We Have a Ghost Ending Explained – why did Ernest kill Randy?

February 24, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film We Have a Ghost which will contain spoilers.

The story of We Have a Ghost follows the Presley family, who have just moved to town. Frank and Melanie have found a home that’s a fixer-upper but cheap. They have two children, both boys. Their oldest, Fulton, is preparing to go to college next fall. Their youngest, Kevin, marches to a different beat. He is intelligent and empathetic and prefers Terry Kath because Jimmy Hendrix said he was his inspiration. Kevin is having some trouble adjusting. That’s until he runs into a ghost named Ernest haunting their attic. Ernest tries to frighten Kevin, but he thinks it’s so funny he tapes it on his phone. Ernest cannot talk, but Kevin befriends him. Things change when Fulton uploads the video on YouTube, and Ernest becomes an internet sensation.

To capitalize on the family’s newfound fortune, Frank allows an interview in his home with Judy Romano, who has her own show trying to uncover ghosts. Judy will no longer do rest-home readings because the food there is subpar, but she would love to read Kris Jenner. Frank asks Kevin to get Ernest ready to work, but he retorts that his friend is not his father’s lap dog. When Ernest does appear on camera for the crew, Kevin has him up his ghost game by continuously increasing his scary ways.

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First, he slowly descends on a cameraman. Ernest then gets louder and more frightened of Romano’s crew. Finally, he turns his head completely around, then begins to crab/spider walk his way like Regan from The Exorcist in the star’s direction. Initially, Judy still thinks it’s a fake and says they will have to fix the flaws in the post. However, then Ernest grabs her throat with a skinless arm that comes out of his mouth. He then melts his own face like in Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Ernest appears to be a very big movie buff). Judy goes running for her life by diving headfirst through a window.

We Have a Ghost Ending Explained

What is Ernest’s real name?

While doing research, Kevin and Joy find out Ernest’s real name is Randy. Kevin, his new friend Joy, and Ernest go on the run away from a once discredited, now active, federal agent, Dr. Leslie Monroe. She is trying to apprehend Ernest and, in the name of paranormal psychology, study him. While on the run, they are investigating what happened to Ernest because that may not be his name! The home’s owner was Ernest Scheller, and they visit his home. So who is Ernest? Their ghost’s name is Randy McGovern, and he was Ernest’s brother-in-law. He says that Ernest lost his wife during labor and couldn’t handle it. So he left his four-year-old daughter, June (nicknamed Junebug), with them, and they never saw him again. They raised her on their own.

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Why did Ernest kill Randy?

Ernest killed Randy because they wanted his child, June. After Monroe shows up with thermal weapons that control Randy and capture him, it seems Monroe doesn’t have Randy’s best interest at heart because her boss tells Monroe they can do whatever they want for him. Later, Randy remembers what happened to him. Ernest killed him to steal Ernest’s baby! Monroe allows him to escape, and he goes to Kevin’s house. There, the real Ernest is there, accusing Kevin of knowing more than he does while brandishing a gun. Turns out, Ernest killed Randy because he and his wife couldn’t have children of their own.

Who saved Kevin from Ernest?

At the end of the film, not only was Kevin saved by Randy but by his father, Frank as well. Ernest attacks the family, chasing Kevin to the attic. He is about to hit poor Kevin with a blow from a crowbar when Randy arrives and stops him by grabbing his wrist. He backs Ernest into the wall against a plate glass window. Randy punches him, and Ernest is knocked out. He turns around and smiles at Kevin. Frank then runs into the room. He takes a moment, has a look of hatred on his face, and charges at Randy. Kevin thinks he is attacking his friend, but Frank sees Ernest stand up with the gun, ready to shoot Kevin. Frank pushes Ernest through the window and to his death.

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Is Randy reunited with June?

The film ends with Frank and Kevin helping Randy reunite with June. They drive her to Randy, who is standing on a beach. She walks to him and touches his face with her hand without saying a word. This floods back memories of her with Randy as a child. He opens his eyes, and they embrace. Later, Randy and Kevin are talking on the beach when Randy begins to fade away, turning into magical orange dust. Kevin says goodbye.

The final scenes show the family leaving the home. As Kevin leaves the attic, he looks back and turns out the lights. A moment later, a single light flickers an orange light, suggesting that Randy can still see them.

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