Liaison Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – why was Mark killed?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 17, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Another poorly structured installment, showcasing over-the-top acting and a disjointed script. Liaison has all the ingredients for a successful TV series but squanders these opportunities with amateur storytelling.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Liaison Season 1 Episode 4, “Carnage,” which contains spoilers.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 3 ended with Alison (Eva Green) finding her work colleague Mark Bolton (Patrick Kennedy) hanged in a bathroom stall in Brussels. “Carnage” picks up in the aftermath of this shocking suicide, which Alison believes was a murder cover-up. The unknown assailants continue to engage in more terrorist activities in London, threatening the capital. Whilst Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) attempts to track down the Syrian hacker Samir (Aziz Dyab), who holds important information about further attacks.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Alison is questioned about Mark’s death. She tells the French police about the two strange individuals she saw leaving the toilets just before she found Mark’s dead body. Alison believes these two men were behind Mark’s death and staged it to look like a suicide. Sabine is also updated on Mark’s death and quickly prepares to return to the Commission. While she is getting changed, Gabriel hacks into her laptop so that his boss Dumas can see and follow her every move.

Why was Mark killed?

Sabine phones Didier to relay the information of Mark’s passing. Didier promises her that this death is not her fault. He explains how Mark was taking bribes from private companies and will need to be investigated by the Anti-Fraud Office. This investigation will, in turn, ruin the Brit’s cyber-security deal. Sabine puts the puzzle pieces together and tracks down Alison. She tells her the truth; Mark didn’t commit suicide, and she is being used. Mark was killed so that the Brits’ deal would fall through, and they would be forced to sign a different one. Sabine urges Alison to flee the country; it is not safe here. In return for this honesty, Alison warns Sabine about Gabriel, that he is not to be trusted either.

In Dunkirk, Samir and his friend Krimo gain access to a phone and credit card. Samir calls his wife, Myriam, who is living in a hotel with Gabriel and Alison. Myriam informs Samir that she is being supported by these Government officials. Gabriel has warned her that Samir’s life is in danger. They need to trust in these people and escape the country. Samir gives her his location; they will come to meet him.

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Alison returns to the hotel suite as Gabriel prepares to leave. She wants to know why he is with Sabine, who is sabotaging her deal. Gabriel admits that he used her to plant a bug in her laptop. Alison tells Gabriel about Mark’s death. Gabriel urges her to return to London, where she will be safe. He is going to Dunkirk to find Samir. Alison ignores his advice and decides to go to Dunkirk with them instead.

What is Antropa?

Meanwhile, in Paris, Didier meets with Dumas. He wants information on Alison. Dumas is currently playing both sides, working with Gabriel and Didier. He passes Didier a file on Alison and some useful leverage, a VHS tape. Didier tells Dumas about a company called Antropa; they sell weaponry, satellites, and cyber-security but are renowned for their dodgy dealings. Didier confesses that he has been tasked with orchestrating a deal between this company and the Brits. This explains why they have been intensifying the terrorist attacks, to force the Brits into signing an agreement.

Right on cue, another terrorist attack is instigated in London. This time a large airplane cruises over the skyscrapers in the English capital. Richard is informed of the ensuing attack but can see it with his own eyes. The plane is headed for Saint Paul’s Cathedral; the pilots have fully lost control. This time it is just a threat though; no lives are actually endangered. The terrorists give back control, and the plane regains altitude. The Brits are shaken, though, and Richard hosts a press conference stating that a full inquiry is underway.

Why does Hobbs question Alison?

Albert meets Alison at the hotel, and Hobbs wants a word. The detective is in Brussels to deal with Mark’s death but wants to question Alison as well. During this discussion, Gabriel and Myriam escape. Richard calls; he’s being ordered to sign a cyber-security contract with Antropa. Hobbs asks Alison about Mark’s death and her connection to Gabriel. Alison lies about meeting with Gabriel, but they have CCTV footage proving their interaction. Hobbs is convinced Alison is a suspect in Walid’s death. Alison lies again before fleeing.

Alison meets up with Gabriel and Myriam; they are off to pick up Samir in Dunkirk and plan to then head to Alison’s father’s place for refuge. Alison’s dad is General Jack Rowdy, an influential man who was the head of NATO in Paris for ten years. Didier was handed this intel by Dumas and passes it on to Bob Foret. Bob wants to silence Alison, but Didier fears her father will battle back hard. Didier passes Bob the VHS tape instead.

At a station in Dunkirk, Samir, and Myriam are reunited. They all head to Jack’s complex, along with Samir’s friend Krimo. The refugee Krimo has been paid to act as a decoy, pretending to be Samir. This decoy allows Samir and Myriam to hitch a ride on a boat while the enemy focuses on Jack’s estate. Krimo goes into hiding, locked away in a safe room. Meanwhile, Alison becomes nostalgic, returning to her childhood bedroom, and Gabriel inspects the property. Jack clearly distrusts Gabriel, and the two argue over dinner.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Jack is then blackmailed by Bob’s people and is sent the VHS tape. The video shows footage of Gabriel and Alison involved in riots and protests, acting violently and vandalizing property. Jack is angered by these threats and loads his gun, ready to defend his daughter’s honor. He tells Gabriel that Alison was pregnant when he left her, implying that Gabriel was the father. The French man was unaware of this information, though. Jack’s property is then surrounded. Jack goes over to his gates, wielding his weapon, ordering the attackers to leave.

Gabriel tries to convince Jack to back down and flee, but he won’t listen. They get into a scuffle, and Gabriel accidentally shoots Jack. Gabriel drags Alison into the safe room, passes her the USB key, and locks the door. The attackers break into the property and disable the power. Gabriel loads his weapon, ready to fight back.

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