The Exchange Season 1 Ending Explained – How does Farida save the bank?

February 9, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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This article discusses the ending of The Exchange Season 1 and contains spoilers for The Exchange Season 1 Episode 6.

The Netflix drama The Exchange is a Kuwaiti original based on a true story of female empowerment in the male-dominated financial sector. A compelling drama revolving around personal emancipation, rivalry, cultural norms, and going against the grain, there’s a lot at stake here, so let’s break down the events of the final episode.

The Exchange Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

First, though, some context. So, Farida is a divorcee who has been left high and dry after divorcing her bitter wealthy husband, Omar. Because his pride is wounded he stops paying their daughter’s tuition fees, so Farida is forced to find alternate means of income, partially inspired by the attitude of her cousin, Munira, who works for Bank of Tomorrow on the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange, and with whom she has a longstanding rivalry.

Farida and Munira are the only two women in the bank. They both have to deal with the pressures of the environment while also navigating personal issues and dynamics. They have to withstand both misogyny and legitimate financial crises in an effort to solidify their own careers and save their workplace, especially once global financial markets begin to unexpectedly crash.

The Exchange Season 1 Ending Explained

Does Omar get Farida back?

The professional and the personal dovetail nicely in The Exchange. Farida’s arc is defined primarily by her daughter Jood’s difficulties in being taken out of private school and put into public school thanks to Omar’s non-payment of her tuition. This causes understandable friction between mother and daughter, while also allowing Omar to sneakily move in and bond with Jood at Farida’s expense.

Omar’s pride was stung by Farida leaving him. As a result, he tries to essentially blackmail him into getting back with him, promising to pay for struggling Jood’s tuition again if Farida quits her job in the financial sector. However, Farida’s successes in the Bank of Tomorrow allow her to secure financial independence for herself, pay for Jood’s tuition, and not be beholden to Omar’s manipulations. So no, Omar does not get Farida back.

Do Munira and Saud end up together?

No, Munira and Saud do not end up together.

Munira’s arc is principally defined by her toxic relationship with her boss, Saud, which starts out okay but quickly devolves into a greedy man used to having everything beginning to treat his partner in the same way – as a possession, all while he continues to be a victim of his own vices and ambition.

Much like how Farida’s success is ultimately Omar’s downfall, so too is Saud’s loss ultimately Munira’s gain. When the stress of the financial collapse hospitalizes him, Munira assumes his former position.

But it’s touch and go for a while. The 1987 financial crash almost destroys the Bank of Tomorrow, but Farida’s quick thinking in setting off the fire alarms to stop everyone from selling off their assets and plunging the company into devastation saves the bank. Her reward is a position equal to that of Munira, but also, more importantly, respect and financial independence in a culture that had previously afforded her neither.

You can stream The Exchange Season 1 Episode 6 exclusively on Netflix. What did you think of The Exchange Season 1’s ending? Let us know in the comments below.

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