The Crossover Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 6, 2023 (Last updated: March 13, 2024)
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The Crossover Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

This article contains major spoilers for The Crossover Season 1’s ending, especially the events depicted in The Crossover Season 1 Episode 8.

After seven prior episodes of build-up in two different timelines, The Crossover manages to achieve a good amount of payoff in its final episode, rounding out some of the character arcs and subplots while also – obligatorily for a streaming show – leaving the door open for a second season.

The bulk of the episode takes place in the present, refreshingly, since the deliberately dramatic flash-forwards have been a little misplaced throughout a series that didn’t need that kind of embellishment.

Let’s start with the outcome of the big game against Lakeside.

The Crossover Season 1 Ending Explained

Who wins the City Championship game?

The big question hovering over the big game of the season is whether the team can perform in the absence of Filthy.

Luckily, he’s able to be present on the sidelines. He had already come up with an entire playbook that was specifically designed to be easily interpreted by J.B. despite his ADHD, which was a nice touch, and he gets to make a big inspiring speech during a time-out that ties in some of his poetry flourishes with the athletic angle.

Of course, Langston Hughes pull off the last-minute victory thanks to an alley-oop from J.B. and Vondie. This was the play named after Alexis, too, so that’s fitting.

Also worthy of note is the fact that Chuck appears to Filthy in a kind of vision, allowing him and his coaching to be present without actually being there physically.

Does Kelli become part of the family?

While the game is going on, Chuck tries to explain to Kelli why he hasn’t been present in her life for so many years.

This whole subplot was well-handled. Chuck explaining how he never had any intention of taking any of his kids’ kidneys and simply wanted to connect with Kelli in case something happened to him softens a potentially questionable angle.

And Chuck’s excuses made sense. Since he was a young parent, when Kelli’s mother died, her maternal grandparents were considered by the courts to have better means for full-time custody. As soon as he agreed to let them raise her, he was boxed out.

But Chuck shows Kelli that he has actually remained present throughout her life, in his own way. He was even at her graduation, a few rows back. When the boys return home from the game, she’s still there, and while she says to Crystal that she can’t make any promises, it does seem like she’s interested in sticking around.

Do J.B. and Alexis stay together?

It’s hard to tell. After the game, Alexis drops the bombshell that she’s leaving for California and won’t be around for the summer or graduation. They promise to stay in touch, but you know how long-distance relationships are.

Do Filthy and Maya get together?

No, they don’t.

After their sudden kiss, things have been weird between them, but the moment does eventually compel Filthy to confess his real feelings. However, it’s too little too late. Maya is already seeing Zuma, of all people. She has loved Filthy since the third grade, but since everyone seemed to realize that but him, she resigned herself to the fact they’d remain friends.

Which of the brothers is in the wheelchair?

Towards the end of the episode, we learn that it is Filthy who was paralyzed in the car accident, and J.B. who is the professional player.

However, Filthy has finally put his writing skills to good use and written a huge bestseller based around his father’s rules for basketball – and life.

How does The Crossover Season 1 end?

The Crossover ends with Filthy and J.B. playing on opposing teams — J.B. and Vondie are playing together, and so are Filthy and Zuma, who’re both playing for Beacon. Chuck is also Beacon’s new coach. 

Despite the obvious rivalry, the brothers seem happier than ever to be on the court together.

You can stream The Crossover Season 1 Episode 8 exclusively on Disney+. What did you think of The Crossover Season 1’s ending? Let us know in the comments.

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