Bel-Air Season 2 Episodes 5-8 Recap – Who Nominated Will for the Founders Award? 

By Ricky Valero
Published: March 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 6, 2024)
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Bel-Air Season 2 Episodes 5-8 Recap
Bel-Air Season 2 (Credit - Peacock)


It felt like the calm before the storm, “Excellence is Everywhere” started putting the pieces together for some forthcoming battles.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 5 begins with Will getting a workout with Doc and his crew. A couple of the guys criticize him for being unable to keep up with them. Vivian is prepping for the next project with Geoffrey. Then, Phil tells Ashley about Ms. Hughes getting an offer in Miami and won’t be coming back to the school. Phil gives her a letter she wrote Ashley that thanked her for what she did.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The nominees for the founder awards are announced. All the kids are gathered around the class, awaiting to hear who will be nominated.

As they go through the list, we hear Carlton’s name, which Will congratulates him for, but moments later, they announce Will Smith’s name, which shocks both of them and the entire class.

Who nominated Will for the Founders Award?

After class, Will is making light of the situation with Carlton when Ivy speaks up to tell them both that the BSU nominated Will for the Founders Award. Of course, it makes Carlton mad because he thinks it’s personal, but Ivy explains he is the perfect person for the award and he should be excited two black men are nominated.

Hilary is discussing with the crew that they need to trust her and that she can make this happen. When someone mentions Ivy, she says they don’t need her, and that she needs a little time to build things up.

Next, we see Tyler talk to Will, and he lets him know that he is playing for Zenith Hype now. Finally, Phil and Geoffrey discuss the firm numbers being down 30%. Geoffrey suggests meeting with a firm they lost to get that percentage back up.

Connor approaches Carlton in the class to rub it in his face that Will will probably win the award over both of them. Then, he offers him some drugs, and Carlton refuses, but Connor leaves it on his desk and walks away. Next, we see Carlton frantically freaking out because he wants to take the drugs but knows he can’t. Wisley, Carlton decides not to take them and leaves the bathroom.

Erika arrives at the meeting that was supposed to be between Phil and Garrison. After some back-and-forth banter between the two, she tells him that there is one way he can get him back.

Next, Lisa helps Will in the pool to teach him how to swim. It leads to the two of them sharing some bonding moments.

Finally, Vivian and Hilary get together to talk about their issues, realizing they are both better than what is being given to them.

What does Erika want Phil to do?

Erika poached Phil’s client Garrison while he was off running for DA. Earlier in the episode, she said there was one way to get him back. Later at Vivian’s art event, Phil tells Geoffrey what she offered: to join her firm as a Senior Partner.

Vivian discovers Carlton’s panic attack at the protest and that Will knew about it. She and Phil talk about their next move, and they divide and conquer with Will and Carlton.

The conversations go well with both kids, with Carlton talking Vivian out of making any more moves and Will telling Phil that he is 100% invested in Carlton’s well-being.

Doc drops Jackie off at Vivian’s party to help work with her. However, Will catches up with him before he goes to discuss how things are going.

Doc says not to let the other guys get in his head and to remember that leadership is just as essential, and the schooling he is getting at Bel-Air is something those other guys won’t get. Will tells him about the Founders Award nomination but says it was more of a Carlton thing.

Then, Doc says to stop cutting himself so short, that he is a leader.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained

The party goes excellent for everyone but Lisa, who sees Jackie and Will kiss. As a result, Will talks to Lisa, who says they can’t be friends anymore.

Hilary is excited as the appearance of her ex-boyfriend helped gain traction for the house. Though the night went perfectly for Vivian, Phil breaks the news they have a big issue with Geoffrey.

The episode ends with Phil showing Vivian footage of Geoffrey looking through his office, trying to find papers on his son Frederick.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Bel-Air Season 2 Episodes 5-8 Recap

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 6 (Credit – Peacock)

Episode 6 starts with Phil teaching Vivian to play spades before the family reunion. Then, he begs Vivian to help out with his mom when she comes into town. Next, Carlton is working out and tells Will that the family flag football game at the reunion is a tense battle.

Finally, Will tells Carlton he wants to keep his name in the Founders Award race. Of course, Carlton doesn’t take the news well and freaks out.

