Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – Summer break is almost over

By Nubia Brice
Published: February 23, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 8 Recap
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In a series driven by its characters, this episode gives us more insight into Misuzu, Carol, and Misaki, making them feel like intricate cast members whose emotions matter just as much as their interactions with the main couple.

No anime is complete without a beach episode, especially in a romantic comedy, and last week Tomo-Chan is a Girl! delivered one of those episodes kids will remember for the rest of their lives, bringing a highly anticipated Episode 8 of Season 1.

Although it seemed Jun (Kaito Ishikawa) couldn’t possibly ignore that Tomo (Rie Takahashi) is a girl, he still managed to dig into a slight hole with his word choices. Still, any progress feels like good progress when getting Tomo and Jun to see each other as more than friends.

Since Summer break is almost over, Tomo, Misuzu, and Carol decide to have a sleepover. While playing a game, Misuzu dares Tomo to ask Jun to the upcoming fireworks show, just the two of them. They show up at Jun’s house, where Tomo asks.

Despite agreeing to go, she’s disappointed by how unenthused he sounds. Carol wonders if they are approaching this relationship in the best way.

Later that night, Jun lies in bed, embarrassed by how excited he is to see the fireworks with just him and Tomo. He thinks back to her love confession from the beginning of the season before deciding she couldn’t have meant her invitation romantically.

Jun and Tomo meet up, with him immediately getting flustered by how nice she looks in her Yukata. Having attended several festivals together, the local vendors remember the pair. Still, they are also shocked to see Tomo dressed up, especially when she’s got a reputation for being a beast at carnival games.

At the same time, Misuzu, Carol, and Misaki are attending the festival together.

Why does Jun’s apology upset Tomo?

After accidentally bumping into some guys, they begin hitting on Tomo. Jun swoops in, placing his arm around her shoulder and effortlessly whisking Tomo away. However, Jun apologizes when she tries to thank him, saying he knows Tomo could’ve handled them alone.

Not only is she upset that Jun will not just accept her gratitude, but she also explains that despite being strong, she cannot handle every situation independently. She forces Jun to allow her to thank him again, bowing sincerely as she says it and, once again, catching him off guard.

What does Tomo want from Jun?

Just before the fireworks start, Tomo tells Jun she has something to say. She hesitates, trying to decide how she wants to phrase her words. While she doesn’t want things to change between them drastically, she does want Jun to be hers. However, before she can figure out how to say it, the fireworks begin, and she decides she’s missed the moment.

What does Jun decide he can never do with Tomo again?

Tomo thanks Jun for going to the fireworks with her, telling him they should do it again. He’s still confused, though, trying to understand why he’s been acting off and his feelings for Tomo. As she smiles at him, he does decide that he will never be able to get into a fight with her ever again.

Why is Misuzu upset?

After Tomo confesses that Jun has been extra careful around her lately, Carol tells Misuzu that their relationship is finally changing. Misuzu does not seem happy, however, as she’s confused over whether or not Carol was right and she’d been approaching the situation wrong all along instead of letting Tomo learn to figure things out for herself.

She wonders what Carol’s motive is while slowly realizing how much things will change for her if Jun and Tomo end up together, making her frustrated enough to break her pencil.

Why does Misuzu call Jun for help?

Still looking to get back at Tomo, the blonde jerk and his friends who tried to beat her up in episode four approach Misuzu. While her cold personality intimidates them, they do not back down, grabbing her arm instead. Before they can ask about Tomo, Carol appears.

Misuzu attempts to claim that Carol is just a classmate, but Carol ends up tasing the blonde leader before the two run off. They hide in an abandoned building, but with the group still after them, she calls Jun to help, not wanting to involve Tomo.

Still, Tomo forces Jun to tell her where he is going and demands to join him once she finds out. From a distance, Misaki eavesdrops and also overhears where they are going.

Just as the blonde leader manages to find where Carol and Misuzu are hiding, Tomo shows up, terrifying him as she invites him outside. At the same time, Jun begins taking on the remaining four friends, making easy work of the first.

As they fight, Misaki searches for Carol, and Misuzu accidentally stumbles upon Carol, undressed from changing out of her dirt-soiled clothes. Misunderstanding the situation, he finds himself furious and must be held back by Tomo and Jun before attacking the blonde leader.

How does Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 8 end?

After the fight, Misuzu stays behind to confront the blonde leader and his friends. She asks if they’ve heard of the Aizawa Dojo, and the mention of it has them cowering in fear. She then tells them that Tomo is the owner’s only daughter before threatening to find them if they ever come after her or her friends again.

Outside the abandoned building, Jun waits for Misuzu, calling her ruthless. She asks why Jun waited, and he says because she is a girl. However, when he says he doesn’t usually do the same for Tomo because it’s different, Misuzu says she does not want to discuss it.

The next day Tomo fears she may have ruined her progress with Jun after getting into a fight, but finds herself over the moon when he touches her shoulder normally again.

Whenever I think I know precisely where this slice of life is going, it surprises me with how much more thoughtful of a series it is than I expected. The characters have so much more going on to their personalities than I thought they would look at first. None of them are perfect. They have layers, get confused, and even make mistakes.

This isn’t a perfect series where no one is flawed, or the side characters are just there to progress the story for the main couple. These kids feel like real teenagers and react in a way that feels organic for their situations, which I love to see.

With a cast this minor and episodes divided into shorter plots, the complexity comes from the characters and how their emotions influence their approach to these situations.

Carol was the true MVP of this episode, trying to let things between Tomo and Jun run their natural course and helping Misuzu. I initially expected her character to be solely comic relief, but Carol has turned out to be the perfect balance between Tomo and Misuzu’s personalities. She is also probably the funniest character on the show as well though.

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