Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – how does Ian use Charlie?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 5, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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“Santa Jesus” is a much-improved episode, with a different vibe from the previous season installments and some tense action sequences, although it still feels odd, with abrupt subplots and a messy script, it is just all over the place.

We recap the Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 8, “Santa Jesus,” which contains spoilers.

“Santa Jesus” sees Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) on a bender to end all benders as he drowns his sorrows alone, moving from bar to bar, completely off the grid. Kyle (Taylor Handley) and a recently released Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) try to track down their lost comrade, and Mariam (Dianne Wiest) makes endless calls, but he remains missing in action. Meanwhile, Ian (Hugh Dillon) takes it upon himself to solve the problem of the damning allegations against his teammate Robert Sawyer (Hamish Allan-Headley), leading to further criminal chaos.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

We start with Mike, drinking alone at a bar long before midday. He tells the barmaid that he is resetting himself, dedicating one whole day to a hefty binge before starting afresh the next. Mike asks the barmaid to look after his car keys and loaded gun. He then moves from bar to bar, drinking an unhealthy amount of whisky. While Mike is drinking himself into a stupor, his mother, Mariam, and brother Kyle are desperately searching for their troubled family member. Mariam calls Mike constantly, and Kyle drives around the neighborhood, but to no avail.

Today also happens to be Bunny’s final day as an inmate. He tells Raphael the good news and presents him with his very own keyboard as a goodbye gift. Bunny comments on how the Mayor must have gotten his mojo back; Bunny will soon be a free man. He passes his title over to Raphael before exiting the prison. On his release, Bunny celebrates in style, driving away with cars full of party girls and party music blasting from the speakers. Back at his base, he parties hard.

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Why does Kyle visit Bunny?

Fearing the worst, Kyle heads to this party to speak with Bunny in person. On his arrival, Kyle is treated like a threat and is frisked before entering the party with a gun shoved in his back. Kyle asks to speak with Bunny, even though they have never been formally introduced. They both agree that it is strange Mike has gone missing. Kyle worries he is dead or has been captured. He asks Bunny to find out if Mike has a target out on him. Bunny agrees to make some calls.

The last few installments have introduced viewers to a serial killer called Charlie, who Ian continually meets with, offering fast food in exchange for information. In “Santa Jesus,” this rather odd subplot finally gets addressed in an equally bizarre fashion. Charlie eats rocks in the prison yard and asks to visit the dentists. Ian drives him to this appointment as planned, but they take a detour. Sporting crime scene hats, gloves, and booties, they knock on Ben’s door.

How does Ian use Charlie?

Ben is the man who is testifying against Robert, having accused him of causing mayhem during the riots. Ian uses serial killer Charlie as leverage to silence Ben. He shows Ben a report of Charlie’s horrifying crimes as a threat, adding that Charlie now knows where Ben and his family lives.

Ian says that Robert is a good man, ordering Ben to change his statement to tell the District Attorney that he panicked. Ben argues back but finally makes the call, stating that he cannot testify anymore.

What happens to Ben?

After this manipulation, Ben fights back, arguing with Ian on his doorstep. He even calls Charlie a rapist. This angers the serial killer, who attacks Ben, snapping his neck with ease. Ben is dead. They drag his body back into the house, and Ian is forced to stage the place like a crime scene, making it look like a robbery has just occurred. Ian takes Ben’s wallet and orders Charlie to knock the door down. The two then drive off, praying they haven’t been spotted.

Later Ian contemplates shooting Charlie but changes his mind in the end. Ian’s plan works, and the investigation is dropped. Robert celebrates the result with Kyle and Stevie. Ian joins them later, mentioning his day’s work, taking a serial killer to the dentist. During this celebration, Bunny calls Kyle. He confirms there is no target on Mike’s head, but they still can’t find the man.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Mike continues his pub crawl, entering yet another bar. He sparks up a conversation with a woman drowning her sorrows. Her husband, Terry died during the prison riots; she is angry and lonely. Mike then sleeps with this woman. The following day she is seen talking with a criminal on the phone. Has she double-crossed him? Mike leaves and is followed by a mysterious car.

The Mayor heads back to the first bar to retrieve his gun and car keys now that he is somewhat sober. As he walks back to his car, Mike is attacked. The car speeds straight toward him, trying to run him over. Mike runs away and fires back in self-defense. He manages to shoot the driver, who crashes the car. As Mike heads home, he is met by Milo. The Russian mobster says that he has heard that Mike has been looking for him.

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