Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

By Nathan Sartain
Published: February 5, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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A decent installment that sets the scene for the series’ second half.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 8, “Chance Becomes Fate through Inductive Reasoning,” which contains spoilers.

At the halfway point, Crash Course in Romance favored giving the viewer questions rather than answers. Was Hui-jae the man who shot Yi-sang (Ji Il-joo)? What will Su-hui do now she has caught Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho) and Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon) together? How will Chi-yeol properly confess his feelings for Haeng-seon? The pace is definitely being picked up now, though the show can sometimes fall foul of having a bit of a circular narrative with its preferred formula, as agreeable as it is.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Chi-yeol’s memories of the past

As Chi-yeol eats with Haeng-seon, reminiscing while equally realizing his past ties to the side dish shop owner through her restauranteur mother, Yi-sang gets filled in on who Hae-e is. “He seems to have one favorite student every decade,” the jealous tutor says when hearing this is the person who was kicked out of the All Care Programme for Young-min, believing he can cause a “scandal” with the intel he’s received.

With Chi-yeol continuing his recollections of being taken care of by Haeng-seon’s mother, he realizes why he was “able to only stomach her food” as well as why he was “drawn to her and her family.” Elsewhere, Seo-jin sneaks into Hui-jae’s room in a bid to discreetly download tracking software onto his phone.

The next day, Chi-yeol visits the resting place of Yeong-sun, discussing with Dong-hui the unlikeliness of the fact he’s now close to the daughter of his “savior”. “When times are extremely tough, there are memories that help you get back on your feet,” the tutor states, noting the food he’d eat at Seon’s Cafeteria is what provided him comfort when he’d “lose all hope to live in this world.” Thus, Chi-yeol believes he was “naturally drawn” to Haeng-seon, and now wants to repay her family’s kindness with something they require. As we see, this appears to be reduced rent, as well as better facilities (air conditioning units) for Nation’s Best Banchan.

Chi-yeol threatens Yi-sang

While Hui-jae strangely searches the internet for information like the force of metal balls, Chi-yeol asks Dong-hui to keep his purchasing of Nation’s Best Banchan’s building, and newfound landlord status, a secret. Then, the tutor is subtly antagonized by Yi-sang, who tries to afford his adversary backhanded compliments about fitting Hae-e into his “busy schedule” before pondering why it’s always female students the star instructor seems to favor.

When Chi-yeol hears Yi-sang is ‘chiyeolsucks’ online, and is planning to release a story speculating on an “illicit relationship” between the star tutor and Hae-e, action is taken. First, the academy instructor punches his tormentor. Then, Chi-yeol threatens Yi-sang, making sure it’s known if this defamatory story is leaked, the latter will be “sued for damages until you go broke. And you’ll never be able to teach again.” Still, the star tutor’s biggest hater hasn’t let go of the idea Hae-e may be more intertwined with Chi-yeol than initially thought.

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Happy to be around Haeng-seon’s family in their air-conditioned house, Chi-yeol treats everyone to a luxury meal in celebration, strengthening his bond with the group. Concurrently, Su-a recognizes that the star tutor’s handwriting was on Hae-e’s All Care workbook, so begins to ponder if it really was given to her by Sun-jae.

Next, Haeng-seon ends up finding out Chi-yeol is her new landlord, but worries the rent cut has been done out of “pity.” However, Yeong-ju points out the star tutor is “obviously” romantically interested in the side dish shop owner, he just isn’t allowing himself to potentially cross a line with a woman he believes to be married. “All he has is money, so he’s expressing his love with it,” the reliable friend says, wanting Haeng-seon to admit her single status to Chi-yeol, and see where it leads.

In class, Su-a verifies that it wasn’t Sun-jae’s workbook that Hae-e had gained access to. Meanwhile, Haeng-seon becomes concerned Chi-yeol doesn’t hold any feelings for her when the popular Hye-yeon appears at Pride Academy to meet with the star tutor. That, and the side dish shop owner is disappointed her food is sidelined by the pianist’s gift of egg tarts.

Private investigations, and Chi-yeol’s priorities

With Su-a convinced Chi-yeol is privately tutoring Hae-e alone, Su-hui decides she’ll use a detective agency to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Haeng-seon acts extremely abruptly with the star tutor, giving him the day off so he can attend Hye-yeon’s piano recital, practically forcing the instructor to rebuff the “chicken day” invite in the process. As an aside, Hae-e was gifted an iPad by Chi-yeol here, and he was pictured by a private detective when leaving Nation’s Best Banchan.

Despite being at Hye-yeon’s recital with flowers, Chi-yeol decides to take a rain check, departing early to check up on Haeng-seon, who he had heard hurt herself when helping Hae-e over the phone. Nevertheless, the star tutor does try to deny he’s turned up at Nation’s Best Banchan purely to see the owner.

Yi-sang’s surprise demise

As Su-hui shares pictures of Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon with the All Care group chat, Seo-jin asks a judge for a favor in the case involving the son of Woorim High’s education director. Elsewhere, Yi-sang asks his ally to temporarily stick a pin in the ‘chiyeolsucks’ campaign against the star tutor, wanting to “lie low” so they can come up with a fresh plan. Ominously though, Yi-sang does get a sudden knock on his door when finished with his business.

Continuing, Yi-sang rushes out of his apartment, only to be hunted down and struck by a metal ball belonging to a hooded figure whose build resembles Hui-jae’s. Outside, Seo-jin panics, wondering what her son is up to.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

After chicken day, where Chi-yeol is extremely kind to Jae-woo and co. during the viewing of a documentary, Haeng-seon confronts the star tutor on why he’s been so kind to their family. She doesn’t buy that his investment is just a “hobby,” and believes there really could be an ulterior motive as to why the academy instructor ditched his recital to visit. Yet no answer is afforded, as the episode ends with Su-hui catching the pair red-handed.

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