Liaison Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap – Is Gabriel alive?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 24, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Liaison Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap
Liaison Season 1 (Credit - Apple TV+)


Not only is Liaison lacking in real tension or enticing hooks, but it is also needlessly complex, with a truly convoluted, vague plot.

Espionage thriller Liaison trudges toward the season 1 finale. In Episode 5, Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) and Alison (Eva Green) reunite with their old freedom fighter comrades as they attempt to smuggle Samir (Aziz Dyab) and his family over to England from France. Meanwhile, the French try to ensnare Didier (Stanislas Merhar), the sneaky mole who is working for the evil company Antropa and Richard (Peter Mullan) finds himself in a bind back in London.

In Episode 6, Alison (Eva Green) and Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) attempt to take down the criminal company Antropa from inside their London headquarters.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Following on from the raid in the previous installment, we find Gabriel roaming Jack Rowdy’s home in the dark. Alison escapes from the panic room with a gun in her hand and dodges the enemy soldiers, who have now thoroughly infiltrated the house.

Gabriel takes down a soldier and steals their identity, taking on another disguise. Whilst Alison uses more hidden hidey-holes in the house to evade capture as she heads for her car. But she is unaware of Gabriel’s distraction tactics. Gabriel causes an explosion, blowing up a car, before escaping with Jack. Alison takes the other car and speeds away.

The trio reunites further down the road, having all escaped the raid. Gabriel drives them to the nearest hospital, as Jack is bleeding out. Gabriel was the one who shot Jack, but he says that he never wanted to kill him; he was just forced to act.

En route, Gabriel flashes the videotape and says that Jack was being pressured into a dodgy deal. They leave Jack hooked on a life support machine and continue their mission.

Why does the old gang hate Alison?

Alison and Gabriel meet with the old gang, the freedom fighters they used to work with over twenty years ago. Tensions are high; nobody trusts or even likes Alison after the way things ended back in 2000.

Alison mysteriously disappeared after Nathalie’s death, and Gabriel was imprisoned and accused of killing the protester. It seems there was a love triangle between Gabriel, Alison, and Nathalie, but the circumstances remain vague. Gabriel quickly changes the subject; they are here to keep Samir safe.

While Alison and Gabriel get reacquainted with old colleagues, Dumas keeps a close eye on Sabine and secretly records her conversations with Didier. The French mole, who works for Antropa, needs Sabine’s EU passwords and threatens the woman when she refuses to hand them over, mentioning the possibility of jail time for her actions.

He explains how Antropa have infiltrated the UK government; they are a powerful organization that should not be messed with.

What does Antropa want?

Dumas shares this footage with Sophie Saint-Roch, who works for the French Government, someone who can be trusted. However, Sophie refuses to show this to the President, believing that this wouldn’t stop Didier’s plans and would only get her fired.

She delves deeper into the Antropa conspiracy and discovers their main goals. They want a list of flaws in the security systems of all the EU countries. Dumas believes there is a mole working within the British Government. He’s also noticed that Antropa has invested millions in office blocks near the Thames river.

Who is the boss of Antropa?

Didier meets with Bob to discuss the whereabouts of Samir. But Bob isn’t interested in the Syrian hacker anymore. The Brits have signed the deal, and Antropa has won. Didier reveals that he is a board member of Antropa and has been in close contact with their boss, Francis Miller. Their boss even asked Didier to accompany Bob to London.

It seems Didier is higher up in the organization than first thought, claiming he has successfully found a way to attack all EU countries and get them all under contract. Will Didier use the same cyber-attack tactics on other countries now that Britain has signed the deal?

Alison and Gabriel board the boat containing Samir and his family. They want to head to London immediately, although Samir’s wife, Myriam, has reservations. Gabriel asks Samir to make a copy of the USB drive.

The hacker signs into the USB drive and shows them highly classified photos. The photographs are of Antropa operations and include plans for future terrorist attacks in the UK. Samir explains that he hacked into Antropa’s web servers with Walid’s help after hacking Assad.

Why did Samir go to the French Government?

Samir mentions going to Mark Bolton and the National Cyber Security Center with his findings first, long before the French. However, Mark missed their appointment. They were forced to take their top-secret information to the French instead, hoping to sell on their findings.

