Will there be a Women at War Season 2? 

By Kieran Burt
Published: February 8, 2023 (Last updated: February 28, 2024)
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Will there be a Women at War Season 2 on Netflix? This article will discuss renewal possibilities, along with what a second season might be about.

Women at War, or Les combattantes, is a French period drama set during the First World War that was released on Netflix in France in September 2022 and in other territories in 2023. Created by Cécile Lorne after a documentary inspired her, it follows four women — Agnès, Marguerite, Suzanne, and Caroline, played by Julie de Bona, Audrey Fleurot, Camille Lou, and Sofia Essaïdi, respectively —  in 1914 France, a few months after the outbreak of World War One and when the German Army occupied France.

The series demonstrates the war with a sense of realism, showcasing the hardships that the women back home went through during the war. As the season has received praise, audiences are wondering if the show is renewed for season two.

Will there be a Women at War Season 2 on Netflix?

At the time of writing, Netflix hasn’t announced a second season for Women at War. As this TV show is labeled as a limited series, it’s more likely than not that this show is a one-and-done season. But Netflix may change its mind about this, and there are a few factors that it will consider.

First of all, Netflix will look at some of its internal statistics. How many people viewed the show initially, what the drop-off rate is like between episodes, and a range of others. And now that adverts are now in the mix, it might factor into Netflix’s decision-making. Regardless of the metrics that are used, the length of time this process takes varies between shows. Some are renewed quickly, while Netflix might take their time with others.

They also look at a range of external factors, like the reception the show has been receiving. In the case of Women at War, the show has gotten a positive reaction, with an 80% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 85% audience rating.

As the show is a limited series, it might be a while before Netflix gets around to reviewing stats for a possible season two, if they choose to go in that direction.

Women at War Season 2 cast – who might be in it?

Entertaining the idea that a second season gets granted, it might have the following characters and cast members return:

  • Agnès played by Julie de Bona
  • Suzanne Faure played by Audrey Fleurot
  • Caroline Dewitt played by
  • Éléonore Dewitt played by Sandrine Bonnaire.
  • Madeleine Dewitt played by Stacy Grewis Belotti
  • General Duvernet played by Tchecky Karyo
  • Juliette played by Eden Ducourant

As Marguerite died, her character wouldn’t likely return unless through a flashback.

Women at War Season 2 plot: what could a second season be about?

The plot of season 1 of Woman at War wrapped up quite neatly, with Madeleine, Caroline, and Éléonore escaping to Touraine, away from the battlefield. As such, it didn’t leave much room for exploration.

Though for a hypothetical plot for a second outing, the show could keep on following how the women in the show lived and felt during the rest of the war, as the first season takes place in 1914, the first year of the four-year-long conflict.

The show isn’t based on a book or pre-existing media, so if a season two were to be pursued, creator Célile Lorne might decide to focus on an entirely different cast of women in a different year of the war, or a different country, though as a French show, this last idea is unlikely.

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