Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episodes 6 and 7 Recap – Who Stole Milo’s Bonds?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 19, 2023 (Last updated: March 11, 2024)
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Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episodes 6 and 7 Recap
Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 (Credit - Paramount+)

Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) restored peace to Kingstown by persuading the crime bosses to go back into the prison system and choose new leaders while on the inside. His plan worked, but the District Attorney, who promised to free the crime bosses after they had solved this in-house issue, well, he hasn’t kept up his side of the deal. In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 6 Mike plays hardball, coercing the DA into freeing Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) once and for all. Meanwhile, it’s absolute carnage on the inside as the crime bosses go rogue battling for survival.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

In Anchor Bay prison, Bunny has been thrown into solitary confinement, aka the kill box, and the Mexican crime boss has been brutally murdered. Once again, Mike has no control on the inside, and the gangs are at war. The corrupt correctional officers continue to assert their authority.

Head correctional officer, Davidson, frees an inmate and lets them loose on their unsuspecting rivals. The inmate attacks his enemies, killing one and stabbing Raphael in the shoulder. Fortunately, they manage to disarm this rival before further bloodshed.

Mike steps up his game on the outside, applying further pressure to the high-ups in the system. He calls Kareem, but the correctional officer only oversees the prisoner transfers; he has no actual control there, either. Mike asks for details on the head guard and a visitor’s pass to communicate with Bunny in person. He then meets up with the regulars at the local cafe. It looks like Robert is in trouble after the riots, and Kyle has a surprise for Mike.

Who stole Milo’s bonds?

Kyle passes Mike a hefty duffel bag in the car park containing Milo’s fortune. Kyle stole the bonds from the police station’s evidence room. This twist gobsmacks Mike. Of course, he doesn’t compliment his brother, advising him to stay out of trouble instead. Kyle says he wiped the cameras; he was careful. Again, Kyle wonders if he will be a good father, and Mike reassures him that he will make a great dad.

Next, they drive to Davidson’s home. Mike wants to speak with the head correctional officer in person. He tells Davidson to back off of Bunny and to leave him alone. Davidson feels threatened and squares up to Mike. The Mayor says he isn’t looking for a fight, but Davidson isn’t listening. He pushes Mike backward. Kyle rushes in with a loaded gun, punching Davidson and pressing the weapon into his face. Mike reiterates the warning not to mess with Bunny. I think he’s got this message, loud and clear.

Kyle may be stepping up and helping his brother, but inside, he is falling apart. He spends the rest of the day building countless sheds in the garden and then returns home reeking of booze after threatening Davidson. Mariam is concerned and takes her son aside, but he promises her everything is good.

After Mike’s hostile threats, Bunny is taken out of solitary confinement, and straight away, he is sent to speak with Mike, although in secret. Bunny’s had time to think, and now that he is out of the kill box, he wants to run this prison.

Mike urges him to stay quiet, annoyed that they killed the Mexican. Bunny defends himself, stating that Mike wasn’t helping him, so he had to go it alone and take charge. Mike repeats the tired line that he’ll get Bunny out, but the Crips leader has had enough. He even brings up incomplete information about having to protect Mike, which is a complete surprise to the Mayor. Bunny won’t reveal who was after him.

Mariam meets up with a juvenile detention center inmate called Jacob. He explains to her that his lawyer managed to make a deal. If he is good, then he will be out in a year. Jacob worries that with the pressures of the gangs, he won’t be able to make it. He asks Mariam to put in a good word with Mike. Jacob needs Mike’s help with the gangs or in getting him transferred. Mariam agrees to help.

How does Mike persuade the DA to sign Bunny’s release?

Left with little another choice, Mike is forced to play dirty. He barges into a meal between Evelyn and DA Lockett. Mike is furious that the DA hasn’t held up his side of the deal and demands he frees Bunny immediately. The District Attorney flippantly disregards Mike’s demands, adding that you are talking about these dangerous criminals. Deals can be broken; it doesn’t matter.

The DA’s laid-back attitude dumbfounds Mike. He brings out the big guns, inferring that Milo is still alive and out in society, causing no end of chaos. Mike negotiates with the DA. He will give him information on Milo and help get him arrested if he signs the paperwork and frees Bunny.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Meanwhile, tensions continue to rise on the inside. Kareem is informed that an inmate whom he had severely beaten has now died due to the trauma he underwent. Carney is ensuring that Kareem stays out of trouble, though, intent on sweeping this death under the rug. Bunny returns to his prison duties and catches up with Raphael. Crime boss Gunner informs Bunny that the inmate who attacked Raphael was a lone wolf; it wasn’t part of the gang’s plans. To prove their allegiance, this inmate is taken care of horrifyingly, losing both hands in a mechanical accident.