Alison informs Samir that Mark was killed by Antropa. This spooks Samir, and he immediately refuses to go to London anymore. Gabriel says he will speak with the French Government, but Alison needs to return with Samir, or else her life is practically over.

Next, Alison and Gabriel meet with Dumas and Sophie to come to an agreement. Sophie wants to arrest Samir, who is suspected of complicity in the London attacks. Alison needs to take Samir to London, though, and offers a copy of the USB drive in return.

Sensing a negotiation, Sophie asks for a little more in the exchange; she asks them to stalk Didier, who will be in London tomorrow for top-secret meetings. They suspect he is meeting with Francis Miller, Antropa’s CEO. Alison agrees to provide intel on Didier in exchange for Samir’s safe passage back to England.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Back in rainy London, Richard tells Alison he is being forced to sign the Antropa contracts by the PM’s assistant Toby. He needs strong evidence to change the PM’s mind; he needs Samir. Coincidentally, Alison is sent a letter from Mark that very day. The letter works as a confession, where Mark admits to his collusion with Antropa, that they were paying him for his silence. Alison’s partner Albert finds this letter and passes it on to Richard.

Who killed Nathalie?

On the boat, Gabriel is pressured into watching the VHS tape by his boss Dumas. He tries to watch the video privately, but the old comrades soon barge in on his viewing. The video of the riots plays again, showing Alison arguing with Nathalie. She throws a Molotov cocktail at Nathalie, and the woman accidentally catches fire, going up in flames. Alison is the one who inadvertently killed Nathalie.

The crew retaliates instantaneously, attacking Alison and pouring gasoline onto her body on the top deck. They are about to set her on fire when Gabriel comes to her rescue.

Gabriel reveals the true history of what actually transpired in 2000. He never actually went to prison for Nathalie’s murder. He was working for Military Intelligence; he infiltrated their group and provoked them into fighting one another.

It looks like Gabriel caused a rift between Alison and Nathalie on purpose. Because of Alison’s father, Jack Rowdy’s high profile in NATO, they couldn’t have Alison involved with a terrorist group anymore.

Gabriel’s plan worked, but he may have fallen in love with Alison in the process. After this revelation, Gabriel, Alison, Samir, and his family all head to England on a dinghy, quickly arriving by the coast.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Liaison Season 1 (Credit – Apple TV+)

The finale opens on the English coast. Alison and Gabriel have managed to somehow get Samir and his family back to Britain without any casualties. They steal a car and head back to the capital.

On the drive, Gabriel questions Alison about the videotape. He can’t understand why Alison would kill Nathalie. She says it was an accident; she didn’t mean to kill her but admits she was in love.

Alison was jealous of Nathalie, who she thought Gabriel was in love with. Gabriel reiterates that it was all just a con. The mission’s goal was to get Alison out by any means necessary. Alison asks if Gabriel has real feelings for her, but he doesn’t answer the question.

Alison arrives back at her fancy London digs, badly beaten and bruised. Partner Albert is concerned by Alison’s appearance and the sudden arrival of all these strangers in his home.

Alison asks Albert to contact Richard; they need to talk. Albert is hostile towards Gabriel but accommodating to the Syrian refugees. While they clean up, Gabriel plays Massive Attack – Teardrop, one of Alison’s favorite songs, downstairs on the vinyl player.

This song sparks important memories for Alison, and she goes over to Gabriel. Albert spots them flirting and hits Gabriel in the face. The Frenchman retaliates, restraining Albert with ease. Alison screams in Gabriel’s face, ordering him to leave. She’s had enough of his mind games. Gabriel quickly leaves.

Richard soon arrives at the house, backed up by a convoy of security personnel. Alison shows him the USB drive containing details of Antropa’s attack plans. Richard asks how she escaped France.

Alison mentions Gabriel helping along with the French. Richard is shocked to hear that the DGSE has access to the drive. Alison warns Richard of a mole lurking in the British Government but adds that they don’t know who it is yet.

Why does Didier need Sabine?

