Your Honor Season 2 Review and Episodes 1-2 Recap – A Multitude of Emotions

By Emma Vine
Published: January 14, 2023 (Last updated: March 4, 2024)
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Your Honor Season 2 Review and Episodes 1-2 Recap
Your Honor Season 2 (Credit - Showtime)


Though much slower than its predecessor, Your Honor Season 2 is a worthy follow-up that accurately portrays the weight grief and loss carries and the ripple effects of corruption and coverups.

The first season of Your Honor had viewers on the edge of their seats as they watched Adam (Hunter Doohan) flee the scene of a hit-and-run, leaving a boy dead. After Adam’s father, Michael (Bryan Cranston), who also happens to be a judge, learns of the tragic accident, he is adamant that his son has no choice but to confess. However, after it’s revealed that the victim of the incident is the son of Gina (Hope Davis) and Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stewart Stuhlbarg), an organized crime family in New Orleans, Michael has no choice but to keep the heinous crime a secret to protect his son.

In a turn of unfortunate yet ironic events, the season concludes with the brutal killing of Adam after Eugene (Benjamin Flores Jr.), who wants revenge on Carlo and is planning to kill him, misses his target and accidentally shoots Adam instead.

When Showtime announced that Your Honor had been renewed for Season 2, it came as a surprise after an ending that cemented the fate for most of the characters involved. Fans couldn’t help but wonder if a follow-up season was warranted or if the television drama would outstay its welcome with a second installment. Thankfully, the writers have done the audience proud, and there is certainly enough material to explore after the season 1 finale.

Your Honor Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

Season 2 of Your Honor focuses on the aftermath of Adam’s death and the grief accompanying Michael. He is a broken, disheveled shell of a man that has lost the most important thing in his life, and his world will never be the same again. But, if the sudden passing of his son wasn’t soul-crushing enough, there’s a new player in the game to contend with.

Olivia (Rosie Perez), a federal prosecutor, abruptly arrives on the scene and wishes to use Michael as a pawn to bring down the Baxter family. Though Michael is reluctant to offer his assistance, he feels backed into a corner when she refuses to take no for an answer.

Your Honor season 2 excels with its deeper exploration of each character and the varying emotions incorporated into the storyline. We as humans experience grief, love, and loss, so though viewers may not relate to each character, a more profound connection can be formed when the audience understands their emotions.

Season 2 of Your Honor may not be as gripping as the first, but every subplot is intriguing, and, with some characters, you can’t help but feel empathy towards them as their journey unfolds.

Praise must be given to the cast, who bring so much emotion and tension to each of their roles. Michael feels a void in his heart, and Cranston does a fantastic job portraying the pain he is experiencing as a loving father who misses his son deeply.

Stuhlbarg flawlessly balances Jimmy’s calm and collected exterior with his menacing presence, all while the viewers wait with bated breath to see when his halo may slip. Olivia is an enticing newcomer from the moment she appears on screen, and Perez nails her assertiveness and manipulation.

Gina plays a more pivotal role in the follow-up season, and we get a closer look at her strained relationship with Jimmy and a deeper understanding of who she is under the surface. The same can be said for Fia (Lilli Kay), who always felt like an outcast among her relatives, with a softer nature.

Her disinterest in the family business is more prevalent than ever, and as expected, she is distraught after Adam’s brutal death. Fia’s storyline in season 2 also brings some surprises, and we get to see a side of her we have never seen before.

Margo Martindale and Isiah Whitlock Jr. return as Elizabeth and Charlie, who, as lifelong friends of Michael’s, feel an integral part of the series after his devastating loss. Keith Machekanyanga and Benjamin Flores Jr. also reprise their roles as members of the Desire Gang, while Andrene Ward-Hammond plays their mob leader, Big Mo.

Ward-Hammond is captivating on screen and one of the most enjoyable characters of the season, especially regarding her interactions with the Baxter family.

Is Your Honor Season 2 on Showtime good?

Season 2 of Your Honor is a fantastic follow-up season, and if you enjoyed the first, the second is definitely worth the time investment. The cast is outstanding, each working together to build tension that you could cut with a knife.

The audience witnesses a lot more character development in season 2, and though it may not be as fast-paced as its predecessor, it takes time to build each storyline, giving viewers a closer look at what’s occurring underneath the surface.

There are also some surprising reveals you won’t see coming and touching moments that are bound to pull on the heartstrings.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Bryan Cranston in Your Honor (Credit – Showtime)

The first episode opens with Michael in prison. He refuses to eat in hopes of starving himself because he no longer feels that life is worth living. Although the prison doctor offers him a nutritional supplement to consume due to his deteriorating state, he doesn’t drink it, so the guards restrain him and force-feed him to keep him alive.

In a flashback to Adam’s shooting, Eugene flees the scene on foot after realizing his mistake. Carlo, who figures out he is the intended target, chases Eugene through the busy streets of New Orleans. As Carlo pulls out his gun to kill Eugene, dozens of cop cars pass him as they rush to the scene of Adam’s murder. This distracts Carlo and results in him losing sight of Eugene.