Geoffrey sits down and talks to Phil and Vivian about him not being honest with them. They both agree they want to help him the best way they can. Shortly after that, they hand him an envelope, which he smiles when opening (can imagine photos of his son).

Will, Hilary, and Ashley are prepping for dinner, and she is freaking out because Jazz hasn’t responded to her messages. Will and Ashley point out that it’s because she invited her ex-boyfriend, a football player, to the art show.

What did Phil forget to serve at the family reunion?

While Vivian feels like she can finally relax, his mom enters the kitchen asking where the fish fry is for the reunion. A perplexed Vivian asks about what fish fry and Phil’s mom says, “Well, Phil did miss a couple of the zoom meetings.”

Things get a little weird at the house once Vivian finds out that Erica has been trying to call Phil. Then, Will sees the folder that Geoffrey was looking at and asks Carlton about it.

Carlton says they know about it, but Phil and Vivian are secretive. As each family member comes to the house, Geoffrey gives him the breakdown of who is helping him, introducing himself to each family member.

Who does Phil invite to the family reunion?

Jazz still hasn’t been returning Hilary’s text messages. While texting him again, she looks up, and Lamarcus has arrived at the reunion. Moments later, we find out that Phil was the one who invited him to the reunion because his brother has never had a pro ball player at his house of the family reunion.

Will walks up to Hilary and says he is “team Jazz,” Hilary says she is too.

Finally, Will confronts Geoffrey about his son, who tells him what happened to him. The two share a moment when Will brings up his experience and how Geoffrey would make for a good father.

Then, Phil tells Carlton that he is bringing in a secret weapon for the football game, and in walks Lemarcus. On the field, LaMarcus tells Will that he plans to win Hilary back.

With the game on the line, Carlton drops the game-winning touchdown to say his cousin from a butt chewing from his uncle. Next, inside the house, a nervous Vivian walks up to Phil’s mom, and she gives Vivian a ton of credit for all she did to make the reunion happen.

Moments later, Phil and his brother bond over missing their father.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

The episode starts to wind down with Carlton and Will saying they are playing to win the Founders Award. As Phil and Vivian share a moment about the family reunion and him possibly working with Erika, Will walks up to say they must help Geoffrey with his son.

The episode ends with the entire Banks family starting to get down and dance a little.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 7 (Credit – Peacock)

Episode 7 starts with Vivian and Phil making breakfast for the Founders Award boys. Of course, Vivian is worried because the last time these two battled, it got ugly. Phil takes the boys to the golf course to give them a hand, as the golf tournament is part of the Founders Award.

Moments later, we see Geoffrey meeting Frederick, his son, for the first time. Finally, Phil approaches Carlton about him giving an extra hand to Will over the Founders Award, and Carlton plays it cool but is noticeably upset.

Knowing that LaMarcus is after Hilary, Will is now in fix-it mode by going back and forth between her and Jazz to repair their relationship. Then, James comes in to talk to Phil about the firm and that their losing Garrison Automotive could cause the firm takeover to happen. However, Phil reassures that he will make it happen.

Vivian is struggling because her boss is sending all the bad reviews from the art show. But Hilary shows her that the piece from the art show has been liked on Instagram over 700,000 times. We hear Vivian say she couldn’t believe that many people liked what she did. This shocked Hilary, who didn’t know she made it.

Doc calls an extra practice causing Will to cancel on Phil and miss an important meeting at the school for the Founders Award. We see Erika bring Phil to wow him with the firm. They offer him a job to cover their West Coast team and already have an offer in his inbox with no hidden things.

In the middle of each guy from the Founders Award presenting their case, Will shows up late but nails it at first. However, while he struggles, Carlton runs with this opportunity until someone leaks the video of one of the members dropping the n-word and Carlton signing off on it. Later, Carlton accuses Will of spreading the video.

After practice, the team realizes that Will has been riding around in a stylish SUV. They invite him to go eat but make him take them in his car.

Next, Frederick wanders around the Banks household, where he sees photos of Geoffrey with Will/Carlton that cause him to get a little jealous. It prompts him to tell Geoffrey that he plans on heading home because all these people seem to need him, and he has done fine without him.

Carlton sits down with his mom to tell her she is right about the Founders Award. While with his teammates, Jackie approaches Will, drunk, and blows him off cause she doesn’t think he wants to spend time with her. Because of this, Jackie starts to get further wasted, and Will tries to help. As dinner is wrapping up, Jazz’s card gets declined, with Hilary ending up paying for it, which frustrates him.

