Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

By Nathan Sartain
Published: February 5, 2023 (Last updated: February 4, 2024)
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A fun episode that strengthens the ties between Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 7, “The Very Average Laws of Attraction,” which contains spoilers.

Although the plot doesn’t progress at any real palpable pace here, there was still a decent amount for the audience to sink their teeth into. The police are following leads that may point to Hui-jae, Seo-jin (Jang Young-nam) is becoming a calmer mother, Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho) is realizing his feelings for Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon), and Su-a (Kang Na-eon) is sacrificing health for her studies. How all these ties in will be interesting to follow, mainly as it could all come with massive implications for the characters involved.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 7 recap

After Chi-yeol is successfully diverted away from Su-hui’s suspicious gaze with the help of Haeng-seon, allowing him to complete his private tutoring stress-free, we move to the next day. Here, Su-a is furious that Hae-e has managed to reach the top of their class (with a perfect score in maths, no less), and Sun-jae finds himself deflated at the encouragement he receives for him to use his “excellent genes.”

As an ecstatic Haeng-seon shares Hae-e’s academic news with an equally content Chi-yeol, who is also thanked for his work, Sun-jae finds himself jealous again at the appearance of Geon-hu. That, and Su-a is admitted to hospital for an illness born out of her upset at her mock exam results, causing Su-hui to be a bit lost on how to deal with her daughter.

Next, Su-hui tells Seo-jin about the alleged sharing of All Care materials, warning the lawyer about what deeper involvement with Hae-e could mean for Sun-jae. So, Seo-jin irritatedly calls her son to get answers, only to find herself warned she’ll be cut off from her high-achieving child should she take the matter to Haeng-seon. Elsewhere, detective Jung-soo begins to piece together that Hui-jae may have something to do with Young-min’s death.

Chi-yeol catching feelings?

With Chi-yeol’s closeness to Hae-e’s family (Jae-woo is particularly fond of the academy instructor) established, the star tutor reluctantly agrees to take part in the party celebrating the young student’s recent academic success. But initial hesitation soon turns into full engagement, for the teacher gets involved with all the games the group play, including handball and foot volleyball. However, Chi-yeol discovers something about himself here too, that he may be harboring feelings for Haeng-seon.

Next, when Chi-yeol fails to quash his budding attraction to Haeng-seon, he visits his counselor, wanting to know why he has “developed such inexplicable feelings for a married woman.” In response, the tutor is told there’s nothing wrong with his emotions, but perhaps he should “break out” of his routine to meet new women, given he could just be “starved for affection” thanks to his usual lack of emotional dependence on other people.

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While Chi-yeol tries to get set up with a friend of his colleague, hoping it gets his “autonomic nervous system back to normal,” Yeong-ju notices Haeng-seon might have “mention syndrome” when it comes to the star tutor. Then, Jung-soo enters the shop, looking for answers on the “metal ball attack” reported there not too long ago. When the enthusiastic detective subsequently calls his superior about his investigations, we see Seo-jin worriedly eavesdropping. Following that, the lawyer swallows her pride and refuses to confront Haeng-seon about her niece’s closeness with Sun-jae.

Despite being scolded by his captain, Jung-soo is encouraged by Detective Song to continue searching for leads on the metal ball case, just “more discreetly.” Concurrently, Sun-jae lets jealousy rear its ugly head when he pushes Geon-hu during a basketball match, and Su-a loses the ability to focus on her studying. As such, she panics, calling her mother in hysterics, barely taking advice to “calm down” on board.

As Su-hui tries to spread the gossip of Hae-e “stealing” All Care materials to her friendship group – they don’t exactly take the bait, yet do speculate on the student’s newfound success – Chi-yeol’s date goes surprisingly well. In fact, not only does the tutor find himself laughing at Hye-yeon’s jokes, but he also suggests a second meeting between the pair, this time for some wine. Thus, Chi-yeol gets ready to brand his attraction toward Haeng-seon as a misunderstanding.

However, that night, Chi-yeol begins to realize he does indeed find Haeng-seon attractive, to the point he becomes quite giddy at the idea of visiting a doctor with the side dish shop owner the next day. Though his “casual” outfit selection does raise eyebrows, particularly with the curious Dong-hui. Meanwhile, Seo-jin is asked to help out with a case involving the child of Woorin High’s education director.

A doctor’s appointment

With Yi-sang launching an investigation into Hae-e, wishing to find out why Chi-yeol is tutoring her, the private instructor quickly gets changed ahead of his visit to the doctors. Haeng-seon follows suit (at the request of her daughter), meaning the two look quite overdressed for the occasion. Elsewhere, Seo-jin pokes around Hui-jae’s room, evidently worried he is concealing things and disturbed by the sight of the metal balls he owns.

While Seo-jin evokes a physical response when questioning her shady son on what he has been up to, Chi-yeol is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. “You’re overworked and under stress. You’ve been neglecting your body,” the doctor tells the star tutor, noticing the ongoing woes he has been suffering. Then, Chi-yeol is told to stop by for some acupuncture sessions and moxibustion.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Once finished with his first acupuncture session, Chi-yeol remembers Haeng-seon’s name correctly and gets ready to eat with the side dish shop owner at the restaurant her mother used to own (Su-jae’s Chueotang). This, in turn, brings a flood of memories back to the star tutor, and the episode ends with a flashback to when he would eat at the same place back when he was younger.

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