Liaison Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – who is behind the cyberattacks?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 10, 2023 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Another dawdling episode is livened up by some much-needed action sequences and a consistently excellent performance from Vincent Cassel. It’s still tough going, though, with no likable characters to root for or intriguing plot hooks to get behind.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Liaison Season 1 Episode 3, “Manipulations,” which contains spoilers.

In “Manipulations,” Alison (Eva Green) and Mark (Patrick Kennedy) head to Brussels to formulate a deal with the European Commission, one that could help offset the ensuing cyberattacks in London. Meanwhile, Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) takes on another disguise as he tries to dig up some dirt on Didier (Stanislas Merhar) in Belgium while simultaneously protecting Samir’s wife, Myriam (Lyna Dubarry), from possible death threats.

It’s another dawdling installment, although there is far more action and double-crossings in this, the third episode of Apple TV+’s Liaison, which also marks the halfway point in the series.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Gabriel’s boss Dumas has tracked down Myriam. She is in an asylum center in Belgium. They’ve pinpointed her exact location and discovered that she is in permanent contact with Samir via mobile phones. Dumas sends Gabriel to Brussels under another fake identity to retrieve Myriam, so they can use her as bait to get to Samir. Dumas also updates Gabriel on Didier, the Head of the Elysee’s National Security Services. He doesn’t know whether he can trust Didier and asks Gabriel to get information on him from Didier’s mistress Sabine while out there.

Also in Brussels are Alison Rowdy and Mark Bolton, here to make a deal with the European Commission before another cyberattack brings London to a standstill again, endangering thousands of lives.

Of course, we know that Didier has ordered Sabine to sabotage any possible deal, and she instantly over-complicates matters with delay tactics. Brexit gets tossed about as a viable excuse, although the Brits know that Sabine is lying to them for other mysterious reasons.

How does Gabriel free Myriam?

Gabriel heads to the asylum center with his new disguise (geeky glasses and an intelligent suit). He explains to the employees that Myriam has been granted asylum, and he is there to retrieve her. Gabriel asks Myriam where Samir is and emphasizes the need to leave quickly.

There are others after Myriam, and Gabriel needs her to leave the compound straight away. He’s too late; two men in hazmat suits drag her away. Gabriel manages to free Myriam and is just about to escape when an attacker tasers him. Gabriel drives off with the taser still connected, taking full effect of his faculties. He crashes through the exit barriers, freeing Myriam, who is sitting by his side. Before Gabriel fully passes out, he calls Alison for further assistance.

Who is behind the cyberattacks?

With the deal off the table, Mark slinks away to meet with a mysterious business person in private. Bob Foret (Eriq Ebouaney) is revealed to be this specific businessman and one of the people behind the cyberattacks who also works with Didier.

Initially, he didn’t intend to cause chaos in London, but he seemed forced to retaliate after the Syrian hacking. Mark says he is out, wanting nothing more to do with the attacks now that people’s lives are in danger. It is inferred that he was involved in the first hack but was tricked or misled by the others.

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What is the next cyberattack?

Alison comes to Gabriel’s rescue and drives the Frenchman, Myriam, and her baby to safety. She puts them up in a fancy hotel suite, playing doctor to Gabriel and caregiver to Myriam. Alison tells Gabriel that she has moved on since her time with Gabriel all those years ago. She regrets what she did and has drastically changed since then. Alison admits that she is getting married and in love with Albert.

Afterward, Richard calls her; London is under a fourth cyberattack; this time, they have full control of the grid, turning the power on and off at will in the capital. Richard urges Alison to get the deal signed immediately.

The Brits realize that they are being played. Alison decides to fight back, barging into Mr. Vandermeer’s office unannounced. Sabine had lied that he was in Berlin, while Mr. Vandermeer had been told that the Brits had issues with the terms. Both sides have been played by Didier’s mistress, Sabine. Alison introduces herself to Mr. Vandermeer, and he happily accepts their terms, adding that the paperwork will be ready by tonight. Sabine calls Didier to tell him the bad news. She is ordered to stay away from the signing.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Angered by Didier’s manipulative ways, Sabine phones Gabriel, and the two meet for a drink. Gabriel has been tasked with gaining her trust and any vital information she has on Didier. He has flirted his way into Sabine’s life to gain this information. Gabriel doesn’t hesitate on meeting up again. The two discuss their old love lives, and they are soon back at Sabine’s home, where things get rather X-rated.

Alison sees Gabriel and Sabine getting into a taxi together and is hit by mixed emotions. Next, she sees Mark entering the building, although he isn’t present for the actual deal signing. Mr. Vandermeer says Sabine can’t make it either. Alison knows exactly what Sabine is up to right now, though. Feeling jealousy or regret, Alison rushes into the toilets with tears in her eyes. Here she sees two rough-looking men leave and finds Mark in a toilet cubicle, hanging from the rafters. It would appear that Mark was killed because of his change of heart; the order must have been made by the mysterious Bob Foret.

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