Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – who is Hui-jae?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: January 29, 2023 (Last updated: February 4, 2024)
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A fun episode that makes proceedings clearer.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 6, “There Are No Correct Answers in Life, Only Best Answers”, which contains spoilers.

Episode six of Crash Course in Romance was another fairly good installment, gliding by agreeably but without anything major to sink your teeth into. It’s nice that we’re starting to get to the bottom of who Hui-jae is, and the crimes he has appeared to commit, but other areas like Chi-yeol’s (Jung Kyung-ho) unconventional relationship with Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon) could do with being developed a bit quicker. Nevertheless, the picture being painted is becoming clearer, we just need a bit more excitement now.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

As Haeng-seon fails to coherently explain to Yeong-ju why she kept Chi-yeol’s private tutoring arrangement a secret from her, the academy teacher faces complaints from Dong-hui about the situation. “I don’t think this is right,” the assistant says, worried about the implications of the one-to-one lessons if other people find out. However, his grievances are abruptly shut down.

Chi-yeol’s past catching up with him

On, Chi-yeol reads an article connecting him to the death of Young-min, in addition to the suicide of a female pupil who had links to Detective Song’s “bulldozer” case from 10 years ago. The star tutor is completely taken aback, unable to be comforted by Dong-hui about the “malicious post” being removed, so subsequently chooses to trawl the internet for more information on the Nokeun-dong murder investigation he’s now being referenced alongside.

While Haeng-seon makes up with Yeong-ju, who becomes childishly giddy at the thought of her friend and Chi-yeol growing closer, Jong-ryeol is asked to meet with the star tutor. Here, the school teacher is made to explain to the private instructor how Su-hyeon’s mother (the one part of the Nokeun-dong murder case) went “insane” when her daughter died, committing suicide only for her son to then be accused of murder. Now, the exonerated brother of Su-hyeon is “missing,” but Jong-ryeol is uninterested in sharing more details, still blaming Chi-yeol for what happened.

In a flashback, we see Su-hyeon’s mental health demise came to a head as a result of exam questions being shadily leaked to her (Chi-yeol and Jong-ryeol were used as a “bridge” for this, with the former fired for taking issue with the early disclosure of test materials and warned not to “ruin” the poor young woman’s family by reporting it). Then, the student’s funeral clarifies the pressurized environment caused by the deceased’s education-obsessed mother, before we return to the present. Chi-yeol is completely zoned out when teaching Hae-e here, departing when his day is done entirely dejected.

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After a quick scene shows how one member of the police is still looking into the silver bullet seen prior to Young-min’s death, we move to the next morning. It’s an interesting one for Haeng-seon in particular, as she finds herself not only personally delivering food inside Chi-yeol’s house, but tucking the restless star tutor into bed too, realizing he too has his “demons.” Concurrently, Su-hui and Mi-ok, who are on their way to meet a tarot reader, become curious at the sight of the side dish shop owner leaving the expensive apartment complex they’re visiting.

As Su-hui squashes the rumors circulated by chiyeolsucks in front of Mi-ok, Su-a sneakily decides to snoop around Hae-e’s desk, where she finds some of the All Care Programme’s workbooks. Sun-jae becomes the natural suspect for how these items have found their way to the blacklisted student, and he even falsely admits he “lent” his friend the material, wanting to quell a situation that could’ve needlessly escalated. Nevertheless, he also appears intrigued at Hae-e’s possession of this workbook.

Next, Chi-yeol decides to postpone his classes and take some time off. This is because the star tutor was extremely upset when overhearing Yi-sang detail to his colleagues how he apparently “annihilated a family,” and should not be “brazen” in continuing to work. Elsewhere, the police look into the a report that stray cats are being killed with silver metal balls, the same kind seen in Young-min’s CCTV video.

The camping trip

While Sun-jae storms off, frustrated he was asked to speak to Hae-e once she’d finished up with Geon-hu, Jae-woo, and co. finish up their camping preparations. Yet there’s soon a spanner in the works, as when the happy campers arrive at the fishing area, they stumble across a reflective Chi-yeol. What follows is a rather awkward interaction, one centered around the star tutor trying his hardest to remain oblivious to all the ongoings around him. Meanwhile, Sun-jae passes along some money to his quiet, shady brother, Hui-jae.

Despite some bickering about boundaries, Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol have a warm heart-to-heart. At first, the star tutor realizes his ally’s words are similar to those his “savior who fed him” used to afford him, then the two discuss their lives filled with differing approaches as they “fumble for the answers.” It’s a comforting exchange, with the pair evidently growing closer before Haeng-seon clumsily tries in vain to teach Chi-yeol sleep exercises. There is one slight issue though, the private instructor accidentally pushes the side dish shop owner to the floor, something he is unable to live down the next day.

Sun-jae and Hae-e, plus Hui-jae

After apologizing to Sun-jae, Hae-e wonders what it is her friend needed to say to her. Thus, the student finds out Su-a had looked through her belongings and hears some of the All Care Programme materials had been found. Nevertheless, no further prodding is done into why Hae-e had these workbooks, meaning the two are free to go about their day as young people would.

When fleeing from the police, Hui-jae comes across his younger brother, who manages to unintentionally protect him from being found. What it does mean, though, is that Sun-jae needs to explain the fact he has a “shut-in” sibling to Hae-e. We find out plenty about the enigmatic character in this scene, like how he once disappeared when needing to take the CSAT exam, and then how that now impacts the troubled lawyer Seo-jin’s insistences that Sun-jae is successful in his life. In return, the secret of Chi-yeol’s one-to-one private lessons is disclosed.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

As Dong-hui tells Chi-yeol he’ll take care of preparing academic materials for Hae-e going forward, Su-a speculates to her mother that Sun-jae is “leaking” the contents of the All Care Programme to her academic adversary. Su-hui is irritated, and says she will talk to Seo-jin about the “thoughtless” actions of the lawyer’s son, but the family soon becomes more intrigued by the sight of the star tutor’s vehicle in their neighborhood. Following that, the episode ends with Su-hui and Su-a secretly watching Chi-yeol exit his car.

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