Unlocked ending explained – what happened to the real Jun Yeong?

February 18, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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We discuss the ending of the 2023 South Korean Netflix film Unlocked, which will contain spoilers.

Unlocked starts with a highly accurate sequence portraying a day in the protagonist’s life from her smartphone’s perspective. Na Mi (played by Chun Woo-hee) is a start-up marketer who works part-time at her dad’s Seung Woo (Park Ho-san) cafe. After a drunken night out with her friends, she passes out on the bus and leaves her phone behind. Luckily, the person who found it is willing to give it back.

They’re even kind enough to drop it off at a phone repair shop and pay for its screen to be fixed. Unbeknownst to Na Mi, her phone landed in the hands of Oh Jun Yeong (Yim Si-wan), who installed spyware on her device and used it to stalk her and insert himself into her life. 

We’re also introduced to detective Ji Man (Kim Hee-won) and his partner, Jung Ho (Jeon Jin-oh), as they’re investigating the brutal murder of a young woman whose body they just uncovered. At the crime scene, Ji Man finds clues indicating that his estranged son, Jun Yeong, could be the culprit. The two detectives decide to quietly investigate Jun Yeong and find out if he’s a murderer before telling the rest of their colleagues and risking Ji Man’s career in the force. 

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Jun Yeong uses Na Mi’s phone to destroy his life gradually. He attacks her father in his own home after the man becomes suspicious of Jun Yeong’s attempts to get friendly with Na Mi. He then hacks into her Instagram account and posts messages against the company she works for on her behalf, leading to Na Mi losing her beloved job.

Ji Man’s investigation isn’t going so well either, he finds evidence that Jun Yeoung is the killer inside his apartment, but the cunning man manages to destroy it before anything can be done. He also learns that his wife, Jun Yeoung’s mother, has been in secret contact with their estranged son and has been sending him money,  

Unlocked Ending Explained

As we reach the end, Jun Yeong successfully destroys Na Mi’s support network and even manipulates her into accusing her last remaining friend of being the one who installed the spyware.

After fighting with her friend, Na Mi finally figures out that whoever runs the phone repair shop must have also installed the spyware on her device. At the shop’s address, she runs into Detective Ji Man and his partner, who are already searching for Jun Yeong. For some reason, Detective Ji Man doesn’t tell Na Mi the true extent of the danger she’s in and lets her think they’re investigating the killer for stalking and posting inappropriate videos online. She comes up with a plan to lure Jun Yeong to her apartment, where the two detectives can arrest him. 

Why doesn’t Detective Ji Man recognize Jun Yeong?

When Jun Yeong arrives at Na Mi’s apartment, the two detectives corner him. But they’re both shocked that the man in front of them isn’t Ji Man’s son. While the viewer knows this is the dangerous killer stalking Na Mi, the two detectives erroneously let him go because whoever that man is, he’s not the Jun Yeong they’ve been looking for. 

Na-Mi switches her SIM card in an old phone she mistakenly believes is spyware-free, and the two detectives drive her to her dad’s house, thinking she’ll be safe there. After being dropped off, she tells Ji Man to return to the house if he doesn’t get a text from her. 

Jun Yeong is already inside the house and has Na Mi’s dad tied in the bathtub. He uses the threat of hurting her father to secure her compliance. He forces her to send a text reassuring Detective Ji Man she’s OK.

When she asks Jun Yeong why he’s doing this to her, his response is as deranged as it is terrifying – Because she lost her phone. There’s no rhyme or reason to the killer’s actions, and poor Na Mi is nothing more than a victim of opportunity. A terrified Na Mi begs for her father’s life and promises to do anything Jun Yeong wants. Unmoved by her pleas, the killer throws her in the full bathtub on top of her dad, forcing her to keep him underwater, which would eventually drown him. 

How did Na Mi outsmart the killer?

Upon walking out of the bathroom, the killer finds the small crumpled-up business card Na Mi tried to hide from him. On it, there’s a hand-written note she secretly showed the detectives when they dropped her off: “No text. Calls only.” The text he forced her to send tipped off the police, and Detective Ji Man and his partner were already at the house. Ji Man easily overpowers the killer and beats him to a pulp. Na Mi successfully outsmarts the killer.

What happened to the real Jun Yeong?

By going through the killer’s belongings, he finds out what happened to his son, the real Jun Yeong – He was murdered by the serial killer who then stole his identity.

The heartbroken father puts a gun to the killer’s head but cannot pull the trigger. Na Mi, however, shows no hesitation. She shoots him twice, but he somehow survives. And despite the killer’s efforts, Na Mi’s father survived the drowning attempt, and the two happily embraced.

In the epilogue, we find out the killer is recovering in hospital from his injuries and is about to face trial for the murders. No one knows his real name as his birth was never registered. As for Na Mi, she’s become a bit of an internet celebrity for her role in stopping the deranged serial killer; she made up with Drop Dead Gorgeous and is still working with her dad at the coffee shop. 

What did you think of the ending of the 2023 South Korean film Unlocked? Comment below.

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  • March 3, 2023 at 1:55 pm

    can you give the name who’s the real jun yeong on wallpaper 0 phone? the first man was killed by the fake jun yeong. coz when the police turn on 0 code phone and show the wallpaper, i thinks he is the real jun yeong and so handsome. you know the real name of him?

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