Ted Lasso Season 3 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap — Why Does Ted Lasso Rip Up The “Believe” sign?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 12, 2023 (Last updated: March 10, 2024)
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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap
Ted Lasso Season 3 (Credit - Apple TV+)

We knew it would be hard for Ted Lasso to top Episode 4. However, you are still treated to a poignant 50 minutes of television. Season 3 Episode 5 is not about how many steps you take back in front of adversity. In true Ted Lasso fashion, it’s about how you respond with the next step forward and personal growth. As part of this article, I recap Episode 6 too.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

What did the psychic say to Rebecca?

Rebecca runs into her ex, and his fiance says, “My s***e in nining armor” to Rebecca. Why? She was retelling a story of how they first met. Except, she meant to say, “My Knight in shining armor.” This is the same line that Rebecca heard from her mother’s psychic.

The psychic also predicted Rebecca would be a mother. This and the green matchbook have made Rebecca rethink her belief in this prognostication. Rebecca visits her doctor, and they run some tests. We do not know the results. However, when she receives a call, Rebecca looks happy.

Why does Keeley fire Shandy?

Keeley fires Shandy for not respecting Keeley and overstepping her role in the company. When Shandy walks into Keeley’s office, she is openly disrespectful and hostile toward her.

This was also in front of Jack, Keeley’s boss. The final straw was when Keeley found out Shandy was responsible for a client firing Keeley’s PR firm.

Why does Higgins suggest Rebecca fire Ted Lasso?

Higgins suggests Rebecca fire Ted Lasso because the team has taken a step back while having superior talent on their team.

While Higgins suggests the unthinkable, he has a point. Richmond is losing with one of the best players in the world, Zava. Rebecca does not dismiss the notion but doesn’t address it either. She is too caught up in finding out if she can have children.

Why does Zava retire?

Zava retires because he wants to spend more time with his family and the avocado farm. This is the day after he gives a stirring speech on how Richmond does not need him to win.

When Zava doesn’t show up for the Manchester United match, it dawns on Roy what Zava was doing. That was his farewell speech.

What happens between Keeley and her boss Jack?

Keeley kisses her boss Jack! After cleaning up a mess Shandy left for them, they missed the Richmond match. They drink vodka in Keeley’s office and share stories. (There has been a connection between them since Jack showed up in the last episode). After trading bad dates and breakup stories, Keeley suddenly kisses Jack and is immediately mortified.

Keeley even admits how she shouldn’t have done that. Yet, Jack then kisses Keeley back and tells her that’s precisely what Keeley should have done.

Why does Ted Lasso rip up the “Believe” sign?

Ted Lasso rips the “Believe” sign to get his players to believe in themselves. Ted accomplishes this by delivering a stirring speech. He talked about how belief comes from inside you, not from a sign taped to a wall. Even how things like envy, fear, and shame get in the way of believing in yourself.

Ted leaves them with this: He asks the team to believe in hope, themselves, and things will get better.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 6 (Credit – Apple TV+)

The latest episode starts with Richmond losing an exhibition match badly in Amsterdam. Ted Lasso allows his team to go out without a curfew to regroup. The team is excited, especially Higgins, who wants to visit the infamous Red Light District with young William.

Why does Higgins take William to the Red Light District?

Higgins announces to the team he is taking William to the Red Light District to become a man. However, he takes him to a joint called Prins Hendrik.

Higgins shows him a plaque of Chad Baker. He was a gifted American trumpet player who died falling out of a window at that location. They spend the night listening to jazz. Eventually, Higgins takes the stage to play the jazz cello and receives a standing ovation.

What does Jamie teach Roy?

Jamie teaches Roy how to ride a bike. It’s revealed that this is a source of shame for Roy. His grandfather tried to teach him, but he refused to learn.

Later, he died, and it has always been on Roy’s mind. The entire night Roy and Jamie run through Amsterdam. After talking, Roy reveals he’s bothered by the fact that Keeley has a girlfriend. We know Keeley is out with Jack.

Who does Rebecca meet in Amsterdam?

Rebecca is walking around Amsterdam when a man feels compelled to stop her. Of course, he speaks English, as well as Dutch. She’s in a bike lane and doesn’t realize it. Rebecca is then accidentally knocked off the bridge into the canal. She loses her phone, and the man tosses his own phone in the canal to let her know she doesn’t need it.

Rebecca takes a shower in his home and washes her clothes. He also leaves her tea with a note promising it’s not drugged. They enjoy a wonderful night together, having drinks and dinner. They even throw their drinks on her clothes in the dryer, so she won’t be able to leave. As the night progresses, Rebecca falls asleep on the couch after receiving a foot rub from him.

It appears Rebecca has met her “s***e in nining armour” that we heard predicted earlier this season.

Where does Colin go in Amsterdam?

Colin sneaks off to an LGBTQ+-friendly bar in Amsterdam called Prik. Trent follows him after Colin makes an excuse not to hang out with the team. When Colin sees him, he pretends he came into the establishment by mistake. Trent then follows him out of the bar.

They talk, and Trent reveals he also came out years ago to his family. As Trent listens to Colin, he unveils the isolation and loneliness he feels because he keeps his personal and professional life separate. Colin credits Dr. Sharon with helping him with the ache he feels inside. Also, he longs to kiss his “fella” in public, just like his teammates kiss their partners after a match.

What drug does Coach Beard give Ted Lasso?

Coach Beard gives Ted Lasso what we can only assume is a psychedelic drug in some tea. Beard comments that it opens up neural pathways in the brain. Ted is hesitant to take it. As he stalls, Beard drinks his entire portion. As they sit there for a while, Ted permits Beard to leave. After he leaves, Ted sits there for a while, watching the spiked drink. He eventually chugs it and heads out.

We think Ted Lasso must be at the Van Gogh Museum because he takes in the artist’s most famous works. First, one of the famous painter’s thirty-five self-portraits. The other appears to be the painting titled Sunflowers.

The fact that this is the Kansas state flower is not lost on Ted, who is overcome with emotion. It appears Ted is very homesick. The next thing we know, he is in Amsterdam’s Yankee Doodle Burger Barn, which is an establishment that’s a tribute to American culture.

At this point, I am wondering when the psychedelic drug will kick in. Eventually, after ordering an onion ring tower, a waiter, who appears to be Nate, walks by.

After a quick second glance, it’s not him at all. After Ted tells the waitress to surprise him with a sauce, she brings him Arthur Bryant BBQ sauce. This is significant because it’s a famous brand in Kansas.

He continues watching a famous Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls basketball replay. This causes Ted to hallucinate a presentation of the team’s famous “triangle” offense. Ted takes all night, creating a new strategy for his team.

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