Will there be a sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie?

By Lori Meek
Published: January 26, 2023 (Last updated: January 28, 2023)

We discuss whether there will be a Teen Wolf: The Movie 2, a sequel to the Paramount+ film Teen Wolf: The Movie, and will contain spoilers. 

The highly anticipated film revival of the beloved Teen Wolf series has dropped on Paramount+. The movie produced by Jeff Davis came out at the same time as the not-a-spin-off-but-set-in-the-same-universe series Wolf Pack and many speculated this could be the first in a series of films following the adventures of Scott McCall. Despite the hype, critical response was mostly mixed, mostly because of how hard it is for new viewers who haven’t seen the original MTV series to follow the plot. Davis himself described the movie as “basically season seven all in one movie.” 

While critics weren’t keen, the film was well-received by fans earning it an audience score of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, the question begs: Are new adventures in store for our favorite alpha but way-past-his-teens wolf?

Teen Wolf: The Movie sequel potential release date

When MTV canceled Teen Wolf after six seasons, fans were not happy, yet it took several years before the film continuation was greenlit by Paramount. While it’s too early to speculate on potential release dates, if a sequel were to be made, it’s unlikely it will take another half a decade for the story to continue. However, as Davis is tied up with other projects including the aforementioned Wolf Pack, we are probably looking at a couple of years’ wait at the very least. 

Teen Wolf: The Movie sequel cast – who might be in it?

Except for Dylan O’Brien and Arden Cho who played Stiles and Kira in the series but didn’t return for the movie, we’d expect most of the cast members to keep reprising the roles that made them famous.

While Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek makes the ultimate sacrifice at the end of the film, this is a supernatural show, so bringing him back isn’t exactly outside of the realm of possibility – After all, they did do it for Allison (Crystal Reed). Leading wolf, Tyler Posey, expressed great enthusiasm when asked about a potential part two, “I want to produce more, I want to direct, I want to f–king write it. I’ve got a lot of ideas. If there are more Teen Wolf [movies], I am all in,” he told j14

Teen Wolf: The Movie sequel plot: what could Teen Wolf: The Movie 2 be about?

According to Tyler Posey, a second movie would show more of the Beacon Hills High School alumni’s exploits as adults. We’d expect Banshees, Hellhounds, and Kitsunes to make their appearances, along with Scott McCall getting ready to train Eli as the next Alpha. It would also be fun to explore how a relationship between Scott and the newly revived Alisson would look now that they’re both in their 30s and one of them missed a good chunk of time. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Teen Wolf movie without a new evil for Scott, Eli, Allison, and their shapeshifting friends to take on. 

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