Big Mo calls Jimmy to inform him that Eugene’s attempt at murdering Carlo was not constructed by her and was, instead, his plan to seek revenge on Carlo for killing Kofi. Jimmy demands she hands Eugene over to him, but Big Mo is unsure of his whereabouts.

After her men finally locate him, Big Mo speaks to Eugene about the significant friction and backlash his crime has created with the Baxters. After the conversation, Little Mo asks her what she plans to do with Eugene, to which she answers that there’s only one option.

Meanwhile, Michael is frequently visited in prison by psychiatrists who assess him to see if he is a threat to himself, but he refuses to engage with any of them. A federal prosecutor named Olivia comes to visit him, and after briefly introducing herself, she asks Michael for assistance in bringing down the Baxter family. After everything Michael has been through, he has no interest and refuses her proposal, but she seems adamant about his involvement in the plan.

Detective Nancy Costello plays Judge Huntview Michael’s full confession and informs him that she took Michael into custody the previous day. On the recording, Michael admits to throwing the Kofi case in Carlo’s favor to protect Adam after Jimmy found out that he was the one who was responsible for his son’s death.

Olivia, who is also present in the room and sees the case as part federal due to the Baxters’ involvement, asks Nancy and the judge to eradicate Michael’s confession.

Carlo drives to Eugene’s neighborhood to locate him and asks a few men on the streets if they know where he is. This results in the kidnapping of Carlo, as the men are part of Big Mo’s crew, and he isn’t welcome in their territory. After having some choice words with Carlo, Big Mo calls Jimmy to inform him that she has his son.

Though he remains unharmed and is later dropped back to his house by the gang, this is Big Mo’s way of sending Jimmy the message that she can be dangerous and that they should remain on good terms with one another.

It’s also revealed that Fia had a child since Adam’s death, and he is the father. To learn more about her former boyfriend, she writes letters to Michael while he’s in prison, but all of them go unanswered. She later visits the jail to see Michael in person and tries to tell him about his grandchild, but she doesn’t get the chance as he tells her to leave him alone.

Across town, Little Mo drives Eugene to the bus stop, giving him cash and an address to travel to. He tells him to leave town for good and never return to New Orleans. When Big Mo talks to Little Mo on the phone, he informs her that Eugene accidentally got away.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

Charlie and Officer Rudy meet up with Big Mo in the hopes that she will turn in Eugene so they can get a killer off the streets, and look good to the locals, especially with an upcoming election. Big Mo tells them that though she isn’t going to hand over Eugene, she can promise he will never be seen again. She then suggests they pretend to the town that Eugene is dead and they can use another body to pass as his.

Before parting ways, Big Mo hands them one of Eugene’s items to make the staged murder using another body appear more believable.

At the morgue, Rudy pays off the technician for a body that somewhat resembles Eugene’s and places the personal item of his that Big Mo gave him with the body. Charlie later reveals on the news that Eugene has been found and that he is no longer alive.

Olivia revisits Michael in prison, but again, he refuses to help her bring down the Baxter family. However, Olivia uses Michael’s confession as leverage against him. On a tape recorder she has in her possession, she plays a part of the audio where Michael admits that his friend Charlie, who is currently running to be mayor, helped him get rid of his car from the hit-and-run incident involving Adam. As this makes Charlie an unknowing participant in the crime, Olivia stresses that if Michael doesn’t help her, she will expose the truth, which could ruin Charlie’s career and result in jail time.

In the closing scene, we see Michael leaving the prison and entering the real world again. Just as he steps outside the gates, he receives a call from Olivia, who tells him that he did the right thing.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Bryan Cranston in Your Honor (Credit – Showtime)

After his release from prison, Michael arrives at his mother-in-law Elizabeth’s residence. Though he hasn’t been in touch for a year, this was intentional as he didn’t want to be a burden. Michael struggles to adjust to his new environment. He starts sleeping in the pantry, as he feels more comfortable there and claims Elizabeth’s guest bedroom is too big.

Each morning, he ventures out early to visit Adam and Robin’s graves, which are placed next to one another at the cemetery.

Meanwhile, the Desire gang has issues with the product they sell, as it’s been laced, resulting in the overdoses and deaths of some customers. This leaves them no choice but to pull the product. Little Mo travels to visit his cousin, who introduces him to a new dealer, though the dealer wants them to buy more product than planned.

Little Mo says he can’t afford it, but his cousin tells him they can find a way to pay for it. While in town, Little Mo also visits Eugene, who is staying with Little Mo’s aunt. He asks him if he’s been keeping out of trouble, and Eugene says he’s been trying to. Little Mo asserts that when given a last chance, there’s no “trying.”

Eugene is now attending school under the name Justin and gets taken out of class to the principal’s office. He’s been drawing pictures of events that happened in his life, including the shooting of Adam. He insists the boy in the drawings is just a character, but he sketches himself in the pictures. The principal declares that looking after her students is a top priority and asks if he’s capable of hurting someone.