Meanwhile, Didier forces Sabine to take a little trip with him to London, where she is coerced into handing over the EU passwords. Sabine has to comply because her child’s life is in danger.

Once in London, they head to Antropa headquarters. Sabine protests on the way there, stating that she only has minor access. But Didier only needs access to the EU cyber-security shield; he’s done his homework.

Meanwhile, Didier and Sabine are being followed closely by the Brits under DCI Hobbs’ watchful eye. She works alongside Sophie Saint-Roch from the DGSE and Gabriel’s boss Dumas, who are here to take down Didier.

Sophie has the paperwork to deport Sabine and Didier immediately, but Hobbs wants to find the British mole before anyone is arrested. They want to identify the spy who will appear at this Antropa meeting.

The French aren’t happy with Hobbs’ decision, and Sophie orders Gabriel to reprimand Didier secretly.

After an emotional goodbye, Richard’s men take Samir and his family away, and Alison heads down to the Home Office in a taxi to meet with Richard.

Unfortunately, Samir and his family are taken hostage and sent to Antropa, while Alison is kidnapped and placed in a similar situation.

What is Antropa’s plan?

Francis Miller arrives at Antropa HQ via a personal helicopter. He informs Bob that the Brits have pulled out of the deal due to DGSE gaining access to the USB drive and all of Antropa’s criminal plans. They only have 24 hours to liquidate their assets and disappear for good.

Bob is placed in charge of sorting the finances. Miller orders Sabine to hand over the EU passwords. She tries to send an alert to the European Commission instead but is stopped. They drag Sabine to a different room, where we find Samir.

Elsewhere, Gabriel infiltrates Antropa HQ, and Alison is spotted by the Brits entering the base via the taxi. Hobbs instantly spies Alison on the footage and concludes that she must be the British mole after all.

Gabriel is caught and handcuffed. Sabine enters the correct passwords and is taken with Samir to be killed. Samir sacrifices himself, allowing Sabine and Myriam the chance to escape. Samir is shot dead, and then the Antropa goons chase after the escaped captives.

Why does Antropa need Alison?

Alison and Gabriel are dragged over to the Antropa meeting. Francis explains Alison’s purpose; she will be killed and used as a scapegoat, appearing to be the British mole they are after. He states that he already has enough proof of her betrayal; she will be used as the perfect decoy and eventually forgotten about entirely.

Alison seizes an enemy’s gun and shoots them dead, stealing their phone in the process. Then Gabriel and Alison work together to escape the meeting.

Liaison Season 1 Ending Explained

Chased through Antropa HQ, Alison, and Gabriel find Myriam with her crying baby. Myriam decides to sacrifice herself as a distraction and passes Alison her baby.

Next, Gabriel and Alison hide in a nearby room and hand over the baby to a random stranger they find cowering in a corner. Gabriel and Alison run for it but find themselves hunted down wherever they go.

Gabriel sacrifices himself and forces Alison to exit the building, pushing her into a corridor and locking the door behind her. He takes on the pursuing shooters alone while Alison is forced to flee.

Who is the British mole?

Outside the building, Alison calls Richard using the enemy’s phone she stole. Richard answers, presuming he is talking to a man called Ronald. Alison warns Richard that Francis and Bob are getting away as the helicopter swirls overhead.

Richard asks Alison to press the hash key to talk on an encrypted line instead. Alison presses the button, and the helicopter explodes simultaneously, going up in flames high above her head.

Alison realizes at that moment that Richard is the mole and she has just killed the enemies for him. She drops the phone in shock as the police raid the Antropa building.

Is Gabriel alive?

In the final moments, Alison is asked to speak with Richard. He gives his reasons for working with Antropa, saying he will protect the country at any cost.

Richard asks Alison to join him, but she refuses, exiting the car in disgust. She walks through all the chaos, watching Myriam be reunited with her baby and witnessing Sabine being arrested.

Alison looks at the body bags, searching for Gabriel among the dead. In the end, she bumps into Gabriel, who has survived all the gunfire. The couple hugs and Alison is relieved Gabriel is still alive and thankful that he has saved her life.

The writers leave their relationship open-ended. Will they get back together or not? It is up to you to decide.

What did you think of Liaison Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6? Comment below.

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