Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – does Will move back into the Banks house?

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 23, 2023 (Last updated: February 21, 2024)
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Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 1 recap
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Bel-Air Season 2 starts on the right foot picking up where we left off but adding some new drama that we must look forward to.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 1 opens with Will having a dream that he was in a King’s chair with a crown. While waiting for his food, JB arrives to give him some money.

Will wants to know when he can meet the big dog because he is ready to do the work. At the Banks household, they are preparing for Ashley’s birthday, who says she doesn’t want anything over the top. Her only birthday wish is for Will to come home.

“I’m my own man now,” we hear Will say to Carlton when discussing his current living situation with Jazz and all this mysterious money he has and is giving Carlton. However, Carlton refuses to give in and wants to know where all the money comes from.

So Will breaks down a plan to meet up with Doc, who will help him get a look at trying to make it into the pros. Then, as Vivian plans for a big meeting, she and Phil discuss Will and how he needs to apologize. But, of course, stubborn Phil doesn’t see it that way.

Hilary is excited as she has taken over her creator’s house, and they are preparing to move on with bigger and better things. Unfortunately, she finds out Ivy hasn’t informed the guys that they have to move out of the house, so Hilary is forced to break the bad news.

Hilary is a little upset as Ivy is leaving her out to dry. Upon talking to Jazz, he tells her that she needs to step up to Ivy and show her she can be a boss. Then, Jazz mentions that maybe the two of them could pull up to Ashley’s party together as a couple, but she quickly turns him down as she isn’t ready to put a label on them yet.

In his efforts to help Carlton get around a girl he likes, Will takes him to the Black Student Union meeting, where the girl is the president. Things don’t go as planned as someone confronts him that Carlton has only ever been to these meetings when he wanted something.

One thing leads to another, and Carlton does Carlton things and disrupts matters, but Yazmin (the girl he likes) stands up for him and his voice in the matter.

What happens in the meeting with Geoffrey and Phil?

Next, we see Will and Geoffrey reunite because he needs advice on his next steps with the Banks family. However, things don’t go as expected because Geoffrey tells him he needs to step up and talk to Phil.

Then, Geoffrey heads to the Banks family household to speak with Vivian and Phil. Finally, Geoffrey tells him that Will is back to his old ways and thinks he needs to get him back in the house before it’s too late. He follows with an apology to Phil about what he did, and Phil gives him the cold shoulder, still.

While talking to Jazz about attending Ashley’s birthday party, JB calls him to tell him he’s got a shot to impress Doc, but it’s in an hour. Jazz tells him there is no way he can do both, but Will has other plans.

After arriving at the game, Doc doesn’t let him in the first game, so now he plays the waiting game. Finally, a girl at the park says if he wants to impress Doc, not to talk but show it on the court. Well, he steps up to play Big Dre, who is massive, to say the least.

Does Will impress Doc on the court?

Things start rough for Will, but it quickly turns around as Will takes Big Dre all the way down. After the game, Doc is impressed with Will’s game but mentions that he isn’t taking on any new clients. The girl is quite impressed with him and finally tells him her name, Jackie.

At the party, everyone is waiting for Will, but he is running late (duh). In Will fashion, they show up just in time.

Will Will move back into the Banks’ house?

Finally, after a slight nudge from Vivian and Carlton, Phil approaches Will to converse. After some back and forth, Phil tells him he owes him an overdue apology. Then, he tells him that they can figure everything out together if he comes home. So after two weeks of trying to figure things out for himself, Will is moving back home with the Banks’s.

How does Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 1 end?

Ashley had one last surprise from Hilary, and singer Saweetie showed up to sing happy birthday. Next, Will and Lisa talk, but he lays down the law that much has gone down and that they have to take a break. As Will walks away, she says, “I love you, too.”

Finally, the Banks family returns home, and as Vivian and Phil have a little moment, we hear Will walk in the door with his bags and tell them that he is moving back in.

A little later, Ivy, Jazz, and Hilary arrive at the house. However, at the party, Ivy becomes smitten by Jazz and goes in for a kiss, but Hilary shuts it down by saying that she and Jazz are dating. Then, Hilary tells Jazz that she wants him to be her man.

The article finally publishes and doesn’t paint Vivian in the light she wanted. The episode ends with Doc calling Will, telling him that he impressed him and that he would be in touch.

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