The Glory Season 1 Episode 14 Recap – Where was Myeong-o’s body found?

March 10, 2023
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Episode 14 shows where Yeon-jin got her ruthlessness from, as some crucial turns and developments raise the stakes for the final two episodes.

This recap of Netflix K-drama The Glory Season 1 Episode 14 contains spoilers.

So, as we theorized in Episode 13, Myeong-o’s body being found doesn’t bode well for Detective Shin. He was relying on being able to blackmail Yeon-jin so that he could secure his retirement fund, but now he’s being forced to improvise. While Hye-jeong, who had heard about Myeong-o’s body being found from his aunt, taunts Yeon-jin about her imminent ruin, Shin clears out his safe. He’s going to run.

The Glory Season 1 Episode 14 Recap

Episode 14 also quickly addresses the outcome of the fire that Dong-eun’s mother started in her apartment. It left some lasting damage but seems to have been put out without much fuss — Yeong-jun watches what happened through the camera. When we catch up with Dong-eun herself, she’s admitting her mother to a treatment facility for her alcohol dependency. And now seems as good a time as any to mention that I’ve hated the performance of Dong-eun’s mother. Sure, a truly woeful English dub worsened it, but the whole thing was just a ridiculous caricature.

Do-yeong, meanwhile, has continued to obsess over the online accounts of the thus-far anonymous weatherwoman’s exploits, and he’s appalled at the things Yeon-jin has done. He finally seems willing to help Dong-eun achieve her revenge, mostly for the sake of So-hee’s mother. Dong-eun tells him she’s being kept on ice at the hospital Yeong-jun’s family owns.

Where was Myeong-o’s body found?

Interestingly enough, Myeong-o’s body was found at the same abandoned building where So-hee died. Yeon-jin gets this information from Jae-jun, whom she immediately begs for an alibi for the night Myeong-o was killed, predictably using Ye-sol as a bargaining chip. Jae-jun does the same thing with Do-yeong, trying to convince him to sign custody of Ye-sol over to him to protect Yeon-jin.

How does Yeon-jin’s mother deal with the blackmail?

Yeon-jin’s mother, meanwhile, finds a way to remove the pressing problem of Hyeon-Nam’s husband trying to blackmail her by arranging a meeting and then running him over with Detective Shin as a witness. She has him report that the accident absolutely wasn’t her fault, since if she goes down she promises to take him with her, and at this point, it’s little wonder that Yeon-jin is the way she is. Psychopathy must run in the family.

Why did Yeon-jin kill So-hee?

In fact, in flashbacks, we even see the exact circumstances surrounding So-hee’s death — Yeon-jin was tormenting her for simply wearing similar clothes to her — and see how Yeon-jin’s mother helped to cover that up, too. They make for quite a double-act, all things considered, and it’s easy to hope that they both get their comeuppance in the next couple of episodes. It certainly looks like that’s on the cards, but there are undoubtedly more secrets to uncover between then and now.

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