Your Honor Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Does Little Mo make the deal with Roger?

By Emma Vine
Published: January 27, 2023 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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“Part Thirteen” finds various characters stuck between a rock and a hard place, with some putting their livelihood on the line.

We recap the Showtime series Your Honor Season 2 Episode 3, “Part Thirteen,” which contains spoilers.

At the end of Your Honor Season 2 Episode 2, it was revealed to Michael (Bryan Cranston) that he has a grandson named Rocco Adam Baxter. This revelation complicates Michael’s situation even further, as he must work alongside Olivia (Rosie Perez), through no choice of his own, to bring the Baxter family down. Though Fia (Lilli Kay) is keeping some distance from her family, she is still a Baxter, so seeing how this could impact Michael’s approach to Olivia’s demands is intriguing, especially as Fia and Michael appear to be forming a bond.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 opens with Michael leaving the hotel. He’s shocked at the news of being a grandfather and runs down the street as he tries to gather his thoughts. His phone rings, and as he answers, Olivia says, “Hi, grandpa.”

He meets her at the bar and asks why she never told him about his grandson. Olivia tells him that it wasn’t her place to say and that Fia had tried to break the news to him many times. Michael tells her he can’t go through with the Baxter takedown as everybody he gets close to ends up hurt. Olivia asks him to just be himself and love his grandson.

The Baxters have plans to lease 12 acres of land across the New Orleans river and turn it into a retail, residential, and entertainment space, which Jimmy refers to as “The Baxter District.” Jimmy and Gina have an appointment with Charlie to discuss the lease approval, as it was set to process at the end of the month by the former mayor. During the meeting, Charlie highlights that the bid needed to be more competitive, as there were no other bidders. Due to this, he decides to reopen the bidding and suggests the Baxters resubmit their bid.

Charlie later visits Michael and informs him about the Baxters plans for the lease. He reveals that when the Baxters originally submitted their bid, there was another buyer, but on the night of the submissions, the other buyer disappeared, and no one has heard from him since. As Charlie didn’t approve the Baxter’s bid, he suspects the family will resort to scare tactics to get what they want from him. He asks Michael if he revealed information to anyone that could be held against him, but Michael reassures Charlie that he will always protect him.

The Christening Dilemma

Gina wishes for her grandson Rocco to be baptized so he can be with his uncle Rocco in heaven. Fia, on the other hand, clashes with her mother on the idea of a baptism as she is an atheist. Gina pleads with Fia for her to consider a baptism and tells her that if she never does a nice thing for her again in her life, she will accept that so long as she can see her grandson baptized.

The Grand Rain

While Big Mo is drinking at The Grand Rain nightclub, Dick informs her that he got a better offer for the club. The buyer in question is revealed to be Gina, who offered him 10 percent above the asking price and is willing to do cash in hand and close by the end of the week. Gina wants to get revenge on Big Mo after Eugene tried to kill Carlo, as she thinks he was put up to it by the Desire gang. Dick advises Big Mo that he will still sell the club to her if she can meet the same terms that Gina set forth, and Big Mo agrees to the deal.

The Deal Gone Wrong

Little Mo returns to New Orleans to collect cash from Big Mo so he can return to Houston and pay Roger for the product, but Big Mo is reluctant to hand over such a significant amount of money to a dealer she doesn’t know. Little Mo reassures her that Trey is on good terms with the dealer Roger, but Big Mo quickly reminds Little Mo of losing Eugene the last time she trusted him. Later in Houston, Little Mo and Trey travel to meet Roger, who is running late, and they bring Eugene along for the ride.

While Little Mo and Trey order BBQ, Eugene waits in the car with the money. Big Mo calls Little Mo to tell him to call off the deal as she now needs the money for the nightclub. As Little Mo is about to get back into the car, Trey slams the door, leaving Little Mo’s phone in the car with Eugene. As Trey has put himself on the line to make the deal happen, he is concerned about the backlash from Roger. A fight breaks out between him and Little Mo, and they both get arrested. Eugene flees from the car with the bag of cash and Little Mo’s cell phone, andthe deal does not go through.

Harry “The Hook”

After Carlo interrupts Fia’s meet-up with Michael at the park, he tells Fia that he will apologize to Michael. But instead, Carlo tells him that Fia needs her family to lean on and not “some bum who just got out of prison.” After Michael mentions the irony of Carlo’s statement, he says that he served his sentence, and in regards to Kofi Jones, it was self-defense, and he had it coming. Michael asks him if he worries about karma, to which Carlo says it hasn’t caught up to him yet, though Michael reminds him that Eugene tried to kill him. He then tells Carlo that he reminds him of someone out of Chicago named Harry, “The Hook.”

Later at the hotel, Carlo asks Jimmy if he thinks he got lucky with his acquittal in the Kofi Jones murder trial and if there was a retrial in present-day if he thinks Carlo would be acquitted for a second time. Jimmy proclaims that it was self-defense and that he wouldn’t be able to be charged with the crime again due to double jeopardy. Carlo then mentions that Harry “The Hook,” whom he’s now researched, was a mobster accused of the murder of a Teamsters official in the 70s. During the trial, he was found not guilty but was convicted 25 years later, as the judge on the original trial had been gotten to. In such circumstances, double jeopardy doesn’t apply. When Jimmy asks who told Carlo about Harry “The Hook,” he pulls up the live hotel security camera footage and points at Michael, drinking at the hotel bar.

The What If Scenario

Jimmy goes to the bar where Michael is drinking and asks him to leave. During their interaction, Michael reveals to Jimmy that on the day of Rocco’s murder, he took Adam to the police station to confess, but after he saw Jimmy and Gina there, he turned around. He then asks Jimmy if Adam had confessed that evening what he would have done thereafter. Jimmy proclaims that as it was an accident, he would have given forgiveness, and the only person to blame in the situation is Michael, as his fear is what got Adam killed. After Jimmy walks out of the bar, Frankie asks him what he would have done if Adam had confessed. Jimmy responds by saying he would have killed Adam with his bare hands.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Olivia struggles to get Michael to cooperate, so she asks detective Nancy to be allies and to help motivate Michael. Olivia tells Nancy they both want the same thing, though Nancy doesn’t know what Olivia wants.

At Little Mo’s aunt’s house, Eugene stands looking at the bag of cash that he recovered from the car after the fight between Little Mo and Trey ensued. Eugene sees Big Mo calling Little Mo’s phone, and panics, unsure of what to do next.

Michael visits Fia in her hotel room. He sees a christening outfit laid out for Rocco that Gina and Jimmy bought for him. Michael tells Fia that Adam was baptized, although he argued with his wife about the baptism as a non-believer. Fia asks him if he regrets giving in, to which Michael says he wishes he had given in to his wife more instead.

After Fia puts Rocco down to sleep, she goes to the bathroom, but as she does, Rocco starts to cry. Michael goes over to the crib and comforts his grandson. Footsteps are heard in the background coming towards Michael. As Michael looks, it’s Jimmy, who stands next to him and looks down at Rocco in the crib.

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