Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

By Nathan Sartain
Published: January 29, 2023 (Last updated: February 4, 2024)
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A decent episode that lightly progresses things.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 5, “The Secret Probability Distribution of X and Y,” which contains spoilers.

Episode five of Crash Course in Romance was another steady affair. It had some intriguing moments, namely the teases that one police officer is going to dig deeper into Young-min’s suicide, and generally moved along at a comfortable pace. With the promise of more revelations regarding Chi-yeol’s (Jung Kyung-ho) past coming imminently too, the excitement may just soon start to build.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Chi-yeol’s agreement to tutor Hae-e

After Chi-yeol’s condition for privately tutoring Hae-e is revealed (he will be able to buy two meals per day from Haeng-seon), the tutor gets to scheduling and swears his ally to secrecy about the arrangement. This, essentially, is to protect the balance of Korea’s competitive private education system. Regardless of the reasoning, Haeng-seon happily agrees to everything for the sake of her niece, before treating Chi-yeol to some leftovers.

As the recurring hooded man walks away from Young-min’s crime scene, silver bullet in hand, Hae-e finds out she’ll be privately tutored. The student can barely believe it, to the point she checks her aunt hasn’t taken out a mortgage to pay for such a privilege, though she swears she will “study hard” when the situation has been clarified, wanting to make the most of this “rare opportunity.” Meanwhile, Chi-yeol assures himself he’s acting correctly.

Young-min’s death

The next day, Chi-yeol arrives at the academy to find the tragic scene of Young-min’s death, triggering some reflection. But such inward-looking pondering isn’t allowed to persist, as before long the private tutor is brought in for police questioning. Here, it seems to be made apparent that Chi-yeol isn’t exactly considered above suspicion regarding the student’s death, especially when the teacher admits he had scolded the deceased Young-min the same evening of his passing.

When Hae-e happily agrees to help Geon-hu study (she thinks she can learn from this too), Sun-jae becomes disappointed. He can’t hide his emotions either, asking why his friend is “wasting” her time, until he is interrupted by the news of the death that took place at the grounds of Pride’s academy. Concurrently, Haeng-seon is herself reading the news of the alleged suicide, evidently worried about what it could mean from a welfare perspective.

Despite feigning upset over Young-min’s death, Su-hui and Seo-jin try and get the other All Care mothers on board with requesting Pride reconsider their decision to temporarily cancel classes. Elsewhere, a deflated, distressed Chi-yeol defeatedly agrees he’ll continue to teach “as normal.”

While Haeng-seon rues the fact children are going to be made to continue their academy studies despite the death of their classmate, Chi-yeol struggles to teach his dejected class with any sort of enthusiasm. Then, the star tutor suffers through a sleepless night, needing a long jog the following morning to clear his head.

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With Hae-e now helping Geon-hu, who is happy to join his desk with hers, Sun-jae struggles to mask his jealousy. So he confronts the hockey player about his intentions, admitting he has a crush on Haeng-seon’s niece. This, however, unintentionally provokes Geon-hu into confidently claiming he might do, too. Concurrently, the police decide to class Young-min’s death as a suicide, yet one particular officer notes “something is fishy.” Interestingly, it’s established here that Detective Song was once known as a “bulldozer,” but now may be keener to wrap things up quickly given he was once branded “evil” because he had a young boy wrongly indicted for the alleged murder of his own mother.

After coaching his academy students on ways to quell anxiety, Chi-yeol heads out to tutor Hae-e. It’s awkward at first, with the teacher vocal about his “trillion won man” nickname amidst Haeng-seon’s ham-fisted disruptions, though the private lesson does eventually go well. Nevertheless, Chi-yeol later warns the side dish store owner against crossing boundaries, uncomfortable with her friendliness, as well as her compassion over how he was made to teach as normal when a student had died.

Jae-woo’s arrest

Thanks to Jae-woo’s delay in getting waffles (his favorite worker isn’t on shift at that time), Haeng-seon is forced to think on her feet and create an excuse for the packed lunch made for Chi-yeol when Yeong-ju hastily arrives at the shop. It just about works, but the longevity of such justifications is unlikely to persist. Elsewhere, Chi-yeol arrives at the academy to hear the All Care tests might’ve leaked, yet soon realizes this panic has been caused because he used the printer without anyone else knowing. As such, the star tutor gives Dong-hui an unnatural assurance that things are ok.

When Jae-woo is confronted by the boyfriend of his favorite waffle server, who believes he is a stalker, he accidentally throws the barrister to the ground. Thus, Haeng-seon is asked for at the police station, where she finds her brother in a cell and begs the victims to drop their charges. Fortunately, following a poignant explanation about how Jae-woo just enjoyed the waffles due to their crispiness, and couldn’t understand the social implications of his repeated actions because he has Asperger’s, Ms. Kwon is able to accept the side store owner’s apology. This, in turn, allows both parties to put an end to the case, in return for Jae-woo’s permanent absence from the cafe going forward.

Once he has returned Haeng-seon’s phone to her, Chi-yeol departs, reflecting on what he eavesdropped on at the police station. Meanwhile, Dong-hui treats his colleagues to wine using his superior’s card, and fellow private tutor Jin Yi-sang (revealed to be user chiyeolsucks online) continues his quest to get “dirt” on his academic rival, listening to someone describe how the famous tutor may drive students to death given his links to Young-min, and a deceased female academy pupil from a decade ago.

As a police officer notices the shiny silver bullet when re-watching the CCTV footage of Young-min’s actions before his death, Jae-woo returns home. He firstly apologizes to his niece, then eats some beans, upset that he can’t order any of Ms. Kwon’s waffles from now on. Luckily though, Hae-e allows her uncle to buy a waffle maker for himself, and everyone agrees to go camping that weekend in a cheer-up attempt.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

After sharing an unlikely drink with an already drunken Haeng-seon, Chi-yeol has to be dragged along the street in his own intoxicated state. In fact, the tutor is so wasted, he needs to stay at the shop owner’s house that night, a fact that completely shocks him the next morning when he is greeted by the family of three. Abruptly, Chi-yeol then rushes out of the house, before the episode ends with the flustered teacher being spotted receiving his belt from Haeng-seon by both Yeong-ju and Dong-hui.

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