Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – how does Junior die?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 17, 2023 (Last updated: April 16, 2023)
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The first episode of Extrapolations is a thought-provoking piece on the state of climate change in the world.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 1, “2037,” which contains spoilers.

The first episode of Extrapolations is a thought-provoking piece on the state of climate change in the world. Loaded with a star-studded cast, the Scott Z. Burns-directed series will undoubtedly ignite a debate amongst its viewers. Sienna Miller gives a thoughtful performance, and Heather Graham is a breath of fresh air in one of the better roles of her career.

Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

The year is 2037. The climate change conference is taking place in Israel. The Tel Aviv 2037 COP42 is underway, and there are protests outside the conference mostly because half of the world’s countries do not have enough drinking water because of climate change. Corporations are ruining the planet by continuously stripping mother earth of her natural resources. The temperature has risen to 2 degrees worldwide, up from 1.5 degrees in less than a decade or two before, heating the earth rapidly. It is causing famine, droughts, weather issues, and forest fires. Not to mention, the air has become unbreathable globally. This causes political uprisings everywhere. The consensus, though, is to keep the temperature down below 2 degrees.

What does Nick Bilton want to build in Antarctica?

Nick Bilton intends to build the first hotel and casino in Antarctica through his corporation, Alpha Industries. At the conference in Tel Aviv, Nick Bilton (Kit Harington) is waiting in his hotel. He intends to address the building near the North Pole in Antarctica.

He sends his commercial land developer, Junior (Matthew Rhys), up there to finalize the project. However, when he arrives, he finds the Chinese have set up camp. They claim land ownership because it is connected to an underwater ridge.

Junior figures out that they, most likely, want to mine the minerals like nickel, gold, and cobalt in the area. This is a problem because no one wants a view from a hotel of a company mining. In a way, Junior is unaware he is an environmentalist. Why? Because this is one of the few places left on earth to develop property where the air and water are clean.

What does the world want from Nick Bilton?

Nick Bilton owns water purification technology that the world needs. At the 2037 COP42 conference, Omar Haddad (Tahar Rahim) is in discussions in a trade. He represents Algeria. Many third-world countries want safe asylum in Europe. In exchange, others wish to access clean drinking water. Incredulously, after Omar again repeats he needs clean drinking water, a representative from France asks him, does he expect Nick Bilton to give up the patents?

He has to leave his conference because his wife, Rebecca Shearer (Sienna Miller), is caught up in a forest fire in the Adirondacks with their unborn child. The second episode’s storyline takes on greater meaning, but we are given a taste now. Rebecca plans to work with Menagerie 2100, a group that decides what animals will survive in the future. After the child is born, Omar calls his colleague, Lina, at the conference, who makes a trade that could endanger the future, one that includes an agreement for a temperature increase.

Who is Junior’s father?

Junior’s father is a commercial developer/owner currently in Tel Aviv. His other son, Rabbi Marshall Zucker (Daveed Diggs), is being pressured by Ben to move back to Miami to be a junior Rabbi.

However, Marshall wants to stay there. The area has riots, a lack of water where the hotel pull remains drained, and the air makes breathing hard. After a sermon, Ben gets a call from Junior, upset about the conflict with China. Ben hangs up on him during the heated exchange because his wife suffers a cerebral hematoma, falls, and hits her head.

Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained

How does Junior die?

Junior dies when a giant walrus bites and tramples him on the coastline. This happens when he speaks to his father and puts the phone down, gesturing toward a seal that indicates he will shoot him someday. That’s when he looks behind him, and the rest is history.

Finally, on his way to the conference, Nick admits he doesn’t want the hotel but the land for mining exemptions. At the conference, he announced he would provide clean drinking water to countries (that demonstrate they need it, so this sounds subjective). If they put a cap on, the temperature will not rise above 2.3 degrees. Nick wants the temperature to keep growing, so the polar ice caps keep melting to uncover precious minerals.

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