyone is briefed on what is happening. She doesn’t know where they went, indicating they were not killed, but Derek and their friends are somewhere, and she doesn’t know how to get to them or by who. That’s when Deputy Parrish shows up and tells them it’s the Oni.

Adrian Harris Returns

Meanwhile, Scott stabs himself with Allison’s sword dipped in wolfsbane. Why? To prove his love for her and that he isn’t a threat. She drags him inside the lacrosse stadium in the basement, where she begins remembering her past and then saves him by burning the wolfsbane with a flare. Meanwhile, Lydia and Jackson discover someone is burning rowan trees that turn into mountain ash. Nogitsune uses this to surround the stadium with ash so no one can escape while the big game is happening. But who could do such a thing? Their chemistry teacher, Adrian Harris, a Darach sacrifice.

After Eli helps his school win the big game, Allison, Scott, and Eli head to Nogitsune’s world. Malia and Parrish are attempting to burn their way past the mountain ash, and as they fight, Jackson tells Lydia that it cannot contain a Banshees voice. So, she screams the name Allison, the causes her to flood back all her memories of her previous life with Scott and her friends.

Everyone is inside the illusion, but Big Bad has Eli and knife points. To save everyone, Scott has Allison shoot him in the heart because that’s what the villain of the story wants — to get rid of the Alpha. She does, and everyone is shocked, but all three arrows in his heart he can burn up with foxfire. He can unleash the prisoners, Parrish lets the parents and Malia in, and silver bullets rain down on the Oni. Lydia and Jackson also contain Harris.

Why does Derek make the ultimate sacrifice?

However, Nogitsune reminds Scott that he was also given the power of the Alpha. This sends Scott, Derek, and even Eli into full werewolf mode, attacking him, but they are all put into illusions, but they work together to break out and find themselves on the magical Nemeton stump. Derek then choose,s, so they all don’t burn up fighting the Big Bad. He tells Scott his son is part of his pack now and holds the villain in place. He then orders the hellhound Parrish to light them up, and he does. Why does Derek make the ultimate sacrifice? To save his son.

The group finds themselves now back in the stadium, empty and at night. They are all safe. They have a service for Derek, where Scott tells everyone what he did and meant to him. Allison and Scott celebrate that they are back together. Finally, Adrian Harris is taken to the Eichen House, which is a detention facility. The final scene shows Eli on top of the hill looking over the city. His eyes are glowing and he has full power over his abilities.

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1 thought on “Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending Explained — why does Derek make the ultimate sacrifice?

  • January 27, 2023 at 3:15 am

    This article has a lot of misspelling of character names. The ending of the movie was not cool. I don’t think Derek had to die. Parrish could have done it himself. There should be a second movie or continuation of the show.

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