Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – who ratted out Robert?

February 26, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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“Drones” includes many insignificant subplots that don’t seem to be going anywhere while at the same time stringing along the more intriguing narratives. Certain storylines, such as Bunny’s imprisonment, feel like they aren’t going anywhere, which is frustrating to watch. However, this installment includes some moments of humor and some much-needed character development.

We recap the Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7, “Drones,” which contains spoilers.

Crime has always used cutting-edge technology to its advantage, so it was only a matter of time before criminals used drones to do their bidding. In the aptly titled seventh installment, “Drones,” the Aryan Brotherhood uses this nifty kit to smuggle drugs into the prison.

Season 2 Episode 7 also explores the fallout from the District Attorney’s death and Mike’s (Jeremy Renner) latest plans to get Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) out of jail. It’s a shorter chapter that slowly pushes forwards a few of the more minor subplots within Mayor of Kingstown Season 2, although very little is resolved.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

As you’d expect, the episode opens with those drone deliveries, as packages of drugs are dropped into the prison. The guards all turn a blind eye to these brazen deliveries, and the drugs are quickly dispatched to the kitchen for distribution. Bunny sees the drones overhead as he waits to meet with Mike by the kennels. Mike is furious that Bunny had the District Attorney killed. Bunny doesn’t care, though, happy to have cleared the path for Mike to finally get him out. Bunny has his reasons, after all; the DA broke his promise, and Mike was working too slowly on his release. Bunny just sped up the process. He demands Mike sort this problem out once and for all, although the Mayor seems to think Bunny has made the situation much harder.

After their chat, Mike asks Carney to watch Davidson, the head Guard. Carney admits that the guards have already eased off, indicating that Mike and Kyle’s little chat with Davidson has done the trick. Mike drives home, noticing a gang-related shootout just about to take place on the streets. He drives his car into the chaos, ordering the two rival gangs to relax. Guns are drawn, but Mike holds firm, stating that the rival gang should not be in the Crips’ territory. Mike manages to stop any bloodshed from occurring. As he leaves, one of the Crips members hints at Mike and Rhonda’s flirtatious exchanges, warning him to be safe.

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What is Mike’s gift to Bunny?

To keep Bunny happy, Mike has the Crips leader, and Raphael moved into a new cell as a gift. They are directed by Carney to an old kitchen away from the other prisoners, which is fitted with a sofa, table, sink, and many other amenities that the general public would take for granted. Still, to the inmates, this is paradise. Bunny and Raphael don’t seem too grateful initially for Mike’s upgrade, hiding their true emotions from Carney. They are, of course, ecstatic, although they cannot let Mike know that he has won.

Mike pays Evelyn a visit next, hoping to get the paperwork signed for Bunny’s release. Evelyn is enraged by what has transpired, though. She blames Mike directly for the District Attorney’s death. Mike thinks that the DA got what he deserved; he went back on his promise and was showing off; he had it coming. Evelyn says this war will never end; Mike cannot stop it; it is futile. The Mayor asks her to sign the paperwork, but she has lost faith in Mike. I don’t think she will help him out any longer.

Who ratted out Robert?

At a bar, the old gang assembles. Mike, Kyle, Ian, and Robert discuss the ensuing riots interrogation, as Robert has to testify. Kyle’s Captain has asked them all to get their stories straight. Kyle had defended Robert, saying he was a hero, but the Captain warned him in return, adding that they were looking for a scapegoat to pin this on. Robert tells the others that he has found the rat, the person that has pinned this all on him; he is called Ben.

Kyle adds that Ben is a hypocrite, having taken out at least twenty prisoners during the riots. Mike tells Robert that he will speak to this man alone; no one else is to talk to him.

Kyle returns from the bar in a drunken haze. He tells his wife, Tracy, he is nervous about the questioning. She has cooked him a meal in his absence. Kyle explains that he has been drinking because he is under a lot of pressure now and doesn’t need judgment from her. Predictably, this ends in an argument, and Tracy storms off.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

How does Kyle find Iris?

Meanwhile, at the club, Iris continues to work her old job in a drug-addled daze. She looks at her sad reflection in a mirror, desperate for a way out of this life. Tatiana then informs her that Milo wants to see her. The other girls, including Tatiana, are jealous of Iris’ connection to Milo, which has led to Iris feeling like an outcast within the group. Iris is then asked to work the bar. Kyle carries on his drunken bender and spots Iris in the club. On locking eyes with Kyle, she does a runner. He quickly phones Mike to tell his brother that he’s found her.

Raphael and Bunny cook themselves a tasty meal, with a subtle homage to the Martin Scorsese crime epic Goodfellas. As they are chatting, another drone delivery takes place. Angered by this blatant drug smuggling operation, Bunny asks to make a call, eager to tell Mike to get this all under control. Funnily enough, Mike is on his way to the prison at the exact moment and spots a drone operator outside the prison walls. Mike attacks the drone operator and takes him down. Gunner phones his operator, and Mike intercepts the call. He tells Gunner to stop sending in the drones to honor their agreement.

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3 thoughts on “Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – who ratted out Robert?

  • February 26, 2023 at 2:28 pm

    Too many subplots. He doesn’t resolve one plot line before he goes on to another and then switches back and forth with no way to tie them together. The concept overall is good but he should have left the writing to someone else because it is clear Mr. Sheridan is not a writer.

  • February 26, 2023 at 4:41 pm

    So show creator and writer, Taylor Sheridan, has gone from overseeing 2 tightly written, well executed shows (Tulsa King, Mayor of Kingstown) to now being “heavily involved” in the production of SIX SHOWS? Six! And it shows. “Mayor…” Season 1 was outstanding. Each episode 47-54 minutes of well paced, tightly packed action and drama. Season 2? Each episode now only 34-37 minutes (??) Yet, despite this dramatically shortened run time, the pacing has been brutally slow and the “plot” barely moving. Most of the supporting cast, involved and engaging in Season 1, have now been reduced to little more than background set pieces with pointless, irrelevant sub plots that go nowhere. Brutal fall off from season 1 to 2.

  • February 27, 2023 at 3:03 am

    I think that Taylor Sheridan has spread himself way too thin. When I first started watching his shows the stories really drew me in, in many ways. The first show of his I watched was 1883 and it was such an amazing experience. I cried through final episode because it was so amazing. I loved Mayor of Kingstown season 1. The writing and acting were superb. Tulsa King was fantastic! Another one of Taylor Sheridans masterpieces with a group of talented actors and well written scripts. I was only able to watch 3 episodes of 2923 before I quit watching it. The story was moving along so slowly with Spencer and Alex being the only part being exciting and watchable. Mr Sheridan is obviously an extremely talented man but perhaps he should scale his work load back some. He might get burned out and loose his mojo.

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