Will there be a Bel-Air Season 3? Renewal Explained

April 19, 2023
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We discuss whether there will be a Season 3 of the Peacock series Bel-Air and its renewed or canceled status. 

We have reached the Season 2 finale of Bel-Air. We’ve seen Will battling to up his game to get into college with a basketball scholarship, Carlton struggling with his demons, and Phil/Vivian navigating their jobs and relationship throughout the season.

The big question ahead of the finale is will we see a Season 3? Below we share all the details surrounding whether or not Bel-Air is renewed for a Season 3 and where the show could go if renewed.

Bel-Air is the type of show that shouldn’t work because of its predecessor. However, the writing team has done an excellent job differentiating this show from the original. Because of that, you get the same characters written in a way that modernizes them to become more relatable.

Sure, not everyone can relate to the money aspect of the Banks family, but the anxiety, pressure, and day-to-day each member of the family is facing has been laid out great.

Season 2 saw so many moving pieces adding new elements to the show, including Doc, who I thought was brilliantly brought in to bring Phil and Will closer together.

Another stand out of season 2 was Olly Sholotan. The writers flexed their muscles by showing the massive growth of Carlton as he battled his own demons. It was my favorite performance of the season.

Will there be a Season 3 of Bel-Air – renewed or canceled status

Yes, Bel-Air has been renewed for a third season. When Bel-Air first debuted, Peacock greenlit the show for two seasons. This is the first renewal of the show to date. One of the things the series has had in its favor is the growth of critical success, as it jumped from 65% approval in Season 1 to 90% in Season 2 on Rotten Tomatoes.

The jump in audience score wasn’t as high, from 69% to 72%, but the fact it rose from one season to another is a huge success. With all of these factors, it was easy for Peacock to announce the renewal of the series after four episodes into season 2.

A spoiler-free outlook moving into Season 3 could see a continuation of Will trying to grow into the man he is supposed to be. How he handles the shift in his basketball future, love life, and relationship with the Banks’.

Of course, you have the Erika/Vivian/Phil storyline, Carlton, and what’s next for Hilary with her future. Another thing the creators could explore is giving more time to develop Ashley’s character. I feel like she is in the picture but not as vital as the rest, and they could really do more with her as she gets older on the show.

Bel-Air has so many different ways it could go in Season 3, and after a strong first two seasons, I have faith the writers to drum something up that’ll be worthy of watching.

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