Where is Netflix’s Lockwood and Co filmed?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 28, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Where is Netflix’s Lockwood and Co filmed? We discuss the popular Netflix TV show and its filming locations. This article contains minor plot references.

English filmmaker and comedian Joe Cornish burst onto the scene back in 2011 with the cult comedy Attack the Block. Since then, the creative has written and directed a handful of projects (including Ant-Man), but it is fair to say that he’s been rather quiet of late. Cornish makes his valiant return to the pop culture kingdom this year with Lockwood & Co, a supernatural detective series based on the young adult novel series of the same name by Jonathan Stroud.

The series follows teen ghost-hunters Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes), Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) and George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati), in an alternate London that is plagued by out-of-control spirits. In this dangerous climate, a trio of rebellious adolescents have formed their own, self-funded start-up company, free from adult intervention, called Lockwood & Co. This independent company stands out against all the other adult-orientated agencies in the ghoul-grabbing business.

Lockwood & Co has been praised for its effortless world-building, which doesn’t pander or patronize its audience, and its charming cast of young, up-and-coming actors. Cornish also showcases that much-loved British wit in this hilarious, supernatural offering. But the resounding takeaway is that this Netflix Original series stands high above the rest, in an extremely crowded market. This may just be the next big teen hit for Netflix after Wednesday. With such high praise and a unique premise, the teen drama is sure to work its way up the charts on the streaming service over the next few weeks.

Where is Lockwood and Co based?

The series takes place in an alternate London where ghosts roam the capital and large agencies make a killing, tasked with the responsibility of capturing and containing these ghouls. The series is a British production through and through, steered by showrunner Joe Cornish. He brings a quintessential British sensibility to the show, whilst highlighting the best the city and the country has to offer.

Where is Netflix’s Lockwood and Co filmed?

Kensal Green Cemetery

The majority of the series was filmed in London, starting in July 2021, with production wrapping eight months later in March 2022. Key scenes were shot at Kensal Green Cemetery back in late October 2021. This iconic setting is located in Kensal Green, Queens Park, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, a notoriously posh part of London. A cemetery is obviously a fitting location for a series about ghosts and the undead. The area is famous for extravagant tombs and catacombs.

Clerkenwell Prison

Major set pieces were filmed in this rather haunting setting. The series likes to dwell in the past, focusing on these ghostly locations, adding to the overall spooky atmosphere.


The trio of renegade ghost-hunters assembles at their very own building for all their ghost-related endeavors, meeting at the Lockwood’s house. The exterior shots for this house were filmed in Islington, another borough of London. The interiors were filmed on a sound stage in Ealing Studios.

Chipping Campden

The market town of Chipping Campden can be found in the picturesque Cotswold district of Gloucestershire. The series was filmed on location in the Market Square Car Park and in the Old Police Station.

Twickenham Film Studios

Joe Cornish and his team set up home in Stage 1 at Twickenham Film Studios on The Barons, St. Margarets in the borough of Richmond upon Thames. There are further scenes shot around the River Thames, including locations in the Barbican neighborhood and the Deptford area too.

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