Your Honor Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Why does Michael agree to help Olivia?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 3, 2023 (Last updated: February 28, 2024)
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Your Honor Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


Lots of characters face tough choices in this week’s episode of Your Honor, making for a tense and complex character-driven drama.

This recap of Your Honor Season 2 Episode 8, “Part Eighteen”, contains spoilers.

Things are, finally, looking up for Michael. He has some closure around Robin’s death after the whole debacle with Walter Beckwith and Cunningham in Episode 7. He’s getting to spend some quality time with his grandson and is playing doting guardian of Fia, who needs the support at this point. As is becoming typical, though, it can’t last. Michael is still free on the good graces of a state that has needs of him, and Olivia makes this clear pretty early in “Part Eighteen”. She wants him to flip Fia so she’ll testify on the rest of the Baxter clan.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

How does Lee try to lower Eugene’s sentence?

Speaking of which, Eugene is in a similar predicament. He’s in jail after his hospital stint and is looking at 30 years for a guilty plea and life without parole otherwise. His only option, really, is to provide information about higher-ranking members of Desire; testimony which is just as likely to reduce his sentence as it is to get him killed. When it’s that or spend the better part of your life on the inside, though, well… it’s a decision worth lingering over, at the very least.

Of course, Lee has a trump card of her own — she knows about Michael letting Carlo go free, and if she was to reveal that, it’d subsequently cast a shadow of doubt over every case Michael was ever involved in. It’d be a nightmare for the DA’s office. Yes, this is blackmail, but as she says herself, she doesn’t particularly want to be a lawyer anymore anyway. She feels personally connected to Eugene’s case. The threat of her leaking what she knows to the press gets her an offer of negligent homicide, which would carry a sentence of ten years. Eugene would be out in three for good behavior.

But Eugene doesn’t care. He wants his trial. And that means he’s potentially looking at life if things don’t go his way.

Why does Gina leave Jimmy?

Things aren’t going well in the Baxter camp this week. Desire’s new club is opening across the street from the hotel, and tensions continue to simmer between Gina and Jimmy, especially now that the latter is feeling himself and has promoted Carlo to a position of some actual responsibility. This eventually reaches a boiling point and Gina leaves Jimmy, telling him that she’s incapable of loving him since she still blames him for Rocco’s death. 

This is problematic in the grand scheme of things for several reasons. For one, it’s likely to make Jimmy even more determined to prove a point, which as we saw with Frankie, he seems to do through rash acts of violence. But it also means that Gina is now officially a loose cannon, and given how determinedly she got face-to-face with Big Mo this week, that can only be trouble in the long run.

Why does Michael agree to help Olivia?

When Michael initially rejects Olivia’s request for him to flip Fia, she goes to Fia directly, showing her evidence of her family’s crimes in the hope it’ll persuade her to testify against them. And it almost works. But Michael has other ideas.

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In order to protect Fia and baby Rocco, Michael gives her Adam’s college fund and agrees to get Jimmy in exchange for Olivia leaving the girl alone. How he plans to do that is anyone’s guess, but it’ll no doubt be hazardous to his health.

You can catch Your Honor Season 2 Episode 8, “Part Eighteen” exclusively on Showtime.

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