1923 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained – What Does Cara’s Letter Say?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 26, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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1923 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained
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1923 ends its impressive first season with everything left in limbo and little hope left for the Dutton family.

1923 ends its impressive Season 1 with the Dutton family left in limbo in Episode 8. Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) moves against Jacob (Harrison Ford) unexpectedly. Spencer’s (Brandon Sklenar) and Alexandra’s (Julia Schlaepfer) marriage faces its toughest test yet.

To begin 1923 Season 1 Episode 8, Teonna is on the run with her father and Hank’s son, Peter. Why? Because two priests sent to capture Teonna are now dead (including Hank). The paternal Rainwater wrote in blood, “child killer” on the priest’s bodies for all to see. They head out, setting camp for the night. Peter and Teonna have taken to each other. In the meantime, Marshal Kent visited the Indian School and Father Renaud. They look over the graveyard of bodies. Kent insists Father Renaud accompany them because he is the only one who can identify Teonna.

Kent does not capture Teonna but thinks he knows where she may be headed. Kent and Renaud come across the priest Rainwater killed, and the two are labeled child killers. The law enforcement officers hypothesize where they may have gone, Canada, maybe tough it out in the mountains, or blend in with the Comanche tribe. So, Kent says they will catch a train and beat them there. The last time we see Teonna is with her father and Peter. They have reached Wyoming.

Is Flynn convicted of murder?

Flynn is not-convicted of murder and is released with bail after being charged with the murder of the Dutton family. Whitfield’s lawyer has the ear of the governor, and the warrant is only precise, with no head evidence.

The judge allows the district attorney and sheriff to gather evidence, but they are under a clock. Flynn leaves the court, but not before mouthing off to Jacob and Jack, who receives a punch to the face.

Clyde, the former Irish copper from Chicago, is staking out Jacob and his crew at the bank. Jacob is denied a loan but offered a mortgage. He knows the bank is just trying to get a controlling interest in Yellowstone.

Jacob allows Zane to take the night off and visit with his family. He goes home and has dinner with his wife, son, and daughter. However, Clyde is outside their house all night, looking out their windows. He must have called the state because the following day, officers came to arrest Clyde’s wife for violating the Montana statute against miscegenation.

Zane tries to intervene but is beaten by the “peace” officers.

Why does Whitfield pay off Dutton’s property taxes?

When Whitfield pays off the property taxes because it increases his chances of owning the Yellowstone property, Whitfield shows up on the Yellowstone ranch with some hired muscle.

Everyone pulls their guns out, including Jacob, Jack, and their hired help. Whitfiend’s men are armed with two machine guns. The only person not to draw a weapon is Cara. Well, Whitfield too, but he is armed with something far more sinister than his grin. He hands Jacob the receipt for the property taxes he paid off on the Yellowstone land. If Jacob does not pay him back by the end of the year, the dead reverts back to Whitfield.

Who is on Spencer and Alexandra’s ship?

Spencer and Alexandra hop on a ship to the United States and find Alexandra’s fiance and family boarding. Alexandra wants to hide in the cabin until Spencer convinces her they need sun and sea air on the deck.

At this point, I would have guessed this ship was named “Titanic” with this couple’s luck at this point, but that was eleven years earlier. Alexandra’s maid of honor is the only one left from her side of the family in the ill-fated wedding party. Jennifer warns her if she stays with Spencer, all of London will turn their back on her. However, Alexandra shows her the wedding ring, and there is nothing else to discuss.

Does Spencer kill Arthur?

Spencer does kill Arthur, but in self-defense.

Spencer and Alexandra attend dinner in the main cabin that night. Arthur, the Earl of Sussex, sees them and does not handle them well. He challenges Spencer to a duel. Spencer ignores him at first. That’s until Arthur calls his new bride a w***e.

Spencer punches him and tells him the challenge has been accepted. He then takes away Arthur’s sword three times, kicks the feet out from under him, and continuously punches him in the face. Spencer drags his body over to his family and walks back over to his wife.

Arthur is told to stop by his father but yells he has not yielded. However, Arthur pulls a pistol and charges him. Spencer grabs Arthur’s arm and throws him off the ship in the dark water.

Do Spencer and Alexandra make it to Montana?

Spencer is escorted off the ship and is separated from his wife, Alexandra. Mostly everyone on the deck is part of the wedding party or too afraid to speak up against a family with a powerful title. No one will step up for Spencer. Alexandra begs her friend to speak the truth about what happened, and she does.

However, the ship’s captain still reprimands Alexandra for her quarters. Jennifer convinces the captain that it was in self-defense, but the Royal family has ordered Spencer off the boat. The captain says the Earl of Sussex has questioned the legality of Spencer and Alexandra’s marriage.

Jennifer manages to release Alexandra from her quarters, but it’s too late by the time she reaches the dingy with Spencer. Alexandra screams with tears that she will meet Spencer in Bozeman, Montana.

How does 1923 Season 1 end?

The final scene has Cara reading a letter she wrote to Spencer. It says, “Spencer, I fear everything your parents fought so hard to build is being ripped from us. You are its only hope; you are our only hope. You must hurry, Spencer.

Or there will be nothing left to fight for. “We then see Cara crumble up the letter, toss it in the snow, and walk back to her home.

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