Still Time Review – a funny reminder to appreciate life

By Jessica Fontaine
Published: March 16, 2023


Still Time combines comedy and sorrow in reminding us to slow down and appreciate life.

Directed by Alessandro Aronadio, we review the 2023 Netflix film Still Time, which does not contain spoilers.

Still Time is a Netflix original film starring Edoardo Leo and Barbara Ronchi. The Italian comedy-drama follows a workaholic who never wants to take time off. When he starts time traveling to the next year every few hours, he misses crucial moments with his loved ones and realizes he should slow down and enjoy life.

Still Time Review and Plot Summary

The movie opens at a party where Dante meets his future girlfriend, Alice, when he confuses her with his current fiancée. The film cuts to Dante rushing through his day and fulfilling so many tasks that he is late for his surprise birthday party.

Dante conveys that he is constantly stressed and doesn’t notice how fast days are passing by. He wants to work a lot in the present to buy more time later. However, he wakes up the following day and discovers it is his next birthday. He also finds that his wife is pregnant. Later, he unknowingly travels through time again to find that his daughter is now a few months old.

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As Dante uncontrollably skips through years of his life, he realizes he’s missing out on life’s greatest moments. These include the growth of his daughter and his job promotion. He also learns about his deteriorating relationship with Alice. Dante must rush to repair what he broke, prove his love to Alice, and find satisfaction with life again.

Is the 2023 movie Still Time good?

Still Time lets viewers experience the shock and confusion with Dante as he keeps waking up in a new year. He is a hilarious, lovable character who reacts to these bizarre changes as anyone would. He gets confused by Alice’s pregnancy, thinking she has a swollen stomach, and gets scared when he feels the baby moving.

Dante’s comical moments continue when he jumps forward to find that he has a daughter, who he keeps confusing for a son. Since he keeps jumping through time, he has no idea what to do with his growing daughter. He even forgets she exists sometimes, which would be terrible in any other scenario. But in this film, his utter confusion is hysterical.

As funny as the film is, it also sends us a compelling message to take a step back. The feeling Dante has of time passing by exists because he never stops or takes a break. Despite some of his confusion being funny, there are emotional aspects that work well too. Dante forgets that he and Alice are in couples therapy. Alice resents him for never being with his daughter and preferring work over his family. We see the pain and frustration Dante feels because he doesn’t remember these mistakes.

Still Time is both heartfelt and heartbreaking, teaching us that life is short, so we must appreciate what we have.

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