Liaison Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – what is the next cyberattack?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 3, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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The over-acting and odd line deliveries in “Tsunami” could be forgiven if there were at least some enticing action sequences or nail-biting tension to keep viewers interested. But there is very little on offer in another dull installment.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Liaison Season 1 Episode 2, “Tsunami,” which contains spoilers.

If the hack on the UK’s National Cyber Security Center and the Thames Barrier malfunction are to be seen as the “Storm Warning,” then the hackers’ next act of terrorism is clearly a “Tsunami,” which happens to also be the title of episode two. In Episode 2, London is the victim of a third cyberattack that affects Alison’s immediate family. Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) continues to hunt down the Syrian hackers in London while getting reacquainted with Alison (Eva Green), who may or may not be an old lover of his.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode follows from the end of the first, with Alison and Gabriel reconnecting. They stare at one another, separated only by a window. Albert’s daughter Kim (Bukky Bakray) walks into the kitchen for a snack, and a spooked Gabriel disappears. Alison quickly researches her old flame and finds him on their database, although Albert returns before she can do any detailed snooping. The couple makes amends after their argument, hugging one another. Gabriel watches Alison and Albert embrace from the shadows outside before disappearing again.

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The next day, she leaves for work and finds a note on her car. This is obviously from Gabriel. The two are reunited at an AA meeting. Gabriel explains his sudden arrival; he’s after Syrian hacker Walid. Alison fears they will be spotted and takes Gabriel for a short car ride. Gabriel elaborates in the car, telling her more about Walid and Samir. They are cousins who hacked into the Syrian Police’s data servers, which they then wiped clean. They found plans for a terrorist attack in England. Then the hackers contacted the French Embassy, wanting to exchange intel for asylum.

Why does Gabriel need to find Walid?

Alison doesn’t understand why Walid would attack Gabriel if they worked for the same team. Gabriel ponders the psychology behind it all, wondering if Walid felt betrayed. He believes they have contacts in London and are looking to sell their secrets. Gabriel needs Walid’s fingerprints to open the USB key containing the information on the next cyberattack. Alison tells Gabriel to turn himself in, but he runs off instead.

What is the next cyberattack?

Albert drives his daughter Kim to the train station, where she’s off on a school trip. They discuss Kim’s indifference to Alison, who isn’t Kim’s mother and isn’t yet Albert’s wife either. Kim agrees to try harder with Alison in the future. She then boards a train with her friends. We cut to another control room being hacked; this time, it’s the Railway Signal Control Center. This cyberattack leads to the collision of two trains, one of which Kim is onboard. Alison is soon at the crash site and quickly finds Kim being whisked away in an ambulance.

The nearest hospital is in complete disarray, with the terrorist attack causing absolute chaos. Gabriel uses this bedlam to his advantage and hacks into their database to track down Walid. He then changes into the doctor’s scrubs and heads for Walid’s hospital bed. Of course, Alison arrives around the same time, looking for Kim.

The two strangers are again back together, giving each other intense glares. Alison follows Gabriel to Walid’s room. Gabriel tries to take Walid’s fingerprint, but someone has gotten to the hacker first. Sirens begin to wail, but Alison and Gabriel still have time for a passionate embrace before fleeing the crime scene.

Where is Samir?

Gabriel escapes and informs his boss Alain Dumas of the latest circumstances. Walid has been killed by an unknown enemy; he still needs the fingerprints and a passcode to read the information within the USB key. His next port of call is Samir. But the Syrian hacker is on the move; having left England, he is now in Dunkirk. Gabriel is wanted for murder, and his diplomatic immunity won’t save him anymore. He is chased through the streets as the Brits try to arrest the mercenary.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

At a COBRA meeting, the high-ups discuss the latest cyberattack. No one seems to know who caused this act of terrorism. Richard wants to use Europe’s help and sign a deal to re-enter the cybersecurity agency, but the Prime Minister is hugely against this decision.

Richard is undeterred, though; he goes against the PM’s orders and asks Alison to go to Brussels to sign the deal anyway. Alison is to meet with Sabine Louseau. She looks her up on the internet, and then we cut to a scene with Sabine and Didier. It looks like these two have a history and a son together. Didier pleads with Sabine to stop the Brits from signing the deal.

“Tsunami” ends with Samir calling his wife Myriam. She’s in Belgium now, and he promises to come and find her. All the cast seem to be heading for the same Belgium location. Next, Alison is seen frantically looking for her phone. Gabriel stole it during their last interaction, and he looks through all her photos like a jealous ex.

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