Michael travels to Charlie’s office to speak to him, but security doesn’t allow him in as he’s banned from the building. As Michael leaves the facility, Olivia is outside. She reiterates that the deal will be off if he tells Charlie about the whole plan. In turn, Michael would not only go to prison, but he could also put Charlie behind bars.

Olivia then informs Michael that she got him a job, so his release looks believable. As she wants him to adjust to life outside of prison, he is assigned to be a delivery driver for a butcher shop.

Charlie visits Michael at the butcher shop and tells his best friend how much he’s missed him. As they step outside for a heart-to-heart, Charlie states that he attempted to visit Michael in prison many times and knows he was trying to protect him.

Michael warns Charlie that he could still be in danger due to the coverup, but Charlie has no concerns, affirming that the only people who are aware of the incident are Rudy, and Michael himself, so his cover won’t be blown. Later in the conversation, Charlie expresses to Michael how much he loved Adam and shows remorse for helping dispose of the car, calling it “a coffin with headlights.”

While Jimmy is at the hotel, he sees Fia, but she doesn’t speak to him. Once he returns home, he tells Gina about their daughter ignoring him, to which she proclaims that she is punishing them without reason. As Carlo walks in, they ask him if he has seen Fia recently and if he would mind talking to her about the situation. Frankie then enters the room and announces that Michael is out of prison.

Michael’s new driving job requires him to make a delivery at the Baxter hotel, and as he enters, he sees Fia. She informs him that she now lives at the hotel, which her friends don’t understand. While Michael agrees it’s strange seeing her there, he comforts her and says that people grieve differently.

During their exchange, Fia tells Michael what she wishes she could have asked Adam if he were still alive, such as his thoughts on life after death, and asks Michael what his opinion is on the matter.

Michael states that though he doesn’t know what happens in the afterlife, he thinks “that good people go where they deserve.” In response to Michael’s answer, Fia hugs him. She then attempts to tell Michael there’s someone she’d like him to meet, but he cuts her short as he has to get back to work. He promises her that he will return another time. Jimmy, who is also at the hotel, sees the whole interaction take place.

Big Mo wishes to buy a nightclub that her love interest sings at, but the owner, Dick, refuses to sell it to her as he doesn’t want drug money used to purchase it. As Charlie knows Dick, Big Mo asks for his help convincing Dick to sell her the club, especially as part of Charlie’s plan for the city is to help black business owners.

Charlie mentions the drug problem he is trying to tackle, most of which is occurring in Big Mo’s neighborhood, and she promises him that she will fix the issue. In return, Charlie agrees to help her obtain the nightclub.

Gina has started to attend a support group for mothers who have lost their children. She criticizes the women present for complaining about their problems, stating that voicing their grief doesn’t solve anything. When asked why she attends the meetings, she explains that her daughter, Fia, encouraged her to, as she believes Gina has anger issues.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained

As Michael walks down the street, Nancy gets out of her car. She tells him that while she understands what he did was to protect Adam, she feels manipulated and used by him. Once his freedom ends, she states that she will be his worst nightmare.

During the evening, Michael grabs the dog leash and gazes at it, implying that he’s considering taking his own life. Moments later, the dog runs up to him while whining, which distracts Michael from his dark thoughts, and he takes the dog out for a walk.

Meanwhile, Eugene eats dinner with Little Mo’s aunt and shows her the paperwork the school sent him home with, asking his legal guardian to sign it to acknowledge that they’re aware of the drawings he created. Little Mo’s aunt stresses to Eugene that good will always stay with somebody and evil can be uprooted, implying that he is capable of change.

Carlo meets Jimmy at the hotel bar and tells his father that he spoke to Fia and believes she needs space. Jimmy appears upset by the comment. He states that everyone can have space, but the biggest issue with the younger generation is the lack of time consideration, which is not infinite.

Elizabeth asks Michael where he goes every morning, and he informs her that he’s been visiting the cemetery. Upon the table, there’s a cereus plant. Elizabeth explains to Michael that it blooms just once a year. When that occurs, she will visit Adam and Robin at the cemetery and put it by their graves. She tells Michael that visiting the cemetery every day will not help him heal, as they’re not there, and it won’t bring him closer to them.

Charlie visits Dick at the club to help convince him to allow Big Mo to buy it. Big Mo tells Dick how much it means to her, as her grandfather gigged on the stage for over twenty years, and her father would watch him perform.

Dick finally sells the club to Big Mo, and as she walks out, Gina is on her balcony smoking a cigarette and glaring at her.

Gina visits Fia and confronts her about ignoring Jimmy, to which Fia proclaims that she didn’t feel like dealing with him when she saw him. After Fia accuses Gina of feeling sorry for herself, Gina slaps her.

Michael returns to the hotel to meet Fia, though he doesn’t know why he’s there. Fia tells him that she wishes to show him something that may make him feel closer to Adam. Though Michael seems skeptical and doesn’t believe anything could, Fia tells him it might.

Once in her room, she introduces Michael to Rocco Adam Baxter, his grandson, and Michael stands silent and in shock.

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