The episode ends with Bunny calling up Mike. Bunny states that he has cleared a path for Mike; he wants out. This scene is inter-cut with one of the DAs leaving his place of work. In an underground car park, the DA is shot to death by a masked individual. It is unclear at this point whether Bunny was involved in the murder or if someone else wanted the DA out of the picture.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 (Credit – Paramount+)

As you’d expect, the episode opens with those drone deliveries, as packages of drugs are dropped into the prison. The guards all turn a blind eye to these brazen deliveries, and the drugs are quickly dispatched to the kitchen for distribution. Bunny sees the drones overhead as he waits to meet with Mike by the kennels.

Mike is furious that Bunny had the District Attorney killed. Bunny doesn’t care, though, happy to have cleared the path for Mike to finally get him out. Bunny has his reasons, after all; the DA broke his promise, and Mike was working too slowly on his release.

Bunny just sped up the process. He demands Mike sort this problem out once and for all, although the Mayor seems to think Bunny has made the situation much harder.

After their chat, Mike asks Carney to watch Davidson, the head Guard. Carney admits that the guards have already eased off, indicating that Mike and Kyle’s little chat with Davidson has done the trick. Mike drives home, noticing a gang-related shootout just about to take place on the streets.

He drives his car into the chaos, ordering the two rival gangs to relax. Guns are drawn, but Mike holds firm, stating that the rival gang should not be in the Crips’ territory. Mike manages to stop any bloodshed from occurring. As he leaves, one of the Crips members hints at Mike and Rhonda’s flirtatious exchanges, warning him to be safe.

What is Mike’s gift to Bunny?

To keep Bunny happy, Mike has the Crips leader, and Raphael moved into a new cell as a gift. They are directed by Carney to an old kitchen away from the other prisoners, which is fitted with a sofa, table, sink, and many other amenities that the general public would take for granted.

Still, to the inmates, this is paradise. Bunny and Raphael don’t seem too grateful initially for Mike’s upgrade, hiding their true emotions from Carney. They are, of course, ecstatic, although they cannot let Mike know that he has won.

Mike pays Evelyn a visit next, hoping to get the paperwork signed for Bunny’s release. Evelyn is enraged by what has transpired, though. She blames Mike directly for the District Attorney’s death. Mike thinks that the DA got what he deserved; he went back on his promise and was showing off; he had it coming.

Evelyn says this war will never end; Mike cannot stop it; it is futile. The Mayor asks her to sign the paperwork, but she has lost faith in Mike. I don’t think she will help him out any longer.

Who ratted out Robert?

At a bar, the old gang assembles. Mike, Kyle, Ian, and Robert discuss the ensuing riots interrogation, as Robert has to testify. Kyle’s Captain has asked them all to get their stories straight.

Kyle had defended Robert, saying he was a hero, but the Captain warned him in return, adding that they were looking for a scapegoat to pin this on. Robert tells the others that he has found the rat, the person that has pinned this all on him; he is called Ben.

Kyle adds that Ben is a hypocrite, having taken out at least twenty prisoners during the riots. Mike tells Robert that he will speak to this man alone; no one else is to talk to him.

Kyle returns from the bar in a drunken haze. He tells his wife, Tracy, he is nervous about the questioning. She has cooked him a meal in his absence. Kyle explains that he has been drinking because he is under a lot of pressure now and doesn’t need judgment from her. Predictably, this ends in an argument, and Tracy storms off.

How does Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 End?

Meanwhile, at the club, Iris continues to work her old job in a drug-addled daze. She looks at her sad reflection in a mirror, desperate for a way out of this life. Tatiana then informs her that Milo wants to see her.

The other girls, including Tatiana, are jealous of Iris’ connection to Milo, which has led to Iris feeling like an outcast within the group. Iris is then asked to work the bar. Kyle carries on his drunken bender and spots Iris in the club. On locking eyes with Kyle, she does a runner. He quickly phones Mike to tell his brother that he’s found her.

Raphael and Bunny cook themselves a tasty meal, with a subtle homage to the Martin Scorsese crime epic Goodfellas. As they are chatting, another drone delivery takes place. Angered by this blatant drug smuggling operation, Bunny asks to make a call, eager to tell Mike to get this all under control. Funnily enough, Mike is on his way to the prison at the exact moment and spots a drone operator outside the prison walls.

Mike attacks the drone operator and takes him down. Gunner phones his operator, and Mike intercepts the call. He tells Gunner to stop sending in the drones to honor their agreement.

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