1923 Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – is Hank dead?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 19, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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1923 Season 1 Episode 7 Recap
1923 Season 1 (image Credit to Paramount+)

1923 Season 1 Episode 7 is exciting because the script leads up to the series’ most engaging storyline — Teonna (Aminah Nieves) and her escape from the Indian school. Taylor Sheridan brings 1923 to a brutal boiling point in this episode, with Aminah Nieves continuing to give the show’s most robust performance.

Was Banner arrested for murder?

Banner was arrested for murder when he hosted a gathering in his home by Jacob Dutton. It’s just not a party without a shepherd as the host. The episode opens with Banner in a silk robe and two ladies lying naked in his bed on a cold winter’s morning. He is about to take the festivities to the next level, champagne in hand, when the Sheriff and Jacob Dutton arrive, arresting him.

Meanwhile, the series’ latest villain, Donald Whitfield, blows a hole in a mine and gets a thumbs up. The detonation was a success. He is notified of Banner’s arrest and brings in his lawyer, Chadwick Benton. Whitfield’s legal muscle guarantees Banner will be released in the morning.

Jacob and Jack arrive home after arresting Banner. Cara and Elizabeth cooked dinner and even made a cake. At the dinner table, Jack reads the paper and finds an article that is interesting to the family. Whitfield, who owns the Anaconda Mining Company, has been tasked with the commission for overseas mining.

Jacob comments on the politics, but Jack challenges Jacob that he did the same thing by forming the livestock commission. The elder Dutton comments on how he did that to help protect his family and the land. There is no right or wrong. All there is would be protecting your family and livelihood.

Now that Teonna is taken care of by Hank, he sends his son to her house to let her grandmother, Issaxche, know her situation, including the bad news about Teonna killing two nuns. When he arrives, Issaxche’s son discovers his mother deceased.

He has found tracks but think’s it was not robbers because there was nothing to take. When Hank’s son lets him know the news, he sends him back to his father in the Badlands and tells him to take a different way.

Unfortunately, three priests looking for Teonna run across him camping for the night. One has a real issue with him, beats him for not answering their questions, and thinks he is young enough to return to their Indian school.

Luckily for the young man, after the priest gets into a debate over if there is a God, he is determined to kill Hank’s son. He begins to say a hail mary, but Issaxche’s son comes from behind and kills him. Before they head off to the Badlands, he also eats his soul.

Is Hank dead?

We are left wondering if Hank is dead because a priest looking for Teonna shot him in the back. Two other priests arrived at Hank’s the following day and ran into Teonna. They initially think she is a boy but realize their mistake quickly. One of them tackles Teonna, trying to rip her shirt to prove she is a woman.

That’s when she blinds him by poking his eye. Hank comes from his home and shoots the priest in the back. He then kills the second priest as he tries to run (then crawl) away. Hank picks up Teonna to carry her back home when he is shot in the back by the priest with Hank’s gun that he left by his side.

This means Teonna has to defend herself, and she does, by killing her attacker. The priest tries to reload but doesn’t see Teonna with a rock approaching him, and she smashes the priest in the head.

Who does Alexandria see from her past?

While enjoying dinner and a passionate embrace with Spencer, Alexandra sees a man from her past — her ex-fiance!

They arrive in Italy after Spencer and Alexandra are dropped off by the ship’s captain. Spencer makes sure they have passage tomorrow. However, when Alexandra turns around, she looks devastated when she sees her fiance, family, and friends (with Arthur looking heartbroken). Will Alexandra leave with Spencer tomorrow?

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