Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – what happens to Milo’s fortune?

February 5, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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“The Pool” speeds by with fast-paced scenes and fast-talking dialogue. It’s another brutal installment, filled with grim violence and heightened tension, as the stakes continue to rise for poor Mike. Again, it feels like we are building towards something more exciting than what is currently on display though.

We recap the Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4, “The Pool,” which contains spoilers.

Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) pulled off the impossible and managed to convince the four major crime leaders, known as Generals, to follow his plan and go willingly back into the prison system. Structure was quickly restored in tent city thanks to Mike’s plan, but the de-facto Mayor is yet to fulfill his end of the deal, with the crime bosses still locked up on the inside. In “The Pool”, Mike tries to reassure these inmates that they won’t be transferred to another prison, as he works on their imminent release. Whilst Milo’s (Aidan Gillen) millions are unearthed by a naive construction worker, leading to much violence. It’s another brutal affair as tensions rise in Kingstown.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

That naive construction worker is played by Breaking Bad star Charles Baker. He digs up buried treasure on a construction site in the opening scene and quickly covers it back up. The construction worker, Horace, takes the box back home and finds bonds inside that are potentially worth millions of dollars. Unsure how to cash in his riches, he asks a pawnbroker for advice.

The pawnbroker tells him to burn the papers, as they will only bring pain, but Horace has dollar signs in his eyes now and urges for the name of a possible seller.

Why is Bunny worried about being transferred?

Meanwhile, the inmates in tent city are being shipped out to other prisons. Bunny is nervous about these transfers, it wasn’t what he signed up for. This completely changes their deal; he may not have any control in another prison setting. He asks to speak with Mike and relays his worries to the mediator.

Mike has lost all control over the situation but lies anyway, saying he’ll take care of it. Mike drives over to see Evelyn. She has bigger problems to deal with than a few angry inmates, as the prison riot delivers further repercussions. Mike needs the District Attorney to sign off on the paperwork to secure the General’s release, yet he is stalling.

Mike’s life may be on the line if he cannot hurry up this process. The other Generals are growing impatient. They warn Bunny that if Mike doesn’t solve this problem soon then his friend will be in grave danger. Mike tells Bunny that the District Attorney will sign the paperwork eventually. He suggests that Raphael takes over leadership responsibilities in the meantime, but Bunny cannot allow this to happen while he’s still on the inside. He warns Mike that the Generals are angry, and he may be in serious trouble if he cannot pull through with his promises.

What happens to tent city?

A quick conversation with Kareem proves just as hopeless. Mike pleads with Kareem to stop Bunny and the other gang leaders from being transferred, but it is out of Kareem’s hands. Mike warns him that Kingstown will fall if the peace isn’t restored. This empty threat is futile though, as Mike finds out the hard way that every inmate has been transferred. Bunny orders him to visit tent city that night, and when Mike arrives, it is a ghost town.

What happens to Horace at the nightclub?

Horace takes the pawnbroker’s suggestion and arrives at the club where Iris works, looking for Joseph. Joseph and his goons beat the living daylights out of poor Horace, who honestly explains his situation. He’s soon tortured as Joseph asks for the whereabouts of this fortune. While Horace is tortured, his wife turns the bonds in at the local police station. Stevie is the man she speaks with first, and he quickly calls Mike about Milo’s riches. Mike tells Stevie to keep them out of the system and to keep them safe, Milo will be after them.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

The episode ends with what appears to be a rather innocent scene, one which links with this installment’s title, “The Pool”. A crowd eagerly waits for a swimming pool to be opened. The first child that enters dive bombs into the pool and he finds naive Horace dead, tied to a chair at the very bottom of the pool. Horace was tortured and killed for these bonds and it looks like he died in horrifying fashion trying to keep their whereabouts a secret.

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