Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

By Nathan Sartain
Published: February 19, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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An exciting episode that sets up some interesting plot points.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 11, “The Functional Relationship of Our Love,” which contains spoilers.

This episode of Crash Course in Romance sometimes felt like it wanted to freshen up the plot. Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon) and Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho) are together, the All Care mothers are back to square one, and Dong-hui has been made to be more sinister than he looks potentially. Add to that, Hui-jae is becoming even more enigmatic, and things already feel different from the last installment.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol address their feelings

Picking up where we left off, Chi-yeol goes for a drive when it’s confirmed to him that Haeng-seon is Hae-e’s aunt, whereas the student gets an earful from the side dish shop owner for getting involved in something “for grown-ups.” “I want you to live your own life from now on,” the youngster tells her guardian in response, wanting romantic feelings to be expressed to the star tutor.

Once Yeong-ju has detailed the “tight-knit” family that is Haeng-seon and co., Chi-yeol gets to talk to her crush at his apartment. But first, the star tutor embraces the side dish shop owner, expressing his desire to have been made privy to her single status sooner. Meanwhile, Seo-jin becomes more noticeably worried by Hui-jae’s home absence, though he’s away from trouble, tending to a deceased cat he once looked after.

Next, Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol discuss their developing feelings for each other, with the star tutor saying the side dish shop owner found “the missing piece,” which made his life “more fun” and allowed her to become his “second savior.” Concurrently, Hui-jae blanks Seo-jin’s questions on what he was doing at Saeam Vista the night someone was killed, then breaks down in his room following a hard reset of his phone’s data.

As Haeng-seon is quizzed by the Banchan crew on what occurred with Chi-yeol, the star tutor giddily texts his new significant other. Following that, we move to the next day, where Hae-e is publicly applauded by her fellow students for how she acted on Mr. Popular’s stream. Even Jong-ryeol finds himself relieved by everything, texting Chi-yeol a message congratulating him on “coming out the other side,” which we soon see means the star tutor is in demand from the media for interviews on his romantic endeavors.

Chi-yeol chooses the next step in his career

After his staff all return, Chi-yeol receives a proposition for reinstatement at The Pride Academy. The star tutor is hesitant, wondering why they require a third maths tutor, yet soon finds out there are complications with Song Jun-ho’s contract and the fact that I-sang has allegedly been killed. Elsewhere, police pursue a lead that a hooded man may be involved in their latest murder case, and Seo-jin prepares to send Hui-jae to America.

While Su-hui begins to find herself alienated from her friendship group due to her reluctance to apologize to Haeng-seon for the sake of Chi-yeol returning to the All Care Programme, Mi-ok takes matters into her own hands. She and some other parents head to Nation’s Best Banchan to say sorry, happy to admit their guilt if it means their children have a better chance of being privately educated by the once-exiled star tutor.

Soon Chi-yeol enters reflection mode. At first, he thinks about the murders around The Pride Academy, worried about how the students will cope with it all, given it’s nearing exam season. Still, later, he looks back on his history with the place of education in which he has so many memories of teaching. Elsewhere, Seo-jin works from home purely to keep an eye on Hui-jae ahead of his prospective move to the U.S.

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At night, Chi-yeol admits to Haeng-seon he feels “uneasy” about other work offers and is encouraged to give The Pride Academy a second chance. As it’s soon confirmed, Chi-yeol heeds this guidance, blowing off Triple Top to return to where he got his tutoring start. “We’ve been through too much together just to cut them off so easily,” the academy instructor explains to Dong-hui, who seems somewhat disappointed his superior has been persuaded by Haeng-seon on a critical decision.

Geon-hu gets bold, Dong-hui acts weirdly, Sun-jae is stunted

Confident now he’s beginning to turn a corner in his school work, Geon-hu proposes something to Hae-e. Should he be able to get into college, she must go out with him. The recipient of this offer is flustered, though she doesn’t exactly say no. Sun-jae is furious, telling Geon-hu: “you stabbed me in the back.” “I’m going to study real hard,” is the self-assured student’s response to this accusation.

As the police start to make inquiries into Hui-jae regarding the Saeam Vista case, Haeng-seon competes with Chi-yeol again, this time at bowling. Of course, others are involved in this match, and it’s interesting to watch how the usually polite Dong-hui seems reluctant to acknowledge the side dish shop owner throughout the night. That is until he offers one backhanded compliment to Haeng-seon about her persuasion skills.

While Haeng-seon is disallowed the chance to discuss Dong-hui’s behavior with Yeong-ju, Dan-ji motivates Sun-jae to ask Hae-e out before Geon-hu has a legitimate chance with her. However, he cannot immediately make a move, given his mother asks him to return home to keep tabs on Hui-jae, who we see is having nightmares about what happened to I-sang.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 11 Ending Explained

When the police ask Sun-jae about his brother, the student surprisingly passes it off as if he doesn’t know him. Then, he returns to his home, asking Hui-jae why detectives appear to be targeting him, only to hide the shut-in when the investigating duo appears at their door.

Suddenly, Hui-jae darts out of the house, desperate to escape the detectives. Elsewhere, Haeng-seon brings up the “aloof” treatment given to her by Dong-hui, making Chi-yeol want to dig deeper. However, the star tutor only ends up upsetting his partner as he wonders whether his friend’s boundaries were crossed. “You think I must be at fault,” Haeng-seon states, disappointed she’s being accused of things despite only wanting to befriend Dong-hui. Nevertheless, the lover’s quarrel is interrupted by the onrushing Hui-jae, who ends the episode by almost being hit by the star tutor’s car.

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