The Glory Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – Was So-he pregnant when she died?

March 10, 2023
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Part 2 of The Glory gets off to a roaring start with a big confrontation, some new revelations, and a clear sense of the tables beginning to turn.

This recap of Netflix K-drama The Glory Season 1 Episode 9 contains spoilers.

It has been a little while since Part 1 of The Glory, so let’s quickly get ourselves up to speed with what happened in Episode 8, since the Part 2 premiere wastes no time in racing out of the blocks right where we left off. So, Myeong-o is dead, and Yeon-jin is the likeliest suspect; Yeo-jeong has agreed to become Dong-eun’s avenging angel for reasons that will become increasingly clear in the unfurling of his own backstory; Do-yeong has figured out that his wife isn’t quite what he thought she was and is, to put things mildly, not taking it well; Sa-Ra is in withdrawal; Jae-jun is Ye-sol’s father and doesn’t know it yet; and Dong-eun is sitting on some pretty substantial kompromat that should allow the crux of her revenge mission to get well underway.

Okay? Okay. Let’s get on with it.

The Glory Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 begins with Myeong-o, oddly enough, as we retrace some of his final steps while he was still alive and well. He tries to contact each of the gang’s members in turn, threatening most of them, stoking up a lot of worry around So-he, another of the gang’s victims who met an even grislier fate than Dong-eun – her death was officially ruled as a suicide thanks to some favors and threats here and there, but it’s not exactly a mystery that Yeon-jin was responsible for it. Whatever Dong-eun may or may not be threatening, the re-opening of a decades-old cold case could nevertheless bring Yeon-jin down, which she’s well aware of – as is everyone else.

Why does Do-yeong take off his shoes at Dong-eun’s door?

One of those people is Yeon-jin’s husband, Do-yeong, who is quickly learning that his wife has kept many aspects of her life a secret, including her true nature and the parentage of their child. In Dong-eun’s house, which Yeon-jin has broken into, they bicker about why a woman would be so obsessed with Yeon-jin if, as she claims, she and Dong-eun simply “disliked” each other. It’s clear that Do-yeong knows there’s more to the story than his wife is letting on, but it’s equally clear that Yeon-jin isn’t going to show any remorse.

It’s clear to Dong-eun, too, who is watching the pair argue through a camera. She does notice, though, that Do-yeong took his shoes off and left them at the door; a gesture of respect she’s unfamiliar with. This is what later compels her to give Yeon-jin a chance to turn herself in. She respects that Do-yeong showed her a little compassion and is willing to return the favor since she’s so unused to compassion in any form. Then again, with Yeo-jeong hanging around and making his affections very clear, she’s going to have to get used to it.

Was So-he pregnant when she died?

Yeon-jin and the gang are very much fraying at the edges here. Her power is waning. The police are looking into Myeong-o’s death and consider it a drugs matter. The name tag that restarted the investigation into So-he’s death might have been a fake, but Yeon-jin’s culpability in the crime is still a serious matter, and the fact that So-he was apparently pregnant when she died, and that it was Yeo-jeong’s late father who ordered her body kept on ice, is what unites a lot of different characters and subplots.

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The highlight of Episode 9, though, is undoubtedly Dong-eun’s conversation with Yeon-jin, during which she offers her one final chance to turn herself in before she destroys her completely. You can tell both actors and The Glory itself are reveling in this, and predictably, Yeon-jin doesn’t take the offer. The show must go on, after all, and the episode ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Yeon-jin confronting Hyeon-nam.

You can stream Netflix K-drama The Glory Season 1 Episode 9 exclusively on Netflix.

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