Why do Hilary and Jazz break up?

After dinner, Jazz is upset cause Hilary didn’t allow the waitress to run his card again. Then, he proceeds to tell her she would’ve never done that if LaMarcus was at dinner with her. She calls him out for his insecurities, and since he can’t get past them, she says it’s over.

Before leaving, Phil tells Frederick a story about how much Geoffrey did for him. He told about how Geoffrey ensured that no matter what happened in Frederick’s life or his adopted parents, Geoffrey supported him from a distance.

Who leaked the video?

Drew. While walking the halls, Will overhears Drew bragging about how Carlton is out of the Founders Award race. Then, Will confronts Drew about him leaking the video. Drew tells him, “You’re welcome,” and tells him he can’t prove that he leaked it.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Episode 7 ends with Frederick returning to spend more time with Geoffrey. Then, Doc lets Will run with the starters. Finally, Carlton made an Instagram live about the video and why he let it happen. Moments later, we see Carlton doing a couple of lines of cocaine.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 8 (Credit – Peacock)

Things are shaking up in the Banks household, but Will and Phil reconcile things, with Phil agreeing to give him space. Carlton comes into the room, and things are still on high alert between him and Will, and moments later, Carlton’s nose begins bleeding, causing Vivian and Phil to be concerned. Of course, he plays it off like it’s nothing.

How does Will do in his first game?

Zenith Hype beats Compton 86-80 with a massive game from Will, where he took over the game on the offensive side of the ball. Even after taking a hard foul from the opposing team, Will got back up and hit two three throws to seal the game.

During the game, a man was watching over and had eyes on Doc. After the game, Geoffrey and Phil oversaw the man confronting Doc loudly in the parking lot. Vivian was terrified she would lose the fellowship after her Instagram post, but the team came over to offer her the executed fellowship job that Janice held.

Carlton bought Lisa a bracelet for helping him stay in the Founders Award race. However, moments later, Will saw Drew and Lisa walking up the stairs together and holding hands.

Regardless of being at odds, Will confronts Carlton to tell him that not only did Drew leak the video, but also about their being together. In school, Carlton confronts Lisa about Drew, but she tells him that all she will ever be is friends with him. He follows by telling her she was desperate after Will dumped her.

Hilary heads over to Lemarcus’s house to discuss her business plan for him. Instead of reading it, he says if they are her idea, he knows they are good. Phil’s partner at the firm finds out about his meeting with Erika and calls him out for it.

After that, we know there is history between Vivian and Erika, so she heads to meet with her to have a coming to Jesus moment. Vivian tells her she better not try anything with Phil as she did in the past, and Erika assures her she is only in it for business.

Lemarcus does everything he can to help Hilary, including putting a billboard of her face up in the city to help promote her brand. And he drops the bomb on her so that he understands she has a man, but he wants her back and will not lose her again.

Does Phil leave the firm?

After James confronts Phil about his secret meetings with Erika, Phil thinks about what James has to say and tells him that he isn’t leaving the firm. Later, they will look at the merger numbers and work through this obstacle together.

Connor and Carlton party it up with plenty of drugs, and when Carlton awakens, he freaks out because he doesn’t know where he is at. He walks outside, and his car is gone. He calls Vivian to pick him up. He tells her a story about his drinking, but he says it is all different and blames it on the pills for why he felt like this.

When they arrive home, Phil pressures Vivian on whether she believes him, and she says she does.

As he was going to hang out with Jackie, Will stumbled across Lisa in the parking lot, having trouble with her car. Even though she tries to blow him off, he gives her a ride to the hospital where her dad and stepmom are having a baby. Will knew she needed someone, so he blew off Jackie to hang out with her instead.

Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Geoffrey has some news to report about Doc to Phil, which transitions to Brian telling Will that Doc isn’t who he thinks he is. We don’t hear anything said yet, but Geoffrey walks into Carlton’s room to say they found his car.

He confronts him on the idea that his story is inaccurate and tells him that the truth will come out sooner or later. Episode 8 ends with Will walking in to talk to Phil about how he found out that Doc has been taking bribes to steer players to colleges and agents.

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