Your Honor Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – What happens to Big Mo’s bag of money?

By Emma Vine
Published: February 3, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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An unexpected birthday party invite draws attention to Michael for all the wrong reasons, while a loyal deed puts Eugene in Big Mo’s good books.

We recap the Showtime series Your Honor Season 2 Episode 4, “Part Fourteen,” which contains spoilers.

Though a wild concept, Michael (Bryan Cranston) and Jimmy (Michael Stuhlbarg) are gradually coming to terms with the fact that they share a grandson. After Fia (Lilli Kay) reveals to Michael that she has a baby and Adam is the father, she and Michael form a special bond. On the other hand, Jimmy has grown more estranged from his daughter and resents her close relationship with Michael.

In Episode 3, Jimmy attempts to make Michael feel responsible for Adam’s passing, stating that if Adam had confessed to the accidental murder of Rocco, he would have given forgiveness. This, in his mind, would have changed the series of events that happened thereafter, and Adam would still be alive.

Jimmy later tells Frankie that if he knew Adam was responsible for Rocco’s death, he would have killed him with his own hands. Jimmy certainly wishes to punish Michael, and with each new episode, the tension between the two grows stronger.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 opens with Michael being driven home from Fia’s by Jimmy’s driver, with Jimmy present. To Michael’s surprise, Jimmy invites him to his 50th birthday party. Though seemingly a nice thought, his intentions seem questionable as he wishes for Michael to bring Charlie, likely as a way to get in his good books so he can have his bid for the land approved.

Olivia helps Michael prepare for the event and sees it as an excellent opportunity to give her more information in her attempts at bringing the Baxter family down. She hires a tailor to help fit Michael for a suit to wear at the party. Michael meets with Charlie to ask him if he will attend the birthday party with him, to which he agrees.

Though Charlie is perplexed about why Michael wishes to go, he finally reveals to Charlie that Fia had Adam’s child after his death, which makes Charlie understand the situation more. Fia drops by to visit Michael, and she warns him against spending too much time with her family. She also helps him cut his hair for the party.

The Birthday Party

Michael walks into the party and is greeted by Fia, who says he looks like a changed man. Jimmy comes over to welcome his guest but appears resentful of Michael and Fia’s interaction. After Gina spots Michael at the event, she approaches him, disgusted that he’s in attendance. She asks who invited him and demands that he leaves her family alone.

Unamused by her remarks, Michael goes to the bathroom, where he calls Olivia to tell her that he’s leaving the party as he’s not wanted there, but she tells him to stay and not take notice of what Gina says. At this point, Michael realizes that Olivia must have put a wire on him. He searches the suit he’s wearing, finds a microphone embedded in his collar, removes it, and goes back out to the party.

Jimmy introduces Michael to the crowd as a new family member, announces that Fia gave birth and that he and Michael share a grandson. Jimmy also gives Charlie a warm welcome and even suggests that Charlie could be a potential godparent for Rocco, as he was such a standup godparent for Adam. Moments later, Jimmy introduces Michael and Charlie to his father-in-law, Carmine Conti (Mark Margolis), who proclaims it’s always nice to meet the city’s power brokers and that he’s looking forward to the wonderful things they’ll do together.

The Aftermath Of The Arrest

Still unaware of what to do with the bag of cash, Eugene hides it under the bed for safekeeping. Trey calls his mom (Aunt Sheila) to get him out of jail, but as she thinks he and Little Mo ended up locked up due to helping Big Mo with selling product, she refuses to help. Little Mo uses his collect call to contact Eugene and asks him to keep his money safe until he gets out of jail.

Roger visits Sheila’s looking for Trey, but she tells him that her son no longer lives with her and that she doesn’t keep tabs on him. Eugene is standing in the kitchen holding a backpack, and Roger storms in to check inside it as he thinks it may contain the money, but it’s full of school books. Sheila then asks Roger to leave her house.

Big Mo calls Sheila as she doesn’t know the whereabouts of Little Mo nor what happened to him, but Sheila tells her to stay away from her son, Trey, and hangs up on her. Sheila later visits the jail to see Trey and Little Mo to ask them why Big Mo called her and why Roger was snooping around her house. Little Mo, who knows she may be in danger, begs her to help get him out. As she later leaves the jail, Roger is sitting in a car. He appears to be following her and keeping tabs on her. Big Mo later pays Rudy to help get Little Mo out of jail, and he succeeds.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 4 Recap Ending Explained

After Little Mo is released from jail, he returns to his Aunt Sheila’s house, which appears to have been ransacked by Roger, and Eugene is nowhere to be seen. Little Mo checks under Eugene’s bed, as that’s where he kept the cash for safekeeping, but it’s gone. A member of the Desire gang calls Big Mo to tell her that the money is missing, but she says she has a good idea of where it may be. We then see Eugene standing at her front door with the bag of money.

Frankie sees Michael in the hallway at the birthday party and asks for a moment of his time as Jimmy wishes to speak with him. Michael is taken into a room where Frankie checks him over to see if he’s wearing a wire. Upon his search on Michael, he only finds one collar stiffener, voicing to Michael that he must be missing one, but deems him as clean. He then punches Michael, which knocks him to the ground.

Jimmy, who has been sitting at a chair in the corner, walks over and voices his frustration at his strained relationship with Fia, attempting to fix the relationship only for it to have the opposite effect. He resents Michael for how easy he makes a relationship with Fia look. As he holds a gun in his hand, he asks Michael what he wants with the Baxter family and why he continues to see him delivering meat to his hotel, drinking at the Baxter hotel, and taunting Carlo by telling him about Harry “The Hook.” Jimmy is also suspicious of why Michael was released early from prison. Michael informs him that he wanted to take his own life, and the prison didn’t want that on their watch, so they let him out.

Michael leans forward towards the gun Jimmy is holding and asks him to do what he’s got to do. Jimmy refuses, stating that he won’t be Michael’s executioner, and he walks out of the room. After refusing to pull the trigger, Michael looks relieved.  This is a pivotal moment in Michael’s life and the series, as it shows that he still has some fight left and that death isn’t what he actually wants, even though he previously felt that it was.

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